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Submitted by ICC_06 970d ago | opinion piece

Why the PlayStation 4 and new Xbox won't be released in Australia in 2013

Don’t count your PlayStation 4s before they hatch, people. The next generation of gaming consoles may yet miss 2013 for humble countries like Australia and New Zealand. (PS4, Xbox One)

Campy da Camper  +   971d ago
Man, I feel bad for you Aussies. You get raped on prices, have insane censorship and never get day 1 releases. However, I am jealous as heck your landscape is Lord of the Rings. All I have in Spokane are tweekers, redneck constitutionalists and overweight baby mammas.
cl1983  +   971d ago
Actually the Lord of the Rings sets is in New Zealand.
Rusty515  +   970d ago
That even sucks worse...Poor Australia..
Twignberries  +   970d ago
Yeah it sucks man. A couple inaccuracies though in your comment. We now actually have the R 18+ rating on games now so no more censorship, and yes, Lord of the Rings was in fact New Zealand.
unchartedxplorer  +   970d ago
At least you get all the awesome games during the summer!
SaffronCurse  +   970d ago
Plus, So many poisonous creatures out there.
Bathyj  +   970d ago
21 of the Top 25 most poisonous snakes in the world and our spiders do alright too.

And crocs and sharks dont even need poison, but more people die from mosquito bites every year.
Bathyj  +   970d ago
Actually some of our games come out before the States for some reason. Maybe cause we're ahead of you in timezones.

And even though I've been sort of expecting this, hes basing that off we didnt get the PS3 at the same time as the US.

Thats true, but we did get it when Europe got it, and the consensus seems to be for a global release this time, so if Europe gets it this year, I think we will too.

Man I hope so, want to be playing that baby at Christmas.

I think if anything they should delay the US. Europe is their biggest market, they should look after them first. Then again its a new gen and they want to get off on the right foot, they want USA to come to the party this time, but at the same time telling them they cant have it will only make them want it more.
cl1983  +   970d ago
The United States is almost the same population as all of Europe. When you then figure in Canada they have potential of more sale in two countries then in a whole continent.
Mogwai  +   970d ago
I agree we get raped on prices and release dates for consoles is usually later for us as well but the ratings for video games has finally changed to include r+18 so we now get everything in full.....thank fuck that old codger responsible for voting against it is retired or dead, not sure which one. Sometimes we get games before the U.S which is weird And By the way its new zealand is where the lord of the rings was filmed but us aussies ride in kangaroo pouches to school and have to watch out for dangerous drop bears.....they are brutal!!!
slampunk  +   970d ago
Here's hoping this isn't true! We have to pay more and we have to wait longer?! Go figure!
nevin1  +   970d ago
Well atleast you will have more time to save for it.

Also, Austraila minium wage is higher than America.
BitbyDeath  +   970d ago
Sony did say they were going to try make 16 million of them so hopefully that'll be enough for everyone.
Bathyj  +   970d ago
That number is ridiculous, it will never happen. They would be ecstatic if they sold that in the first year.

I remember hearing that but did it actually come from Sony?
BitbyDeath  +   970d ago
Not from Sony themselves but from the component makers/manufacturers. So should be how much they have been asked to deliver to Sony.

That said Sony might just be after a backlog of parts and not necessarily have them all put together by launch.

Still hoping we get it this year tho.
SandWitch  +   970d ago
Sony never said that.
BitbyDeath  +   970d ago
True, i had remembered incorrectly as to who said what.
slapsta72  +   970d ago
Oh well, I am hoping that gta V keeps me busy all the way into 2014.

The sure to be more expensive price tag I can definitely do without though :/
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KwietStorm  +   970d ago
Baldatgames on YouTube must be PISSED
level 360  +   970d ago
The basis I think is that NTSC-based system countries against those of PAL could be getting their consoles at an earlier date.

Games are mostly multi-region, although region-coded film based Blu Ray discs are going to be the ones affected.. so in a way that article is half true.
Do hope they could produce PAL system consoles as quickly as NTSC systems.
Adolph Fitler  +   970d ago
Didn't get PS1, PS2 or PS3 at same time as U.S. & we never got Nintendo machines same time, I think we got Wii-U pretty close though, like a month or 2.
But, with PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP & PSP ALL getting releases significantly after there JPN & N.A. counterparts, I am more than used to this continual slap in the face.

I mean Europe buys WAAAY more Playstations than N.A. do......& we are bundled into Europe when it comes to manufacturing & allocating, & Australia's percentage of Sony consoles adoption rates is again FAAAR better than the U.S., so, why the hell are Sony Japan keeping on butt raping us, when it's the American market they need to give less of a f%$k about, as trying to hard, as they are, gets them nowhere in that, they need to adopt the treat em' mean, keep em' keen strategy & make America wait, while Europe, Aus & NZ get 1st dibs for once.
I know I am getting sick of it, & I'm sure I'm not the only one. They basically treat there biggest market with disdain, & that may come back to bite them.
I know, if Samsung released a home console & had accrued a nice selection of 1st party developers, as well as gained mass support from near all 3rd party console developers, I would give them a go. So Sony need to watch what the f%$k they are doing to there fanbase, as I will kick back in the teeth, if I find a better alternative. Sony are just lucky that MS have constantly made huge f%$k ups in the 1st party department, RROD fiasco, & lesser controller departments, otherwise PS3 would not have been my console of choice this gen. Don't get me wrong, 360 has some great exclusives, but, they are shooters & racers, & available EVERYWHERE else, whereas, Sony really do have some awesome, different exclusives from both 3rd parties & 1st.

Comon Sony, stop screwing us, & just get the thing out to us at the same time, or a month or 2 after, at very most.
Adolph Fitler  +   970d ago
We may have a higher base wage, but nothing that justifies this.
60gig U.S. launch PS3 (with emotion chip) was $599 U.S.
60gig AUS launch PS3 (without emotion chip) was $999 Au.
Now, even if you take into account the exchange rate (which at the time was around the Au 0.75c to U.S. $1.00 mark, then add on say $100Au for taxes & such, & another $25-$50 for shipping, transport, etc, this, as well as retail profit should have equated to us paying around the $799 to $849 absolute maximum......but instead, Sony too out the key component for faultless b/c, & a huge reason many of us were willing to pay such an inflated price to start with, then factor in that Sony also screwed us for the holiday season & 3-4months of the new year (maybe more, I can't exactly recall), then add on top that we pay almost double what U.S. consumers whined like schoolgirls about, & were half the reason we became crash test dummies for the stripping of the emotion chip.

Comon Samsung, get into this game....I don't like apple, & I don't really want to support Valve if they make a console.....I would far prefer someone like Samsung, with excellent consumer electronics manufacturing experience to enter the fray, & whip the sh!t out o Sony, Nintendo & MS, for being scumbags to consumers. Someone come in & clean it up. I mean, emotion is speaking here, as I love Sony's machines, controllers & especially games, but I also am sick of all the big 3 doing the wrong thing by us, at either separate intervals, all synchronized.

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