rawDLC: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate review– the best game most of you will never play

After knocking out three guides for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate recently, rawDLC finally got to the meat and potatoes of this incredibly in-depth game. Finding a quiet corner Josh grabbed his 3DS, put on headphones and jumped back to its familiar world. Welcome back Monster Hunter, you time destroying bastard, you've been missed.

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gamefiles1903d ago

and after playing Shadow of the Colossus, i will never play MH3.

MH4 sounds more like it

Old McGroin1902d ago

Shadow of the Colossus is great, Monster Hunter is better.

PFFT1902d ago

WAAAAAAAYYYY better in ever aspect.

raWfodog1902d ago

Two different games, why compare them?

Perjoss1902d ago

"the best game most of you will never play"

consider me in the minority then.

I love Monster Hunter!

sal771902d ago

got it I'm HR4 grinding right now

chromiumtwist1902d ago

>The best game most of you will never play

Yeah, this is why it just shifted 126% more Wii U's this month.

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