Next Sonic game to be called Sonic Unleashed?

It has been revealed today that Sega has filed a trademark for the name Sonic Unleashed, likely to be a new Sonic game for Next-generation consoles.

There aren't any details about this game and it's unlikely that Sega will announce anything soon, but Strategy Informer are hoping they'll ditch the adventure style Sonic and take it back to its roots with fast paced platforming action.

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marionz3656d ago

How many times can they kill him.

PS360WII3656d ago

I'm still looking forward to Sonic RPG on DS ^^

NewZealander3656d ago

Keep sonic off the ps3 and 360, but sonic games on the ds r fine, I liked sonic rush, Maybe make a sonic arcade game in 2d ? like back in the good old days.

Aaron_V6673656d ago

It's sad to see how bad the recent Sonic games have been. If this new one is even half as good as the Mega Drive ones i will buy it.

jinn3656d ago

no sonic game would be best for everyone