LEGO City Undercover Review|GAMINGtruth

Shawn Long of GAMINGtruth takes on the open world environment of LEGO City Undercover:

"These issues aside, LEGO City Undercover is a solid game for Wii U owners. While it doesn’t redefine the sandbox game genre, it does add a new twist with not needing violence and drugs to be entertaining, but quality writing and fun missions."

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Cam_is_16bit1877d ago

Seems like a pretty fun, harmless game. Nice review, Shawn!

Neonridr1877d ago

It's a great game, the only complaint I have is there are a few too many loading screens. But the references in game are hilarious and it's quite fun to play.

thezeldadoth1877d ago

yeah its really fun. the missions are great, world design is great, and the purposefully cheesy storyline is really cool.