Satoru Iwata: Hubris versus Western Culture

Every generation, Satoru Iwata tells investors, gamers, and retailers that they will avoid major software droughts because these can kill a platform’s momentum after launch. Satoru Iwata never learns from anything. He always says he has learned from past mistakes, but his actions never show it. Instead, every single generation, all we get from him is a whole bunch of “Please understand” and “I apologize for the inconvenience”.

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Donnieboi1878d ago

Article says: "Satoru Iwata never learns from anything. He always says he has learned from past mistakes, but his actions never show it. Instead, every single generation, all we get from him is a whole bunch of “Please understand” and “I apologize for the inconvenience”."

I say: Time for Iwata to resign and set Nintendo free. He got lucky off of the wii and now his time is up. They need to put the manager of the portables division in charge of Wii U, because the Ds/3DS are ON FIRE!

LOL_WUT1878d ago

Agreed if theres anybody in that company that needs to go it's Iwata, he's responsible for all of Nintendo's missteps. Which won't happen as long as Hiroshi Yamauchi is still around. ;)

dedicatedtogamers1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

No, Iwata is only part of the problem. A lot of the old dogs at Nintendo need to go (or at least, "retire"). I will probably be burned alive for sacrilege, but it's true. Sakamoto refused to give us real Metroid games and instead insisted on making Metroid: Other M. Aonuma has taken the Zelda series away from its roots (he has publicly said that he hates the first three Zelda games because they have too much action) and has given us Puzzelda instead. Worst of all, Miyamoto is just as responsible as Iwata. Miyamoto was the one who insisted on the bomb, Wii Music. He designed Nintendo Land. He was the one who insisted on focusing on 3D with the 3DS (and he "retired" when it didn't work out as planned). Miyamoto hates working on 2D Mario games and is also responsible for the "same"ness of the last several 2D Mario games, because he refuses to put any money or resources into those games, even though they sell the most (he gives the orchestrated soundtracks and sprawling, brand-new worlds to his 3D Mario games). Miyamoto was the one who let Gunpei Yokoi (arguably, someone just as important to Nintendo) take the fall for the Virtual Boy and then a decade later Miyamoto starts taking all the credit for the Virtual Boy's ideas once the 3DS first was announced.

Again, a lot of Ninty fanboys might be grabbing their pitchforks right now, but it's the truth. I've watched Nintendo's business habits since the late SNES era.

Realplaya1877d ago

@ dedicatedtogamers I was with you until you brought up Miyamota and insisted he retired. You do know he is still there right?

PopRocks3591878d ago

You're aware the DS/wDS are a part of Iwata's resume, right? Iwata is part of the reason the Wii did not wind up exactly like the N64 and the GCN. More so, Iwata has aided in the development of many highly acclaimed Nintendo software.

By demanding his resignation, you're asking Nintendo to practically shoot itself in the foot.

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kreate1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Regardless of alt accounts and what not.

But poprock is right to a certain degree.

The problem here is, if iwata gets replaced, who will do a better job? Nintendo doesnt operate like a typical american corporation.

Just leave iwata there. He did the same thing for the last how many years?

If u got complaints, nintendo dont care. They really dont. At least iwata and his friends who are on top of Nintendo dont.

U can ask reggie all u want but he cant do much other than to tell u to go buy a wii.

Nintendo has mostly been for casuals and it still is. Dont tell me mario,kirby, and pokemon are for hardcore gamers.

Even metroid and zelda has gone down that road if not it always was. We just grew out of the 80s & 90s while Nintendo kind of stayed the same.

Sammy1121875d ago

@kreate. Yes games like Xenoblade and Bayontta are for casuals. And that's right. Pokemon and its extreamly deep system is for casuals. Just stop.

Flavor1878d ago

The DS/3DS are 'on fire' because they are mobile platforms. Consoles have had their window, it is closing.

vet_medic1877d ago

article brings up many good points and numbers

thumbs up

vet_medic1877d ago

I think they should have released Wii2 with visuals on par with ps360, they wouldnt match next gen bo so what? That didnt stop them from Wii success. Either aim for true next gen or not.
Scrap stupid game tablet idea, release Wiimote2 as precise as Move.

