You’re the new EA CEO, What’s the First Thing You Do?

With John Riccitiello out as the CEO of EA and the company now looking for a new full-time leader, we thought it would be fun to ask the PSLS staff: “You’re the new EA CEO, What’s the First Thing You Do?”

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TrendyGamers1845d ago

Greenlight a Mirror's Edge sequel.

Yi-Long1845d ago

... I believe in a systen that REWARDS customers for playing the game, and keeping hold of the game, thus releasing FREE DLC after 2-3 months orso, so they won't sell their copy, but want to wait and enjoy the extra stuff they'll be getting.

No DRM. No always-online crap. No DLC-milking. Just 50 bucks for a complete game. That's it. And make sure that game is the best release possible.

360ICE1845d ago

All for a Mirror's Edge sequel, but to be honest, I think EA deliver a lot of quality product. Why all this DLC milking? Oh, that's because revenue from games have gone down A LOT the last years and in order for games to be profitable they need to sell DLC. EA is actually in some trouble.

darthv721845d ago

then by all means a mirror's edge is warranted. With that i would push for a Dante Inferno sequel and a reboot of road Rash.

At least bring back Road Rash for god's sake.

Yi-Long1845d ago

DLC-milking is NOT the way to make more money. In fact, more and more gamers feel duped when they find out they bought an incomplete game from greedy developers, and will be hesitant to buy a game full price afterwards.

It might be a nice strategy short-term, but in the long-term, gamers WILL catch on, and WILL choose much more often to avoid buying a game at launch for 60 bucks, instead waiting 9 months orso to buy a complete copy for a fraction of the price.

360ICE1845d ago

Idealism aside, the problem is that in fact IS the way to make money. This idea that a large segment of gamers protest an boycott products with lots of DLC is mostly unfounded. The games market has seen a huge shift toward revenue based on DLC instead of game sales.

That's why EA said that consumers love DLC. They know that some thousand gamers and their friends are on forums and complaining, but they also know that millions are still buying their DLC. Even enjoying it. So get used to the new world. Free to Play models and DLC.

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TopDudeMan1845d ago

Redlight Origin's ridiculous terms of use!

Grap1845d ago

First thing to do Hmmm.. Project shut down EA

Jayjayff1845d ago

@Yi-long. This is not charity but a business, yes everyone wants free stuff. But there is no way with the shape of the industry as of now that they would just spend all that time making Dlc for nothing.
*Disclaimer, I am talking strictly about the Dlc not being free and in no way am I saying that the publisher should get away with every bs scam*

flankhim1845d ago

Cancel madden and give it back to Tecmo where is belongs!

Yi-Long1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

... as a publisher, you want to make sure people buy your games NEW. Not 2nd hand.

That means you want people to buy your game at full price, at launch, and you want them to KEEP those games.

Now, here's 2 scenarios:
1: Buy my game, 5 minutes after you bought it, I'll release DLC for it, some of which should have been in the game in the first place, and I will continue to do so for many months, milking you dry. Hopefully. Total experience will cost you around 100 bucks, assuming you'll buy it all.

2: Buy my game. All DLC that we'll release WILL be free. Total experience will cost you 50 bucks.

Now think a bit about which deal gamers will find worth investing in.

The problem with scenario 1 is that less gamers will be willing to buy the game new, at full price, knowing they'll be milked in order to get the complete experience. Many will just wait. many will refuse to buy the DLC. Many who DO buy the game at 50 bucks at launch, will sell it 3 weeks later, thus feeding the 2nd hand market.

2nd scenario will have happy gamers, who will gladly pay 50 bucks because they KNOW they'll getthe complete experience. They'll KEEP the game longer. NOT feeding the 2nd hand market. Keeping the MP alive and kicking. And because of good word of mouth and great value for money, a publisher doesn't have to throw their game in the bargain-bin quite as quickly as they might have to do otherwise, in order to compete with 2nd hand copies, as well as convincing gamers their game IS worth buying.

Scenario 2 is the best. Not just because everybody wins, but it also creates a bond between gamer and publisher, as in: "this publisher will give me value for money!", thus making it more likely for those gamers to also support future releases, because of that trust.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1845d ago

Sell all my assets to Sony and live the rest of my life rich as a mofo.

3-4-51845d ago

* Don't make a sports game this year for anything.

Take extra year to develop games =......

Gamers getting the best sports games ever and me getting fired.

would be worth it though.

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PopRocks3591845d ago

Greenlight Brutal Legend sequel.

Moncole1845d ago

No. Double Fine should go to a different publisher for that.

PopRocks3591845d ago

Doesn't EA own the IP or something?

Moncole1845d ago

No, Double Fine owns it thats why they were able to put in on Steam without EA.

THC CELL1845d ago

Greenlight Sony ownership

gamer421845d ago

I tried to make sense out of this and I see 2 interpretations,of what you're trying to say

1. you want Sony to own EA
2. you want EA to own Sony
Honestly both are horrible ideas

Simon_Brezhnev1845d ago

Rather Sony buy some franchises from them and thats about it. Madden needs to stay multiplatform.

ftwrthtx1845d ago

Love that image. I'd hire Gordon Ramsey as my personal chef.

TrendyGamers1845d ago

And then yell at him if he brings you the wrong thing?

ftwrthtx1845d ago

Call him a fat donkey every chance I got. LOL

kirbyu1845d ago

I'd sell my company to Nintendo. Then I'd get someone to explain that meme to me.

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