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Submitted by apollo06 969d ago | opinion piece

Genre’s That Nintendo Needs to Explore

MVGN writes "Nintendo has conquered the casual market with last generations release of the Nintendo Wii. They have (arguably) the industries most recognizable icons in Mario, Zelda, Link, Metriod, Pokemon, Kirby and Star Fox (just to name a few). Nintendo however still has yet to explore a number of genre’s within the gaming world and we here at myvideogamenews decided to compile a list of genre’s that Nintendo needs to explore. MVGN decided to put them all in a wonderful little list for your reading pleasure. (Nintendo, Wii, Wii U)

PopRocks359  +   969d ago
Realistic Car Racing - Wouldn't Nintendo just wind up making a spiritual successor to Blur? Mario Kart's a pretty successful franchise. There isn't much reason for them to invest in a more realistic racing outlet when the world already has Forza and Gran Turismo.

MMORPG - Yeah, I can get behind that.

FPS - While it's more of a First Person Adventure, I'm guessing the author never played Metroid Prime, 2 or 3?

Tower Defense - Er... Dillon's Rolling Western? Or its soon-to-be-released sequel? Those games exist, you know. And they're pretty good too.
7uff1  +   969d ago
Realistic Car Racing - Besides that, Project Cars is coming.

MMORPG - That "Destiny" from Bungie won't be MMO with RPG elements? I know it isn't confirmed for Wii U yet but it is almost there.

FPS - Metroid Prime Trilogy is great, the wolrd of gaming is already full of shooters, Miyamoto wishes to make a shooter too, right?
lilbroRx  +   969d ago
I wouldn't get to excited about Project Cars. I've been in the dev discussion and they haven't even really done anything on the Wii U version, but they've done a lot for the PS3/360 versoin.

More than likely, they'll just port the 360/PS3 version to the Wii U at the last minute like the sloppy ports it got a launch, which means that it will run and look like crap leading to more fanboys blasting the Wii U as incapable when it was lazy development.

Don't expect Project Cars to take advantage of the Wii U's next gen capabilities.
7uff1  +   968d ago
@lilbroRx oh, I didn't knew that
PopRocks359  +   968d ago
I didn't know that either. Certainly a shame if it's true, but then that's what my PC/PS3 are for.
Blastoise  +   969d ago
"FPS - While it's more of a First Person Adventure, I'm guessing the author never played Metroid Prime, 2 or 3? "

Why not have more?
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lilbroRx  +   969d ago
Because the FPS genre is already to saturated and overdone as it is. Do we really need another one?
gamer42  +   969d ago
Realistic Car Racing- While it might not be as "realistic" as GT or Forza, F-Zero is fun, hard, and addictive as hell, maybe if nintendo helped the franchise evolve on the wiiu it could be nintendo's forza or GT.

Platformer with an attitude- hmmm,it would be something to see I give you that.

MMORPG- we've been asking for this for a long time.

FPS- putting the old nintendo imagination on an FPS would be awesome, I hope something like Metroid prime, or bioshock (In terms of imagination and excellence)

Tower Defense- Starship defense is an amazing DSi title that needs more recognition, it would be an amazing franchise for the wiiu if they added colors and more texture. It's addictive.
MattS  +   969d ago
There is a grammatical error in this headline.
Donnieboi  +   969d ago
I hear what your saying, but it's not THAT big of a deal. We're human beings not robots. We can still "compute" what it means.
MattS  +   969d ago
Try and get a professional writing job with that attitude.

You want games journalism to get better? Start by insisting the writers understand the very basics of writing.
PopRocks359  +   969d ago
Apparently it's good to defend bad grammar in professional journalism.
TheoreticalParticle  +   969d ago
There are 6 whole words in that title. It's not a matter of whether or not someone's intelligent enough to figure it out, it's a matter of, "Hey, if you're so poor as a writer that you can't even do that correctly, you're not a writer I should be paying any attention to".
kirbyu  +   969d ago
What a dumb article. They basically just named every genre Nintendo hasn't made.
Donnieboi  +   969d ago
--RTS games (but remember, the Wii U is single touch so no pinching and zooming with 2 fingers)

--More Augmented Reality stuff (where u rotate the Pad and see a real stereoscopic 3d world in the screen as u rotate the pad)

Needs more of these on that Wii U gamepad's screen
PopRocks359  +   969d ago
Out of curiosity, if there was one concept that would sell you on the platform, what would that be?
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   969d ago
I feel that Nintendo should have its own 1st (or2nd) Party Franchise in all Genres.

