Schafer says, "Console makers can win over devs by using reason"

Coming from an interview with OXM...

"It's not that hard to win over developers because all we want is to be treated with just a little bit of reason. Often you just get told the most unreasonable, crazy things and you're like 'really? That's how you're going to treat us?'"

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TurboGamer1872d ago

Or the M$oft way $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

iPad1872d ago

I still believe if GTA IV was PS3 exclusive, it would have been arguably the best GTA ever.

MaxXAttaxX1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

Wasn't that a rumor? I don't think GTA was ever exclusive.
However the DLC that was supposed to be 360 exclusive went to PS3.

MaxXAttaxX1872d ago

Is Michael Pachter seriously the source?
Thought MS paid for timed "exclusive" DLC, not the actual game.

cyguration1872d ago

No it wouldn't.

It would still have RAM issues. I'm not sure why fanboys seem to ignore the obvious problem with some games: hardware still limits vision.

Rockstar's biggest hurdle when dealing with content was processing power and RAM, and the game made specific to the PS3's hardware would have resulted in the same game just with slightly more optimized framerates by cutting corners...yes, cutting corners.

If you look at what the RAGE engine is capable of and compare it to what was on consoles it's like two completely different games:

Optimization =/= Quality

Knight_Crawler1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

Name one Sony open world exclusive game thats better than the mutiplat GTA4?

Please do not say infamous because it was not even close to level to GTA4 or Red Dead Redemption was on.

The PS3 and the cell was not alien technology like some of you people believe.

Why hasn't Sony created this awesome open world game o the PS3 taking full advantage of the mighty cell?

AusRogo1872d ago

Infamous was still a big game and had no issues at all..

one2thr1872d ago (Edited 1872d ago )

But GTA 4 sucked, compared to GTA:SA the only good part about GTA 4 is the "icEnhancer" mods... Heck, San Andreas had split screen multi a better variety in vehicles (land,sea, air, and even a JET-PACK), a dynamic character system, and better campaign...

Visuals yes, but story wise I can say inFamous had a overall better story than GT A4 (even taking in consideration that one has powers and the other is a Hitman/drug runner/bandit)...

**I own(ed) GTA 4 for both PC and PS3, and it still isnt as good as GTA:SA or InFamous**

_LarZen_1872d ago

All I want to know Mr Schafer is when you are going to stop wasting your and our time with the games you make these days and make a good old adventure game?

NewMonday1872d ago

Broken Age

that is game they will make from the 3m kick-starter funding, their is a teaser out already.

KwietStorm1872d ago

I like Stacking and The Cave.

Heavenly King1872d ago

"Console makers can win over devs by using reason" says Schafer after Sony approached them with the PS4 hardware.

I guess this says great things about the PS4.

In case you wonder why..... 1 + 1 = 2

KwietStorm1872d ago

I wonder how he feels about what happened with LucasArts.

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