Core gamer is lost, they're not getting back those COD, GTA, Fifa gamers and Nintendo faithful are not enough to be equal force to MS/Sony in home console market.

I have Wii and bought all mayor Nintendo 1st paty games, was I annoyed that they sold tons upon tons of WiiSports/Fit/whatever? No, I was glad they expanded they number of poeple that play tv video games, casuals or not, that was a good thing.

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CouldHaveYelledUiiW1878d ago

"The truth is you don’t deserve credit for fixing your own mistakes. You deserve credit for avoiding mistakes."

So, be perfect always or you will never get credit?

You want to be a singer?
"Sorry you can't you messed-up at you grandmother's birthday party when you were 12."

You want to be a Sports Legend?
"Sorry, you missed 3 shots during the game and yes even though you scored 98 points under triple coverage- no credit for you."

-I understand to a point but MOST consoles have droughts after launch.
+WiiU had cancellations and they had some games that got pushed back.

Donnieboi1878d ago

Dude this goes way beyond just the Wii U's launch. Read the article. It is an excellent collection of massive screw ups, broken promises, short-sightedness, ignorance, and arrogance that comes from Iwata.

The issue is Iwata. READ before you post.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Read it.

I think I encompassed the idea of many years when I wrote:

>You want to be a singer?
"Sorry you can't you messed-up at you(r) grandmother's birthday party when you were 12." <

What I am saying is crap happens...
It is the Norm that new consoles have droughts.

PS3 and 720 both had droughts. Should their Presidents be fired too? I think you can even go back to other consoles with them too.

So, I am more upset the Iwata keeps allowing people to push him into difficult to keep promises. But that does not make me want him to be fired.

I'm just not into the Head Chopping.

Sometimes, the people who complain the most about this are:
Fan boys waiting on 1st Party games ONLY.
People who have no intent on buying or liking a Nintendo Console.

N4g_null1878d ago Show
sinncross1878d ago


Why do I get the feeling that you completely missed the point of that line you quoted?

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )


...Because Pizza taste yummy?

(If you don't know "Why", then my guess is as good as any..)


linkenski1878d ago

I think Iwata fails to recognize what made Nintendo great. The idea behind the Wii was based on their intuition, but with the Wii U their premise was "We NEED to innovate again" which i think seemed like a rushed way to make a new console. I think Iwata has been focusing on the wrong things in the past couple of years. You can also see it having an impact on the way Nintendo of America presents new things at conferences and so on. They don't have anything interesting, because it mostly has to go through Nintendo of Japan first. Last years E3 was so underwhelming, and even Reggie's performance sucked. That guy probably knew they were in deep shit at the time.

ChickeyCantor1877d ago

"I think Iwata fails to recognize what made Nintendo great."

Do tell what made Nintendo great?
Remember the former President of Nintendo who couldn't give a damn about online offerings? Nintendo is a stuck up company. And I really don't see how Iwata is doing worse than the the previous president.

Times are different. Business models and markets change drastically too. WiiU is not rushed. It's simply Nintendo not addressing their marketing problems.

"We NEED to innovate again"
That's what they always claim. So according to you all Nintendo consoles are rushed.

linkenski1871d ago

I just think the Wii was a natural next step for innovation because we've all dreamt about playing games with VR tech, and we wanted to feel like we were actually in the game, and that was how they came up with the idea for the Wii Remote, wheras the idea for the Wii U tablet seems like ripoff of their DS.

I don't dislike the Wii U concept, but i don't consider it to be interesting enough for me to to buy a console for it.

BATRA1877d ago

i do not think it was rushed its nintendo what do want thats how they are been like this for 5 years i like the wii u but people need think out of the box for games means third party to support the wii u bring lost planet 3 to the wii u its not that hard to do

TruthbeTold1877d ago

The only way I can stomach Miyamoto retiring is if Sakurai takes his place. As for Iwata, I think he definitely needs to make some adjustments, but we'll see how much everyone hates him a year from now.