I am only excited about 2 on the list.

I would love to see them do a "cORE" looking FPS,
- it would draw in more people if they had a must have shooter.
-Its strengths and weaknesses would be far more easily identifiable to the "cORE"

If they make a great Mario game, the "cORE" won't know/care.
BUT if Nintendo used their extraordinary Dev. skills and consoles skills, to make a Good to Great 1st Party FPS franchise- Minds may change faster.

A MMO would be interesting. I suggest.
-Zelda Verse.
-A Dues Ex styled Other M.
-or Pokemon (I won't play it but you know it would be an avalanche of cash and that would put Nintendo in a better place).

I add another Category-
Psychological Thriller ;)
Do something with the renewal Nintendo and SK.

Eternal Darkness 2 is necessary.
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RFornillos4  +   969d ago
i agree with Pokemon MMORPG. imagine what would happen if they make an MMORPG that will also utilize the gamepad's NFC features.

and as I've mentioned in another comment, if they will go the MH3U way, they can also feature 3DS cross-play. the 3DS and Wii U version will have the same content, and basically you can also transfer saves (to and from) to the 3DS, that way you can always have it with you. with 3DS cross-play, you can have up to five or more players in a team, and do a pokemon battle with other teams online.
SAYGUH  +   969d ago
Well if ya want my opinion, Nintendo should have an alternative edgy side like SEGA. Pumpin out conservative games for the IPs ain't gonna cut it all the time, look I love Nintendo to death but something's gotta change. If they just rely on 3rd parties for profanity, blood & guts, etc then they themselves are 1 dimensional & aren't flexible enough to explore & develop all kinds of entertainment experiences. I'm not just talkin about innovation, dialog, & truely dramatic, mature themes can't be taken lightly. Seriously would you be satisfied with JUST Disney, or Nickelodeon? Even Cartoon Network explores different entertainment routes, I rest my case.
Dj7FairyTail  +   969d ago
Nintendo have better Racers and the best
Mario Kart any
F-Zero X and GX
Wave Race 64/Blue Storm
1080 Snowboarding/Avalace
Excite Bike 64/Bots/Trucks
scissor_runner  +   969d ago
Wow a sequel to any of those would be sweet.
RFornillos4  +   969d ago
while i can't argue with some of the genre mentioned, basically apart from MMORPG and realistic racing, Nintendo's already explored pretty much the others as mentioned by most commments. if they make a Pokemon MMORPG with 3DS cross-play capability, that would basically be, well "awesome!".

nevertheless, i have always believed that the gamepad would be awesome (if not perfect) for the following genre (not mentioned in article):

- Turn-based strategy games the likes of Advance Wars, and the recent XCOM: Enemy Unknown.
- JRPG's: since Bandai Namco's has a pretty good relation with Nintendo, I would love to see them create more Tales series for the Wii U.
- RTS. If done correctly, Starcraft 2 would be awesome on the Wii U.
- RPG's like Diablo. seeing that Blizzard is interested in bringing Diablo III to the playstation (and possibly other consoles), this is one genre that would also be good for the Wii U.

and i agree with SAYGUH, perhaps its high-time for Nintendo to have a division (or 2nd party) that handles M-rated games. i can understand the route of generally targeting everyone in their games, but perhaps having a dedicated group for creating more mature games will show that they are serious in recapturing the so-called "core" gamers. i know this is not likely to happen, but perhaps they should make platinum games 2nd party.
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DivineAssault  +   969d ago
i would love to see nintendo make an M rated game.. Their talents would make a great action/adventure title.. Not necessarily guns & gore but something dark & gritty.. maybe something voiced too
Theyellowflash30  +   969d ago
Bayonetta 2 and done
DivineAssault  +   969d ago
thats platinum games & it might be T rated as well..
Theyellowflash30  +   969d ago
It's still Nintendo's game. And no, it's going to rated mature, cause the first one was mature.

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