'DayZ' release on the PS4 is looking very likely, says Dean 'Rocket' Hall

Continuing the development of the standalone version of “DayZ,” creator Dean Hall has now revealed that this title may actually see a console release, with the PS4 in mind. As reported by Escapist Magazine on April 1, Dean Hall says that he has met with Sony and that the release of “DayZ” on the PS4 is almost certain

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iamlegend99991712d ago

When i read the title, someone just slapped the shit out of me and said. Why are you still playing xbox

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sengoku1712d ago

it just keep getting better and better.
Left and right the PS4 is picking up some major steam..
bring it..

GribbleGrunger1712d ago

LOL. I put this up two days ago and no one seemed interested.

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The story is too old to be commented.