Atlus releases first official English Dragon's Crown trailer, summer launch approaching fast looks at the first official English trailer for Dragon's Crown, released today by publisher Atlus, which shows off the action RPGs beautiful hand-drawn artwork and engaging combat. The title is coming this summer to Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita.

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majiebeast1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

Goodjob by Atlus with the fast localization, nothing i hate more then when a japanese game takes ages to localize.

r211844d ago

Should be a quick and fast localization process. All they gotta do is translate the text and add in English voices :) I assume of course, dont really know the whole process they do with these games.

sherimae24131844d ago

hey its already SUMMER! well atleast here in my country ^_^ lol

r211844d ago

Releases in Japan during July whilst it gets released world wide in English during August :D

JadedWriter1844d ago

Yeah I'm pretty sure it's the Basiscape guys since they do the soundtracks to all of the Vanillaware games. I love their Muramasa soundtrack.

DivineAssault 1844d ago

I cant wait to play this on vita... Definitely day 1 buy for me.. Vanilla ware games are awesome & this is a good looking exclusive