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Why Sony Will Trail Microsoft in the Beginning Once Again Next Gen

Tribune: "The next generation is upon us as we all know it. The Playstation 4 announcement has paved the way for Microsoft and Nintendo to start thinking about the next hard-ware design they will be introducing to the market."

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sony already prove every thing in this article wrong and this guy is using the crystal ball way too much
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Everything listed has already been commented on by Sony. Do your research next time before submitting.
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Ziriux1753d ago
The story is too old to be commented.
Cinotix1753d ago

I don't think the first console being released has any adventage, especially because it's the most expensive and one with the least game options.

Ziriux1753d ago

While that may be true, I think it at least allows Sony to make a few price cuts before the competitors release their hard-ware at least giving them a price point adventage.

Cinotix1753d ago

Sure that's a possibility, but when was the last time you saw a price cut within the first year of a console release?

Dylila1753d ago Show
Snookies121753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

@Dylila - Microsoft's consoles have only been around for two generations lol. It wasn't exactly fair last gen for them, considering they were going up against the PS2 which was a monster seller that continued to rack up sales well past its generation.

This gen they had a very strong head start releasing so early with the 360. Their first few years were amazing, but they slowly petered out these last few... While Sony had the opposite. They started out way overpriced with not enough great games to really get things going until these last few years which have really helped push the PS3 to even ground with the 360.

So, I'll be interested to see what happens with next-gen, assuming both launch their systems this year.

Ziriux1753d ago

Agreeing with you snookies two generations is not enough to call one a failure or a trailing console.

MaxXAttaxX1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

It's like the author doesn't know anything about the PS4 or PS3's later years.

shoddy1752d ago

I don't care.
Day one ps4

kupomogli1752d ago


The 3DS. A portable console is still a console. The 3DS was released 03/27/2011 and the price drop went into effect as of 08/12/2011. It went from $250 to $169 and owners who got online with the 3DS before that time frame were entered in the Ambassador Program, getting 20 first party GBA and NES games.

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PSVita1753d ago

That was a horrible article. It's like he's hasn't read anything on the ps4 and is stuck in 2007.

dedicatedtogamers1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

All bets are off this gen. Everything is different compared to the 2005-2006 launch window. We have an arrogant Nintendo with a floundering console instead of a humble, eager Nintendo with a revolutionary idea. We have a humble, indie-hungry Sony with a forward-thinking console instead of an arrogany Sony with convoluted console hardware. Microsoft is keeping quiet and biding their time instead of rushing to launch and bragging about everything.

We have no idea who will outsell who. Also, the "journalism" is the wild card. Microsoft might have the media turn on them. It happened to SEGA with their third console. The media favored the PS1 over the N64, which was Nintendo's third console. PS3 got slammed by the media. Microsoft is about to launch their third console, and perhaps the media won't be on their side like they were last gen.

Saigon1752d ago

Why are you getting disagrees? You made some valid statements, bubbles!

trancefreak1753d ago

Just bring the games and we will be gladly broke and happy:)

Saigon1752d ago

This article is just trying to get hits. There were no legitimate points to point out why Sony will or even would have an issue. The first point was regarding price, we don't know the price, so we do not know if it would affect them or not. Until we know the price, the statement is mute and no one cares what was done last gen because it is said and done. With this generation we will see off the self hardware that will drive production cost down fast. The second point, game development, had nothing relevant. Last point, raising price of games, Sony already made a comment that games will be at the current price point.

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masteroftheclaw1753d ago

Sony is definitely a fan of pricing their items at a premium. They may or may not deserve these prices, but it does deter many from buying their goods :(.

Jihaad_cpt1751d ago

dude hate to break it to you but all Companies "like" to to price their goods at a premium. It maximizes profit if you have no competitors. That is why patents exist on medicines that is why companies like E.E. (UK) seek to benefit from barriers to enter.

StrongMan1753d ago

Sony isn't "trailing" MS now so what do they mean by "again"? Xbox is in dead last place. Nice try.

lastofgen1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

It amuses me how you think the xbox is in dead last place so many times.

