Cage: What we are doing with PlayStation 4 is 'another world'

The creative director of Heavy Rain studio Quantic Dream has suggested that his mystery PS4 project will provide a distinct visual leap over current generation technology.

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JoGam1782d ago

I am excited to hear that.

iGAM3R-VIII1782d ago

Agreed, all I have to say is:

Q: What do we want?!?!

A: E3!!!

Q: When do we want it?!?!

A: Now!!!

Q: Why do we want it?!?!

A: To see what else Sony can bring to the table and see what MS has to reveal. And new games!!!

iGAM3R-VIII1782d ago

@HammadTheOne well let's be honest, I highly doubt Nintendo are going to bring a new console, they will just show new games and maybe price cuts at E3

LAWSON721781d ago

Ya how needs games, all we need is new consoles...
and Usher, lol

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MariaHelFutura1782d ago

PS4 is looking like a rockstar.

HammadTheBeast1782d ago

Now if Only Rockstar could put a Rockstar on this Rockstar.... it would Rock to the Stars!

Bathyj1782d ago

Sadly, with graphics being as good as they are, we'll never see a Manhunt 3.

SolidGear31782d ago

Speaking of Rockstar.. Agent anyone!?

Thirty3Three1782d ago

"Cage: What we are doing with PlayStation 4 is 'another world'"

Later this year...

"We're happy to announce our new game, "Another World!"

Hahaha! :P

Belking1782d ago

I hope it involves more actual game play instead of that interactive stuff.

DigitalRaptor1782d ago (Edited 1782d ago )

Fail. All gameplay is interactive. Point and click adventure gameplay for example, is interactive in a different way. Gameplay exists in more forms than what you've played in the past few years on the Xbox your parents bought you.

Since you desire more "actual game play", read this and watch the videos inside to see if it satisfies your apparent attention deficit for instant gratification:

Belking1782d ago

I don't need to read that. I know what type of games Cage does. The game is in the interactive cinema genre so I know there will be plenty of button sequences, QTE and stuff like that. It doesn't mean the game will be bad and I never said it would be so calm down. Cage games are good but the QTE stuff I don't like.

BitbyDeath1782d ago


David is trying to remove QTE from Beyond Two Souls. Have a read of this -


MysticStrummer1782d ago

If you don't like QTEs that's fine, but saying it's not "actual gameplay" is ridiculous. It's just as much gameplay as real time strategy, turn based strategy, tower defense, first person shooter, third person shooter, vertical or side scrolling shooter, point and click adventures, text adventures, racing, sports, puzzle, or any other genre you'd care to mention. I hope Cage continues exactly what he's been doing so far, because he's great at it and the industry has plenty of devs who copy what other people are doing.

kenshiro1001781d ago

Hey genius, interaction is actual gameplay.

CommonSenseGamer1781d ago

Another attack on someone....try focussing on the comments and not the individuals, Love it when people PM you with an attacking comment then block you from replying.

kenshiro1001781d ago

I didn't attack him. Interaction *is* a form of gameplay.

Btw, love how you mash that disagree button because you're butthurt over me blocking you. I don't have to say anything more to you.

Bye now!

first1NFANTRY1782d ago

Oh sh!t...damn you Cage you just had to go there didn't you. Now i'm all giddy inside.

mrmancs1782d ago

hope we don't have to wait till e3 for more ps4. Hope to see some teaser screenshots of hot games soon , that will make haters say , that isn't in game! And then come e3 they eat there words when they see the awesome games running in full hd , 60fps. bring it on!

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