Top 8 Star Wars games: The Force is strong with this one

It’s with sad news today that we confirm the tragic closure of LucasArts.

As with all honourable memories, let’s take a look back at LucasArts’ prime years, rather the shaky missteps (looking at you, Kinect Star Wars) that led to an early grave upon Disney’s acquisitions.

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Snookies121873d ago

Episode 1 Racer for N64, and Super Star Wars for SNES were amazing back in the day. I loved every minute of those games.

NateCole1873d ago

Super star wars with the blaster and light saber was a blast.

StrongMan1873d ago

The best: Star Wars: KOTOR
The worst: Kinect Star Wars

Zha1tan1872d ago

Force unleashed should not be on that list and niether should that dump lego star wars.

Where is X wing and tie fighter? galactic battlegrounds? empire at war?

to think those games were not even mention yet force unleashed gets a mention...

1872d ago
sjaakiejj1872d ago

Most of these games have nothing to do with the studio that was closed, but were merely published or licensed under the same label.

It's not exactly thoughtful to remember a studio's prime years by looking at games they didn't create.