OUYA 2: Option to buy motherboard separately; keep original case

Reports have emerged that the second-gen OUYA will come in two flavours: one being the usual console model and a second being a motherboard only model, for people who want to keep their gen-1 case.

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delboy1876d ago

Great, like a small upgradable android pc, and don't forget it is a open platform and it is cheap.

rustyspoon801876d ago

But also dont forget there will be an Ouya 2 next year, then a Ouya 3 the year after.

I'll stick to my mobile for that type of game, which I get free each year with my contract.

ScissoringLesbians1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Yeah but the Ouya is a great media hub for cheap.. with the XBMC/navi x app which has every movie and TV show you can think of, all for free...You could say bye bye to netflix, red box and cable if you want to save some money.

rustyspoon801876d ago

mmm, I'll check out that app though. Thats the type of thing I would buy one of these for. But for obvious reasons they can advertise these features.

Sharius1876d ago

just launch the system and talk about its successor already?

very nice way to support your own product

strigoi8141876d ago

so why not make your own??