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Uncharted and Tomb Raider would be better if they weren’t shooters

Every action adventure game that tries to have a decent storyline runs into the dichotomy of the protagonist having to shoot hundreds of people because of how the game is designed. The problem is a simple mismatch of genres. (PC, PS3, Tomb Raider, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Xbox 360)

soniqstylz  +   819d ago
This is so correct. It would be better if Lara and Nate challenged their antagonists to games of chess.
joab777  +   819d ago
I think there is a happy medium. For one, in tomb raider they coulda fixed the shooting problem by simply mentioning that she was a badass at fighting, training since little but never had to kill...enter a moment in which she realizes she has to kill and ...killing machine. But I think shooters in general need to either up the enemy variety and strategy or they will go stale.

These two games can hav shooting but mixed with more platforming. Instead of gunning down thousands, make it more impactful. That being said, I believ Naughty Dog has already begun work to fix this in the Last of Us. Combat looks more focused, brutal and impactful.
Roccetarius  +   819d ago
Thing is that Uncharted was Sony's answer to Gears of War. I remember an article with Naughty Dog, where they said it was quite different before the change.

Disagree all you want people, because it's the truth.

Well, there you go, i found an article that explains it.

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Donnieboi  +   819d ago
What the hell is martial arts gonna do when Lara is on an island, outnumbered, by pirates with guns--who also wouldn't flinch at the thought of sexually assaulting her if they surrounded her?

This isn't some cheasy 70's Kung Fu flick. Fight skills will get u only so far.

However, it would have been cooler if she survived almost entirely by using stealth and hand made weapons. She could use confiscated guns (like what really happens in the game), but it should make her aim shakey and terrible for lack of experience in using guns. Thus making u want to revert to using bow and arrows more often and other tools/stealth. Gun shots instead could also be used to scare enemy into running away.
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rainslacker  +   819d ago
I actually found myself using bow and arrow more often than not. It wasn't until late in the game where you got a silencer for the pistol. If I was running head long into an enemy force I tended to use the shotgun. Only reason I used the rest was for the achievements, or if I ran out of ammo. One of the most fun parts of the game was trying to kill enemies without being seen.

Otherwise I agree with you...having her be a martial artists taking on hundreds of armed men would have seemed out of place.
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rocky047586  +   819d ago
I said the same thing. But thing is, she was trained for this kind of thing already, just not the actual killing part. Her history didn't change despite some specific parts of who she is changing along with the rest of the overall story of how her first journey played out.
platypusrme  +   819d ago
I think if they focused LESS on shooting and MORE on platforming then they would be much more enjoyable. The shooting aspects of Tomb Raider were excellent, but I would like more exploration and adventure to be a larger part of the game.
Reibooi  +   819d ago
Exactly my thoughts. I'm hoping the next Tomb Raider since it won't be the origin story will have more adventure and less shooting. Kinda more like how the original games were. Yeah there was shooting but it was mostly exploring and puzzles.
Axecution  +   819d ago
I disagree actually. I guess im in the minority though.
I love me a really good third person shooter haha. I feel like Uncharted and Tomb Raider really get the shooter-to-platforming-to-puzz le ratio perfect. Like whenever i was about to get bored of shooting, i found myself climbing some enormous thing and being awesome.
SilentNegotiator  +   819d ago
Uncharted was at its best when it had shooting AND action/ platforming/ adventure stuff at the same time. Remember in U2 on the train with the helicopter?
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StrongMan  +   819d ago
Uncharted 2 is the most awarded game in history and sold over 6 million copies on one console so it doesn't need changing. Tomb Raider didn't make any money and failed to meet sales numbers so changes are needed there. Although it would sell even less if you take out shooting. It had to copy Uncharted to get the little buzz that it did get but not enough buzz to make any money off the game.
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fei-hung  +   819d ago
Tomb Raider messed up due to SE stupid forecasting of sales and a ton of money probably being thrown into marketing and development to reboot the franchise. This never stopped Tomb Raider from being a bad game unlike another costly reboot that hasn't even sold a quarter of what TR sold.

As much as I enjoyed the newTR, I want it to play less like Uncharted and more like TR. I already have Uncharted, I don't need another, but I would love Mr some real tomb raiding.
ufo8mycat  +   819d ago
Strongman - and THATS the problem, it would sell less if it had less shooting. Sadly people want shooting.

Though it WOULD be a much better game if it had less shooting, about 35% of the game could be shooting and the rest on platforming/climbing/explorati on/tombs/puzzles. Not to mention improve Uncharteds very generic climbing mechanics and it would be an even better game then it is now.

Uncharted can be improved and made better so easily its not funny, problem is it may sell less, because less shooting, which is sad.
SilentNegotiator  +   819d ago
"Sadly people want shooting"
Do they? Or do publishers think that aiming for the COD crowd and having post-sale multiplayer content is the only way that they'll get their money back?

Look at Minecraft. 20 million flipping sales (10 million of which happened in the last 2 years or less, I believe). That's not a shooter.

Publishers THINK we just want shooters and fail at marketing anything without explosions.

