Digital Foundry - Tech Analysis: Battlefield 4: Fishing in Baku

EuroGamer - All in all, it's looking like a solid step forward for both series and engine alike, once again cementing DICE's place alongside Crytek and Epic Games as houses of the industry's class-leading multi-platform tech. And just as with Gears of War and Crysis series, the additions being made to Battlefield 4 highlight exactly where its underlying technology is headed. However, how successfully these top-end Frostbite 3 visuals will fare on the next-gen consoles remains to be seen...

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Walker1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

Not as impressive as Crysis 3 or even Metro Last Light !

brich2331843d ago

crysis 3 sucks. Theres about 200 people that play it on line. Battlefield 4 will have 10,000s

KidBroSweets21842d ago

@brich233 yeah, because when people think Crysis, the first thing that comes to their mind is multiplayer experience :/

CapsLocke1842d ago

Thanks to people like you developers do not have enough motivation and keeps making generic games.

sherimae24131843d ago

is there a portable/mobile battlefield game that i can play, i want fo try a battlefield game....

Donnieboi1843d ago

Portable? Um, no lol. BUT there is a free-to-play version on PC if u wanna try that.

Braid1843d ago

This should be a good start:

There's also Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for iOS/Android devices.

You can also check Battlefield 1943 on Playstation Network. None of them are portable but those could give you an idea of what Battlefield is all about.

sherimae24131842d ago

thx, i cant believe they have an ios/android version of a battlefield game, i wish they made one for ps vita even just a spin off it would be cool, ^_^

im gonna try that android version hope my smartphone can run it..

jjb19811843d ago

DICE did wonders with the ps3 version of bf3 so I think they will do great with the ps4 version

Muerte24941842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

to take things like where you shoot the person in to account. For instance, if you shoot someone in the leg, it hampers their sprint ability. Or if someone is shot in the arm, that it effects their accuracy. I'm not saying go over the top with it but effect them to some degree. Getting rid of the effects can only be done by the medic class or medpacks.

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