PSN deals and gems

You don’t have to fork out loads of hard-earned to get a decent gaming experience. In fact you can get some nice little gems from the PlayStation store for a fraction of the cost. We did the hard work for you and cherry picked the finest games that we will thrust upon you and your gaming needs, that won’t hurt your wallet.

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Donnieboi1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

The greatest deal on PSN is Persona 3 FES for only $10. And it's not even on sale. It's ALWAYS $10.

It's a 180 hour JRPG ps2 classic that innovated greatly in the genre, for only $10 that has stolen my entire summer last year. Hands down a steal at that price.

wishingW3L1272d ago

I got it with the $10 Sony gave me. ;)

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GiulMastr361272d ago

Persona 3 FES is amazing, bought it day 1 when it went up on the store. $10 isn't a deal, it's a steal for game like that! I even bought my Vita solely for Persona 4 Golden