Latest PS3 FW Update (v2.17) Fixes PS3 Security Holes

From Group-slump.blogspot:

"NOTICE: We've installed the latest 2.17 firmware on one of our 40GB systems. And the result:

They fixed the hole 10 days before i.load starts. So if you want to use i.load please do not install the latest firmware 2.17!"

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decapitator3599d ago

Excellent. It would seem the cat and mouse game has been initiated. Hackers find, Sony patches.

Massacre3599d ago

I give you a maximum of a week before hackers hack this again.

Regret3599d ago

Sounds like coincidence to me. Fake!

craymoogy3599d ago

sony is the mouse and hackers are the cats.

Lifendz3598d ago

for Sony. Not like this fw is going to stop the Host Leaving the game problem in COD4.

Can we at least get the ability to use a custom PSN avatar?

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perseus3599d ago

I got a console so I wouldn't have to deal with hackers, but if the PS3 itself has been hacked, it won't be long before people are using aimbots and the like.

Oh well. If it's true, I guess I'll have to stick with single player games.

fenderputty3599d ago

if you don't install them, you can't use multiplayer funtions online.

kevin11223599d ago

there is an aimbot on ps3 cod already which blows.

gen16803599d ago

What the hell is an aimbot?

xplosneer3599d ago

is what you think it is. It automatically locks on and shoots enemies in game.

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SUP3R3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Sony is really keeping their guard up as long as possible.
lol this i.load hack was only released on the 10th and it's already been lol
I think they've got some 1337 hackers working for them to counter the hackers outside.
It's fun to read about the battles between Sony and hackers.

Also, I just realized, Sony has built the network so that as soon as you log into the PSN you're immediately prompted to updated your firmware version. This means that if you're going to attempt to get online you'll have to have the latest official firmware from Sony, which would mean you can't play online if you've got hacked firmware, yes?

Bleyd3599d ago

You set up a Proxy for your PS3 and the Proxy is set to intercept the firmware checks and redirects them to another site that states that there are no new updates for your PS3. But I'm sure Sony has already thought of this and has implemented multiple checks through their site and the login process for online play.

Kleptic3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

the proxy will work to allow you to connect to the internet without constant update reminders...but you will not be able to login in to the PSN...

I made a proxy whenever they had that update last year that kept getting I just wanted to play some other stuff without being told every 5 minutes I needed to download an update (I think it was 1.90 or something, for a lot of people it wouls go to 22% and then crash)...

makes sense though...the PSN requires identical OS versions for can still connect to the internet with the 'older' version though...but online gaming without the newer version of the OS...

there were directions on the PS forums a while ago for proxy setup...another option was closing ports (disabling Upnp, or manually) that the PSN required...that stopped the update reminders also iirc...

hunter213599d ago

...hackers will never stop hacking the ps3 until they get what they want.

BigKev453599d ago

Just give us in-game XMB. Forget these weak updates, Sony.

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