The 5 Most Pathetic Video Game Acting Performances

Video game cutscene acting jobs must not pay much because for most actors, they seem to be the last stop before dinner theater. But that shouldn't require them to suck, should it?

Apparently it does, as everyone from top-level stars to washed-up '80s actors seems to turn in cringe-worthy performances. We believe none were cringe worthier than these:

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decapitator3725d ago

Gotta agree, Bullet proof was not only bad in terms of gameplay, It was corny as hell.

sonarus3725d ago

why is everyone so mad over bulletproof. What were you expecting?. Its a game for 50 cent fans simple. If you are not a fan of 50 or G-Unit how can you enjoy that game. I found the game useless but enjoyed some of the tracks. Not a fan of 50 cent but the fact that you could play (gunit music was fun) finished the game then gave it away. Everyone is blowing the "badness" of the game out of proportion because its a 50 cent game. I have played far worse games, especially movie games.

Enigma_20993725d ago

From the voice acting, to the game mechanics...

kidrobot3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

If U Don't Like Him How Could You Like A Game Of Him... It's Like Rock Band/Guitar Hero. I Don't Like That Wack Sh!t, So I Don't Even Try It Cause It's Wack To Me. That's It... Same w/ Halo (XD),BioShock,Mas Effect,Too Human,Gears Of War... I'm Not A XB360 Hater It's Just That I Don't Like Those Wack AzZ Unrealistic Games... Don't Even Try To Bring Some Up Bout MGS (XD) Phuck Y'all (XD LOL)

mikeslemonade3724d ago

Lost Odyssey should be on that list. Lost Odyssey is a current gen game and it has las gen voice acting.

Skerj3724d ago


And that's why I switched to Japanese voices :D

VirusE3724d ago

Sonarus how anyone can be a fan of 50 cent or the g-unit (lol talk about stupid and unimaginative) is just mind boggling to me. Yeah i know different strokes for different folks but for god sakes 50 isnt even shy about self exploitation and this game is a perfect example. He would sell 50 cent brand anal plugs if it would make him a buck. He is a low ranking business man and a fad not an artist. Well i guess some of us like music that is art and some of us like shameless advertising that just happens to also be horrible music. The fact that people bought this game is a good indication of why the world is going to hell.

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Johnny Cullen3725d ago

Sawyer in Lost: Via Domus.

It wasn't played by Josh Holloway but christ, the voice who did do him was absoutely crap.

mintaro3725d ago

command and conquer tiberian wars anyone?

P4KY B3725d ago

B movie acting at its best.

GutZ313725d ago

Dear lord, make them stop!!

Oh... this game is long been past the main stream.

Jen5en3725d ago

X-Squad for PS2 should be on that list, I will never, ever forget that horrible dialogue: "We should move forward." *Disc read* "Roger that!" *Disc read* "Okay!" *Disc read* "On my way!" *Disc read* "Copy!".

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The story is too old to be commented.