Gamers XTREME - Toki Tori 2 Review (Wii U): “The Wii U’s Answer to ‘Braid’ and ‘Limbo’”

Glacier928: "Simply put, Toki Tori 2 is one of the most refreshing, unique experiences of 2013. Two Tribes has delivered a superbly crafted world to explore, with astounding visuals, charming audio and clever gameplay mechanics. The Wii U has become a prime console for developers to bring indie titles to and Toki Tori 2 is a stellar example of originality and creativity at its finest. Two Tribes deserves a round of applause, as Toki Tori 2 ranks up there amongst Braid, Limbo, and Journey. If you own a Wii U, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t pick up Toki Tori 2."

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gamer421842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

I wish my money was more like a chicken, so it wouldn't fly away like this...

Elem1871842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

I have been buying up all the Indie games... Puzzler platformers are an instabuy.

Moncole1842d ago

The first one was great and I cant wait to buy it on Steam.

Elem1871842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

Could have fooled me, here I thought Toki Tori 2 was a remake of a gameboy game called Toki Tori.

It isn't a Nintendo exclusive?

Moncole1842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

First Toki Tori is a remake of the gameboy game with more levels and stuff. Toki Tori 2 is a completely new game in an open world.

This game is on Wii U and PC. Like how Guacamelee will be on PS3 and PC.

browngamer411842d ago

I've been waiting on this one a long time, can't wait to fire it up on my U!