Battlefield: Bad Company Multiplayer Video Interview by Gamereactor - Confirms 360 Beta

Senior Producer Karl Magnus-Troedsson talks about the multiplayer part of the latest Battlefield for the first time, and the immense level of destruction and innovation which it brings!

Beta talk begins around the 6:00 mark

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mighty_douche3721d ago

Great for 360 owners. But what about PS3, are EA really trying to make enermies of us?

ThaGeNeCySt3721d ago

This is more or less the same situation with Infinity Ward and the COD4 Beta for 360... won't be a big deal or enough to make people mad to the point they won't pick the game up.

Anyhoo... the good news is... DEDICATED SERVERS!

perseus3721d ago

When will I get the love? I was too late for the Metal Gear Online beta, too Japanese for Home, and now I'm too Sony for BF:BC? Man, I suck.

Cwalat3721d ago

thagenecyst -- Hmm yeah,
excactly the Infity Ward made good choice only releasing the beta on 360, the PS3 has had absolutly no issues what so ever


Lord Vader3721d ago

Good stuff !

Can't wait for this game !

iAmPS33721d ago

They have to beta test the 360 because they know the pile of crap that it is and the amount of trouble they can get if they don't over test the whole thing.

On the other hand, PS3 works, just works, and it's been working since launch with the fastest and most reliable servers, vide COD4 and Resistance.

Good luck Xbots, just hope that EA can test enough before you get your version of the game.

eddierivera3721d ago

now im forsure not gonna get this game. Its obviously gonna be better on the 360,, therefore the ps3 users getting shafted.. again.

sak5003721d ago

Me want in me want in me want in. DICE let me be in the beta, i've been fan of BF since 1942...Well the game not the year. Been playing bf games for last 5 years. Pls let me in the beta. email me the key secretly thnx

sak5003721d ago

Some jealous other console people i guess disagreeing. Anyway good luck hope u get a demo atleast. The game is much fun even the earlier console version BF:MC.

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