Gran Turismo 5 Prologue - UK Championships 2008

PlayStation are running a Gran Turismo 5 Prologue competition in stores across the UK between 17 and 31 March...

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sonarus3727d ago

Now that is what i fvkin call marketing This is the best marketting sony has done on any ps3 title to date. Gamers going in to buy other games could easily be swept away by the beauty of gran turismo. Hopefully each store gets a racing seat and a wheel. People would be stuck at game stores for weeks playing this game on a wheel. If no wheel they might as well forget the whole thing. Its times like this i wish i was still in London:( Not fair

resistance1003727d ago

Agreed. Also with sony bundling this game, with the PS3 i suspect they will advertise the living daylight out of it, also with the fact that Gran Turismo is huge in europe

level 3603727d ago

That's a good idea.

Top price being - Stig giving-out driving tips and a guest drive on the Top Gear show?, plus a PS3 GranTurismo Driving Force steering wheel?, or a brand new car maybe?