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Submitted by Menashe 1039d ago | opinion piece

A Strategy That Could Make Wii U the Most Successful Console


Nintendo could use the GamePad to bridge the gap between consoles and game genres and audiences that have until now only been on PC. (Wii U)

Gr81  +   1039d ago
About dropping the Gamepad completely. Make it optional. Include a Pro Controller, Wii Remote +, wireless Nunchuk and bundle NSMB..for a start.

After that start making gamesthe masses of people actually care about.
guitarded77  +   1039d ago
I'm all for using the Pro Controller more, but the GamePad is the best part of the Wii U IMO.

The article's point and click adventure games idea is a good one. Those types of games would be a natural fit for the Wii U. I still think a trophy/achievement system is needed, with trophies/achievements added to Virtual Console games. I'd be interested in earning them in games like The Legend of Zelda and Super Metroid.
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Menashe  +   1039d ago
I don't want to broadcast it before they're ready to announce it themselves, but one really big adventure developer is talking to Nintendo about bringing their point-and-click adventure game to Wii U.
rainslacker  +   1039d ago
Gamepad implementation is completely up to the developer. It already has all the inputs of the more traditional Pro controller. Having it standard is the only way it will be meaningful. As it stands, there is no going back on having it included, as most of the games on the system already have features that use it.


I agree, a trophy system would be nice to add. It should have been there day one, and Nintendo shouldn't have ignored it's acceptance on other platforms. Nintendo stated they felt it detracted from game play, which kind of goes against what a lot of consumers have come to expect.

Older games could use that Sony patent.:)
lilbroRx  +   1039d ago
Why would people want less of a controller?

The Pro Controller is just a scaled down Wii U gamepade, or a gamepad without the extra features in other words. I would rather have the more capable controller and comfortable controller.
dungeonboss  +   1039d ago
I'm guessing that anyone that thinks that Nintendo should drop the GamePad has never even touched one.

They probably don't realize that the Gamepad has every single feature of PS3 + 360 + Wii U Pro controllers, just more comfortable to hold and with a nice screen so I can walk around the house or play games while walking around the house without being restricted to the TV.

Off TV play is amazing, and can only be described when experienced. Moments like:
- I was hogging the 76" living room TV, but now the wife and kids want to watch a movie on that TV. I can seamlessly put my game on the Gamepad without turning off or moving the console.
- I'm playing a game, but everyone is in another room and expect me to "socialize" with them. I can take the Gamepad and look like I'm "socializing" while still playing games.
- I want to play multiplayer, but hate sharing the screen with "screen hackers". Use a-symmestrical multiplayer. Wow, I can play local CoD and not worry about friends cheating!
- I'm simply lazy and don't want to find the remote, or even bother turning on the TV, or getting out of bed, for that matter. I just wanna play few minutes of Need for Speed in the morning. Wii U Gamepad is on the nightstand. That was easy.

Once you experience these things, it makes me wish my 360 had a Gamepad. If I had a PS3, I'd probably wish it had a Gamepad as well.
Elem187  +   1039d ago
The only people suggesting to get rid of the gamepad are the people who haven't spent any amount of time... within days it become apparent why they added as standard.... but the problem is how do you communicate that value to potential consumers? go door to door to give people a 3 day demo?? thats not feasible...... So Nintendo has their marketing work cut out for them on this one. Difficult? VERY. Impossible? No way.
GotHDGame  +   1039d ago
I agree with you about the gamepad. The gamepad is a great addition to Nintendos options of playing. I use the gamepad most of the time whin playing now,and I think most of the people who dis it, call it a gimmick, really have not sat down for any real amount of time with it, except demos at the store. The demos do not do it justice at all.
StrongMan  +   1039d ago
Good luck with that.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   1039d ago
Make a WiiU that actually makes Coffee?

Project Cafe'? WHERE?

