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Review: BioShock Infinite (Comics and Cosplay)

C&C's Rob Rich reviews the highly anticipated new BioShock:

"The original BioShock garnered quite a bit of acclaim when players took their first trip into Andrew Ryan’s dystopian Rapture. And rightly so, because it was excellent in just about every possible way (except for that final boss fight). The bar was set pretty freaking high at that point and, rather disappointing sequel notwithstanding, BioShock Infinite has a hell of a legacy to live up to. Entire volumes could be written comparing the two titles’ ins and outs, but the important thing to know is this: it’s a great game. It’s a great BioShock." (BioShock: Infinite, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 4.5/5

Sadie2100  +   534d ago
I think these guys should review the costumes in the game!

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