Here, let me tell you something.
Sony came into the current gen from being a 1st place leader in ps2 sales (the sales were monstrous) and the xbox and gamecube were lagging.
This gen, sony has gone and basically lost their leadership and are behind the wii and xbox 360 in terms of total sales recorded so far. So, tell me. Who's really in last place in terms of units sold and regarding their position from last gen to the current one.

Clarence1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

I'll tell you who's in last place the Xbox. Now here's a question for you.. Tell me what other console besides the Playstation has sold over a 100m consoles twice in a row?

The PS3 will make it 3x.

The Wii was a gimmick that worked and M$ needed a headstart and RROD to get numbers that they have now.

This article is bull. Despite the PS3 being more expensive it's still the fastest selling HD console.

The PS4 will have a lower price and it will be the best selling console out of the 3.

lastofgen1753d ago


I'm referring to a comparison in position of the consoles between the current gen and the previous one, not total units sold by any one company of their brand product.

1753d ago
Hicken1752d ago

" So, tell me. Who's really in last place"


Can't keep getting outsold and still retain that position.

As for last gen to this one, too many differences. Not to mention this gen isn't over yet, as much as you and others might want it to be. And how about at least comparing last gen at the same age as this gen, instead of saying "Let's compare the ENTIRE lifetime sales of the PS2 to the ongoing sales of the younger PS3." Cuz that makes sense..

Is that some sort of moral victory to you, by the way? That the 360 sold more units than last gen? "Well, the Wii's gonna beat us when it's all said and done. PS3, too. But we upped our market share!"

Muerte24941752d ago

It's around that time again for the Big 3 to start releasing their quarterly results. Microsoft should be releasing theirs this month and Sony will follow in May.

In my eyes the only thing that ever holds a consoles back at launch is games. We're kinda seeing that with the Wii U. You need a steady stream of games coming out for the console even after the initial launch date. Sony has clearly learned from their mistakes. With putting Mark Cerny at the helm, Sony has swallowed their pride to try and become the electronic Giant the world once knew.

kupomogli1752d ago


"Tell me. What other console besides the Playstation has sold over 100m consoles twice in a row."

If you consider portable consoles as consoles, then Nintendo consoles. The DS and the Wii have sold over 100 million. The 3DS is also looking to sell over 100 million.

But do sales really matter? The Wii sold more than 100 million consoles and in this past gen, considering we're going into next gen now, it was by far the worst console. There are good games on it, but not even close to how many great games were on the PS360, DS, and PSP. Even Nintendo's worst selling console, the Gamecube, had a much better library of software than the Wii did.

Sales do not equal a good system. It's the system itself and the games that define whether it's a good system or not.

S2Killinit1752d ago

there is a few problems with what you said. First off Sony is in second place right now, you must have missed the news when Playstation overtook xbox sales (mind you with a whole year less time in the market). Secondly, you are assuming that the conditions that led to overwhelming PS2 success was achievable to begin with. Not to take any any credit from the great job Sony did with that machine but the PS2's success was partly due to market conditions of the time. This generation Sony's competition was a giant company that is MS with VERY deep pockets that was more experienced and instead of releasing a consule a year earlier as opposed to later in the PS2/Xbox era. IMO This generation truely belonged to Playstation and its fans (probably the only fans that didn't get dissapointed) I don't expect Sony to pull of another PS2 (since that is next to impossible) but I do see them pulling ahead of Xbox in every way (sales/games) from the get-go. The reason is, I think PS3's performance is going to be the deciding factor for a lot of people when it comes time to pick between PS4/720.

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AngelicIceDiamond1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

@strong Proof? that's right you got none.

headblackman1752d ago

no its not. its Wii/Xbox/ps3 in global sales. its Wii/ps3/Xbox in systems shipped globally. there's a difference you know.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

I guess whoever wrote this article rubbed their crystal ball and seen the future of next gen? /s

soxfan20051753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

Maybe he borrowed the crystal ball from those here who have been predicting a Sony victory next generation.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

Well know one knows who will have victory but we haven't even seen Microsofts new console. I hope they hurry and reveal it so we can actually see our choices. If I had enough to get both I would but that would be pushing it. So I may have to get one or the other and which ever looks the best all around "primarily games" I'll most likely get.

yewles11753d ago

WHAT THE HELL IS THIS??? A LOT, if not ALL of these reasons were either already debunked, or stand true for BOTH consoles in question...

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