All Nintendo needs is

-more games
-better adverts.
-and a 1st party game in every major genre.
hard joe  +   1039d ago
make a new console
gamer42  +   1039d ago
I can see where this guy is coming from, and the gamepad does have a lot of potential, especially in RTS games. Having PC RTS games,like Battle worlds: Kronos on the wiiu using the gamepad would be an interesting experience.
Trago1337  +   1039d ago
Kinda makes me wonder how much the PS4 and 720 will cost.

Now I know the MAJORITY of users on this site are probably buying the PS4 at 400-500 bucks, but what about the mass market?

Same with Microsoft. In terms of Financial success, predicting one of the big three's victory is stupid right now.

But on Topic.

Nintendo just need to bring the games. Now, as a Wii U owner, I can tell you that the Console is not worth owning now, BUT, when the Library starts growing with games like Bayonetta 2, the new 3D Mario, Wind Waker HD, etc. I'd say the perfect time to get a Wii U is in the Fall when ALL those games are out, gamers in general, not just Nintendo fans will have a good variety of software to choose from.

Plus the Price will most definitely be lower than the PS4 and 720, and you KNOW Nintendo are gonna be aggressive with their marketing, hell, even Bundles to help gamers who don't want a deluxe SKU choose maybe a basic model bundle with Mario Kart for $350 or something, either way it's too early to tell.

All i know is that this fall is gonna be AWESOME for those of us planning on owning all three new consoles.
Zer0bros  +   1039d ago
Hate to break it to you but there are rumors stating that the PS4 will be roughly 300 pounds for a intro model, indicating a possible $300-$400 price range world wide. It doesn't sound too preposterous as well, considering how people speculated that the Vita would be over $350 and to their surprise, it was $250.

Not to mention the rumored large memory storage for the PS4 launch consoles and a couple of triple A Playstation exclusives, it's not going to be easy for Nintendo to beat Sony with just a cheap price.

Smash Bros and other Mario casual games would take at least till 2014 to release, given Nintendo's track record.
delboy  +   1039d ago
Hope you're right about 300£
jcnba28  +   1039d ago
The Wii U has so much potential, I can't wait to see what Nintendo does with it.
Chard  +   1039d ago
Maybe if the Wii U keeps selling badly, Nintendo will get increasingly desperate to the point where they give in and release a Pokemon RPG, or perhaps a HD port of X&Y with a save file that is interchangeable with the handheld versions.
CaulkSlap  +   1039d ago
The main point this article makes is that the Wii U gamepad gives a potential bridging of PC/console gaming. With Nintendo running things and the hardware design of the Wii U, this will never ever happen.

The Wii U has in truth all ready failed to be as successful as the Wii. The gamepad did not catch the attention of the casual market like the Wiimote, so there's no chance for a repeat of the gimmick based hype frenzy. Imo its only shot at even a mediocre sales this gen is a $199 price point soon and try to get a decent userbase before the next-gen takes off and developers completely ignore it's underpowered hardware.
BATRA  +   1039d ago
CaulkSlap  +   1038d ago
You do realize that clock speed is completely meaningless unless it's the same CPU architecture. If ghz were all that mattered then PS3 and 360 would still be superior at 3ghz. The Wii U uses a PowerPC based CPU like what's in the Gamecube and Wii. In fact it's essentially a 3-core beefed up Wii, which was in turn an enhanced Gamecube. 3 generations behind in core design for I'm assuming the sake of backwards compatibility and cheapness. PS4/720 are both AMD's latest line of processors.
GuruStarr78  +   1039d ago
We need a trophy system on the Wii U and 3DS... I'm sick of Nintendo dodging this with BS...

For those that don't care for trophies or acheivements, then just ignore them....

Nintendo, get with the program... it can't hurt... it makes games so much more re-playable and would give people incentive to buy multiplatform games for the Wii U.

As of now, I'd rather own a game on the PS3 or 360 instead of buying it on the Wii U for the simple fact that I have the option of earning trophies and cheevos....

I love my Wii U, but I'm only going to purchase exclusives for it, unless they do something about this..
BATRA  +   1039d ago

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