DX10 screens and video from S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Clear Sky

German site were lucky enough to get their hands on a tech demo from S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Clear sky showing impressive Direct X 10 effects (especially the rain, smoke and god rays). They did some screenshots (obviously from a monitor) and a video from a flyby scene.

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Rooted_Dust3658d ago

I liked Stalker, but with most open world games like Oblivion I always feel lost and without purpose. I hope this next game will focus more on a main plot point. The new graphics look really good. I just hope the weapon animations look a little less cartoony than they did last time.

Goodfella783658d ago

why even bother to fuss over dx10? i see no substance in this article, for god s sake on pc xp in dx9 beats dx10 on vista hands my opinion dx10 is much overhyped,if it was so popular why is pc gaming struggling then?.peace out.....

Phoebian3658d ago

PC gaming is struggling because of the lack of content and the sucky prices of the hardware. Not because people dont have dx10.

Dragonopolis3658d ago

another crysis game where you need a mega computer just to play it the way it was ment to be played

moses3658d ago

Not at all, same requirements as Stalker:SHOC

I have a 6600 GT
2ghz pentium M
and 2GB ram, and I get around 40~75 fps on 1024x768 maximum (static).

Goodfella783658d ago

dx10 still isnt worth justifying the price of the pricey hardware it takes to run it, but there are other factors to it while obviously, im not denying that,like i say another factor to the list is that the diffrence is ,/well/minimal like i said nothing revolutionary.peace out.....

SUP3R3657d ago

I wonder what the physics engine is like?
Cuz that's one thing from Crysis that really amazed me and I hope this game has a great one as well.