Why You Should Care About Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Monster Hunter is a series that in Japan has sold like bonkers and carried the systems the franchises have picked at the time period. I wanted to take a peek into this game to find out why people should care about this game and why it is only really popular in the Japanese games market. What I found was a game that everyone should really pay attention to.

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Controversy1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

I live in the real world where budget and time and value are huge. I would LIKE to have the time and money to care about Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, but my wife and child need as much from me as possible, thus I have to be EXTREMELY choosey about where my money and time go, and MH3U just barely doesn't make the cut. Ah, reality, you damn dream killer.

drsnoopyseussdog1880d ago

I'm just playing monster hunter freedom unite. Both are good games though. I recommend that everyone at least tries out this series.

WeAreLegion1880d ago

Tried a few different games in the series, including this one. Way too slow for an action game.

typikal821880d ago

Put on ps3 then we'll talk

Gigaguy7771879d ago

I would care about it, if it was any good.