The PS4 is Opening Up to Indies, and That's a Good Thing

With Sony's newfound appreciation for indie gaming, Adam discusses what this does for the company's new console and what it means for gaming in general moving forward.

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majiebeast1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Very informative. He is redeeming himself after the whole trophy debacle for me.

Godmars2901876d ago

It was only his opinion. Not really his fault the rest of the media ran with it.

DragonKnight1875d ago

The way he structured his opinion, and the fact that he has clout in the industry, is why many people have lost a great deal of respect for him. And in fact his opinion was one of those rare instances where an opinion is wrong because, and this is shocking for someone with a college degree in journalism, he completely misused the term misogyny and indirectly accused Sony Santa Monica of being misogynists and anyone who likes God of War Ascension of being typical frat boy, dudebro, jesery shore douchebags.

Sometimes people like Madam Sessler need to remember the position they are in and learn to think before they speak.

guitarded771875d ago

It really wasn't just his opinion. He belittled anyone who didn't think there was something wrong with the trophy. He called those people sadistic fratboys, and said that he wouldn't be associated with them (people who didn't find anything wrong with the trophy).

RememberThe3571875d ago (Edited 1875d ago )

You guys need to ball up. I thought the bros before hoes trophy was hilarious and I thought everyone getting all butthurt about it was even funnier.

Your really going to hold a grudge against a guy who talks about video games because he hurt your feelings?

I've watched Adam for about a decade now, I have no problems not agreeing with him. But look at all of you taking all of this way too seriously because you have nothing meaningful in your lives. If you did, this would be a non-issue.

Now, On topic. When it comes to Sony opening up to indies. It probably has a lot to do with the innovators dilemma. Like Adam mentions idies have the freedom to do more innovative things and explore more ideas. They can absorb more failure than big games thus they can take more risks. In taking risks you find innovation, so even though there'll probably be more crap on the PSN, there will also be more cool stuff for us to mess around with. I think Plus is going to get a lot cooler on PS4.

@demonddel: Man I've been an active member of this site for about 5 years now and I've seen the coolest trolls come and go. Now it's all these tweens that get their panties in a bunch over the smallest things. No wonder non gamers think that gamers just sit in their underwear all day, they act like video games are the most important things in the world. It's pathetic.

I miss the open zone. Some of these kids need to be put in timeout. Take away the bubbles and give us back the open zone.

demonddel1875d ago

@RememberThe357 man you dont know the SDF team by know these dudes are so sensitive they keep me laughing all day they the reason i come to this site

Aceman181875d ago

what's funny is i beat it this sunday past, and ended up getting the trophy. i thought some patch was suppose to change it or something.

personally i love the trophy, and his sensitive opinion means nothing in the grand scheme of things.

as for the indie scene it's good that they are being embraced like the are for the upcoming gen.

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RememberThe3571875d ago

Did the mean man take your candy? Jesus, you guys are babies.

admiralvic1875d ago

I don't see how opening the PS4 to indies would be a bad thing, nor do I think anyone would say additional would be a bad thing, so I fail to see how stating the obvious can add to anyones creditability.

clintagious6501876d ago

Glad he aint complaining about sony not having enough indie female devs. Anyways yes its always great to have more support, but thank sessler for this old news.

KwietStorm1875d ago

You damn right it's a good thing. Looking at all the obscure, for lack of a better word, games on PC, this is opening up a whole other world of games to the console audience, since the majority of either crowd doesn't mix. I never thought I would see Hotline Miami on PlayStation. DayZ is on the table. Jonathan Blow was actually on stage at the PS meeting. I really appreciate the strong focus on gaming from all angles. My wallet doesn't, but I do.

first1NFANTRY1875d ago

I had respect for this guy but his clown move with the trophy debacle has left a bitter taste in my mouth. I can't relate to someone who b!tches about such a miniscule thing.

He may be a gamer, but certainly not my kind of gamer. There for his opinion is moot. STFU and pull your skirt up Sessler.

Williamson1875d ago

This guy really pissed me off with that whole issue around the trophy. *SPOILERS* ....... I saw the scene with the trophy and this guy was crying about how kratos brutally beat down one of the furies and he saw it as unnecessary and too violent, but she never even died from that beating. Also compared with most of the gow series kills it was nothing, so IMO it seemed as he was making a big deal out of nothing.

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