"Uncharted can be improved and made better so easily its not funny"
You seriously think you have "easy solutions" to "fixing" one of the highest rated games of the generation? Come on now....
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Good_Guy_Jamal  +   819d ago
I couldn't agree more!
Hicken  +   819d ago
And no one is surprised.
Williamson  +   819d ago
I think uncharted is fine the way it is. It has the right mix of shooting/platforming/ puzzles.
ufo8mycat  +   819d ago
Tomb Raider (2013) combat is pretty damn good. What they need now for Tomb Raider 2 is less focus on shooting and more tombs and puzzles. Have it like 30% or 35% shooting and the rest on platforming/exploration/puzzle s.
Ares84HU  +   819d ago
Uncharted is great! Has the right amount of shooting. That is what makes it what it is. Tomb Raider on the other hand was a bit different. I was always more about puzzles, exploration and a sense of adventure. The new one was great, the multiplayer is total garbage though. It could have used less shooting and more exploration and puzzles though. The puzzles were so easy a 2 year old could have figured it out. Didn't you guys notice? Every single puzzle was in one room with the resolution of the same puzzle. You never had to take a single key to open door in a different room. Everything was always right there.
Axecution  +   818d ago
yeah thats true. I did get stuck on one of the tombs for a few minutes but other than that it was all pretty simple.
I still loved the game. Though to be fair i've never played through a Tomb Raider game before this one.
wenaldy  +   819d ago
Im sorry, even Uncharted has better and inspiring puzzle than Tomb Raider (every puzzle has same mechanism and simple) . Not to mention enemy AI on Tomb Raider is dumb and idiot (they cannot see you in 5 metres during stealth mode). Let alone cinematic experience lol.. But Tomb Raider is a solid game..
rainslacker  +   819d ago
If you do get seen in TR though they can see and shoot you from across the map. That forest level near the end was really annoying...particularly the dogs.
wishingW3L  +   819d ago
the real question is how does he know this? Because Uncharted was built from the ground up to be a cinematic action game unlike TB which basically changed genres to go the Uncharted route.
SideShort  +   819d ago
Yeah, hell no.
Uncharted No
Tomb Raider Yes

That newest game with "Tomb Raider" slapped on the box is nothing but a third person shooter to cater to the CoD fanbase.
bobtheimpaler  +   819d ago
Totally agree. I couldn't believe this one person could mow all these people down like it was nothing. How are there this many people on the island to begin with? I thought Mathius only wanted the strongest and most loyal, but the AI and action set pieces leave a lot to be desired. All you need to do is stay back pick them off with arrows. Every once in a while the AI will scream out what it's about to do, then some AI will carelessly run out in the open towards you with a knife or something just so you could shoot them. They don't even use the large areas like the shanty town to carefully go around buildings to flank you and catch you off guard.

As I mentioned in my own post below, it doesn't feel like Tomb Raider. It looks nice, the art and how they've marketed the story makes everything seem new and polished, but it just feels like a weak third person actioner with a lot of odd design choices that don't work all that well.
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bobtheimpaler  +   819d ago
I think this is more true for Tomb Raider than Uncharted. In Uncharted it fits. The game is inspired by pulp fiction novels, comics and film. Uncharted 3's action is fluid and the level design in these parts allows for freedom in approaching enemies. That said, I think the game could use some more exploring rather than having less action as it does the latter quite well. Uncharted has some awesome puzzles, but they aren't the main focus, but atleast they don't feel like pointless busy work.

Tomb Raider on the other hand. I was disappointed with the action. Felt monotonous for the most part and wasn't very challenging. Overall I felt they sacrificed some of the depth the series is known for in favour of more action that wasn't very challenging or fun. You have auto crouch whenever you're in a fight and you don't get the choice or seamlessness of Uncharted.
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clintagious650  +   819d ago
See what ppl need to understand is the new tomb raider is a great game but at the same time they abandoned what truelly made old tomb raider games so unique. Alot of puzzle solving elements but every puzzle had like a death trap & they also went away from how old TR games felt like an adventure & exploration & lara crofts signature combat style the double pistols which she was deadly with because she was really acrobatic & can flip around using her double pistols with deadly accuracy. They need to go back in the next one & add those things back & add what they did in the new TR. Add these 2 formulas together & the tomb raider series is reborn.

As for uncharted, I think the approach for the uncharted series is just fine because the series is based around indiana jones and thats what uncharted feels like. It feels like a cinematic treasure hunting adventure where nathan drake journeys the world looking for treasure & at the same time is saving the world. Too long to expain but u get the idea.
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XishikiX  +   819d ago
The combat in the old tomb raiders was aweful and looked ridiculous. And the acrobatics looked absolutely stupid. Maybe they could include it in way that didn't look so stupid but the previous 8 failed at doing that.

I agree on the death traps, and more complicated less everything in one room puzzles though. And slightly less combat, but I doubt that's going to occur.

It's also known, that the original tomb raider's were inspired to be the female version of indiana jones...
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DivineAssault  +   819d ago
Machettes, blow pipe, knives, & cqc wouldve worked rather well i think.. But in todays world, guns are everywhere..
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CaulkSlap  +   819d ago
Well in both of them the character in cutscenes vs. what you actually play is completely jarring in tone. You go from massacring hundreds in cold blood to a scene of inept vulnerability. Both are great games but it just doesn't mesh well in either case.
Xer0_SiN  +   819d ago
i think they want the to fight via rummy LOL :rolleyes:.
byeGollum  +   819d ago
Uncharted is a balanced game. The right amount of everything. Guns, stealth sequences, take downs, Fist Fights, interaction with enviroment when fighting and cinematics. Uncharted is good at what it does. As for Tomb Raider. . .
bluetoto  +   818d ago
no surprise uc fanboys think otherwise.

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