The Last of Us comic series ships early, now available in stores

The first issue of The Last of Us: American Dreams, a comic series created for Naughty Dog's highly anticipated game The Last of Us, has been released and is now available in comic shops today for $3.99. The series is made by collaboration between Naughty Dog Creative Director Neil Druckmann, artist and writer Faith Erin Hicks, and colorist Christina Strain.

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maxcon1754d ago

Give me the digital already!

SaffronCurse1754d ago

Hopefully could get a hold of these.

Magnus1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

Done by Dark Horse comics even better can't wait to get this comic. I wonder what it would look like if Todd Mcfarlane did the art work.

StreetsofRage1754d ago

Just so you guys know...they have comics for almost every big video game.

FAT MAN GO BOOM1754d ago

I plan on getting this... Also want to get the Uncharted Series as well...

Farsendor11753d ago

fatman you haven't bought uncharted trilogy?