'Grand Theft Auto IV' Hands-On: Less Like A Video Game Than Ever Before ; New Exclusive Screens

From MTV:

"On Wednesday morning at the headquarters of Rockstar Games, we took Xbox 360 and PS3 controllers in hand and spent two hours with "Grand Theft Auto IV," trying both. The result: a better understanding of what "GTA" rendered on cutting-edge video game hardware feels like and how it might impact fans and nonfans of the series in a whole new way."

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decapitator3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

The game of the forever. Cannot wait for this launch. WIth this and MGS4. My summer life is pre-confirmed.

Winter47th3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

I absolutely love the addition of the ski mask, now i won't have to put up with Niko's ugly mug, my only worry's that the weapon sounds would be toned down or something, if they sound anything like those in HEAT and Collateral, I'm sold.

liquidsnake3542d ago

U mean the movie HEAT? With DeNiro and Pacino? Greatest movie of all time. I love the M4 sounds in that movie.

ATLRoAcH3542d ago

Heat is one hell of a good movie.Definitely one of the best.I loved the ski mask in that screenshot.Never rob home without one.

Vip3r3543d ago

I still need to pre-order this thought before all stock runs out.

decapitator3543d ago

You better. You heard it hear first. I am predicting a sellout by the end of the first week when the game launches across all platforms.

gabeh10183542d ago

Yea i pre-ordered mine two days ago for PS3, I can't wait!!!!!1

King20083543d ago

I actually get through the story before I do alot of adventuring and getting into the sand-box of GTA games. The voice acting is always top-notch and the stories are very above average. This is a game I will definitely finish the story then fool around a little bit but after awhile I put it down and just come back to it randomly until its completely forgotten....This is one of the few games where you will get your gil worth.

n00dl3s3543d ago

Less like a video game? more like a real-life-murder-and-drug-deal er simulation? OMG Sweet! Training time!

iAmPS33543d ago

Who will even remember the Xtard 360 this summer????

Cherchez La Ghost3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

You PS3 fanboys kill me. This article explains about the game, nothing opinionated about the systems. We don't need one bad apple to start of a intellectual conversation off. Anyway, no matter what system whoever purchase the game on will indeed enjoy this series.

ygxbrayzie3543d ago

LOL u are one retard!!this is about gta4 not the 360

so yup can't wait for gta 4

iAmPS33543d ago

To the gamer zone????? You got to be kidding me!!!
What do you think the Open Zone is for????

InMyOpinion3543d ago

I will, while playing the exclusive content.

iAmPS33542d ago

GTAIV Exclusive Content Vs. MGS4

Hummmmm, let's see wich one it's better =D

InMyOpinion3542d ago

Your comment has no logical reasoning. I'm talking about GTA IV, not MGS4. If you want to compare the two, the majority of gamers want GTA IV over MGS4. Look at sales. GTA is one of the best selling franchises ever. GTA Vice City has sold 13 million copies. Where is MGS? I wonder if any of the titles have sold more than 3 million copies. None of them are on the list of the 25 best selling video games. Even newer franchises like Gears of war have sold better than MGS.

Zool 083542d ago

Hmmm 360's exclusive content vs PS3 exclusive game + online

Tough choice

InMyOpinion3542d ago (Edited 3542d ago )

sigh...What would you choose? Extra maps for Warhawk, or Gears of war 2? See? Same silly logic as comparing GTA IV dlc to MGS4. In any case, I'd rather have Gears of war online than MGS online, the videos I've seen of MGS online looks like something that would be considered great 10 years ago. It's obvious that the controls will be as awkward and sluggish as the PSN store. The whole thing just looks old. Like a poor mans GRAW.

Look at this:

Notice the stiff animations on the character, and the troubles he has when aiming. He has to strafe to get the crosshairs where he wants them. I'd recommend GRAW 2 over that any day.

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