New Wipeout HD screenshots

Sony Computer Entertainemnt published today a batch of new Wipeout HD screenshots. Enjoy.

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Antan3725d ago

Looking mighty fine indeed! Stunning considering its a PSN title!

moses3725d ago

So this isn't a full fledged game? It's only a download?

Tryst3724d ago

Moses - where have you been for the last 6 months?

There is a full game coming out, but that will more than likely be in 2009. This is a HD version of tracks from older games, plus online play and a whole host of other new features. This will be awesome I reckon. Can't wait!

Vitalogy3725d ago

We're sick of the trailers and screen shots repeating everyday week. It's taking too much time to release the game, and at the end of things it'll be just like the assassin's creed, disapointing and full of bugs. Stop posting "news" about any SS or Video 'cause this stuff is old enough and had been shown times enough.

Trick Nolte3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

This game is made by legends for legends. I'm a vet at this sh!t and I want all the info I can get. Sure I want it now but Props to Liverpool for fine tuning this masterpiece. Assasins Creed is a new IP, WO has been around since PS1 and has only 1 crappy installment on the PS2. That hasnt happened since.

MURKERR3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

everyones entitled to their opinions just like you are and if you disagree with vitalogy thats your perogative of course but theres no need to name call because you disagree,thats my opinion.

Lomax3725d ago

So is this game ONLY going to be available as a download, or will it be available on Blu-Ray disc as well?

d3l33t3725d ago

BEAUTIFUL. This is 1080p orgasmic bliss. Not to mention the textures are looking mighty fine :)

Cant wait to see this on my 55"

VirusE3725d ago

Sexy! I hope the game speed is even faster than f-zero gx was. GX could make your eyes melt the tracks went by so fast.

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