The Fanboy Problem

The Nerd Filter discusses the problem with fanboys. From Call of Duty, to Battlefield 3, we see them everywhere reeking havoc.

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tristanwerbe1846d ago

I hate fanboys bunch of idiots just play the damn games that is what there made for who cares who better PS3 and 360=same damn thing

sherimae24131846d ago

they make me giggles ^_^
but sometimes they are too dense.

guitarded771846d ago

Yeah... I usually get a good laugh at their expense, but sometimes they are just stupid.

Haules1846d ago

It's funny that an article like this is here on N4G considering this site is filled with Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo fanboys.

jcnba281846d ago

Nah, just sony fanboys.

Haules1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

There does seem to be a lot of them, but there are tons of MS and Nintendo fanboys as well. If you check out the 360/720 articles and the Wii/WiiU/DS articles, you'll see them.

isarai1846d ago

Fanboys aren't gamers, gamers love games and don't give a shit where they come from, fanboys are just fucking morons that deserve to have their reproductive organs removed because no one that narrow minded and ignorant is suitable to raise children.

Software_Lover1846d ago

The only things that I hate about fanboys are:
1)The hypocrisies
2)you cant have an intelligent conversation with them

Achievements were stupid, until trophies "changed" the game

I hate 360's curved triggers and love the straight triggers of the ps3. The ps4 (curved) triggers look like the best ever.

Motion controls suck. I love the kinect.

stage881846d ago

I think you're being a bit one-sided there which leads me to believe that you are a...

Software_Lover1846d ago

.............. the argument is 2 vs 1. I could put another Microsoft fanboy comment on there if it would make you happier, which is sad in itself when you think about it.

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The story is too old to be commented.