Should LeBron James Be On The Cover Of NBA 2K14?

LeBron James has yet to achieve two more things to put on his already impressive resume. He has yet to participate and win in a Slam Dunk contest. The other thing he has never done is be on the cover of ANY NBA video game. Will he finally make fit onto the cover of NBA 2K14?

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Prodigy-X1388d ago

No. They should stick to Kevin Durant.

Pyrrhus1386d ago

Durant has had his time.
Westbrook however.....

2pacalypsenow1387d ago

He nailed it. More people hate lebron than like him

"The only reason I feel that James isn’t on the cover of any NBA video game now is because he’s unpopular. Sure he may be the best basketball player right now, but this does not change the fact that a lot of people still hate him. "

black9111387d ago

MC New York
School Of arts
Backup dancer Digital Underground


RememberThe3571387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

Shot two cops in the ass, got away with it.
Took the wrap for gun charges on guns that weren't his, cuz he was no snitch.
Got shot 5 times, left the hospital the same day.
Inspired an entire generation of rap fans.
Sold 80 milion records saying exactly what people didn't want to hear.
Was engaged to Quincy Jones' daughter.
He's your favorite rappers favorite rapper.
Oh and he love Oakland.

Bow down.

Muigi1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

If you ever try to tarnish 2pac`s name again I'll find you. Fucking nerd. Edit I replied to the wrong person lolol. Fuck you black911!

ArchieBunker1387d ago ShowReplies(1)
Geovanny1387d ago

Yes,he is a basketball god lol

Geovanny1387d ago

I like the Knicks and Thunder though.

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The story is too old to be commented.