European PS Store Update 13/03

The European PlayStation Store has been updated. Check the link to see what content you can expect today.

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Kojima touches kids3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

This is outrageous.
Why do they even bother updating the Euro PSN store?

sonarus3755d ago

wtf no demos still. all i really care about in any store update are demos.

Winter47th3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

WTF is this $h!t..

I know it's free and we're grateful for it, but it feels like the Europeans are getting the shaft in terms of quality and content, week after week even though it's where the PS3 sold more units than anywhere else on Earth, so how 'bout they get some recognition for their support for once in a while.

And to be honest my patience is wearing thin, if they're saving all the important stuff for when HOME launches, it's a terrible, terrible strategy, when HOME's out we'll be busy with HOME, nothing else, so start putting some worth while content will ya Sony? I think we as consumers deserve THAT at least.

deadshark13755d ago

im not that pissed coz this is,nt 100% and i have usa and japan and europe store so ill be waiting for them too update and almost easy! wow that will be good if you guys dont know how to get a japan/usa account which is allowed by sony heres my name on plastation network: deadshark1

Kulupoo3755d ago

what r u talking about guys?
u guys get video of Elefunk!?!?
lol jk... ya they need to put up some better content

prunchess3755d ago

Pure crap! I agree with the other posters, why even bother. How often do they get new demos and other stuff on XBL? With all the resources at Sonys disposal and they can't even stick up a few more trailers. This will be the third week on the trot I wont be bothering with the store.

sonarus3755d ago

Us store hasn't been much better. No demos anywhere. Not even on live. :(

marinelife93755d ago

Hey Rob why don't you just post what the updates are on this page. Don't make me click on a link just for some text.

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mighty_douche3755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

I hope their are missing stuff, thats almost worse than last weeks. I'll wait for a more reliable source before i let the red mist set in!

At least get the MotorStorm Teaser on there!

Lucreto3755d ago

@mighty_douche Maybe if you send a picture of your avatar to them they will get the message.

paul_war3755d ago

So all I can download is one theme and one game video!

Which is worst, this update or the one two weeks back if you remember that?

deadshark13755d ago


perseus3755d ago

If you look just above the left shift key on your keyboard you will find a key with "Caps Lock" written upon it. Pressing this key will make other people happy. (In some countries you have to hold the shift key at the same time as you press caps lock.)

This is just advice, because writing completely in capital letters is considered rude and boorish in English.

Thank you for reading, have a pleasant day.

predator3755d ago

closes door, locks it, screams bloody murder, unlocks the door, walks out calm goes on LIVE instead and thinks "thank god i have all 3 consoles"

Keowrath3755d ago

Apparantly you don't own all three Pred, judging by your disagree or it could be because you mentioned XBL in a PS3 thread OR you didn't scream bloody murder.

have an agree from me, this update is crap but is anyone really that surprised? Heh, I was hoping for Dark Myst or PAIN. One day maybe.

predator3755d ago

haha yeah looks like someone knows me better than i know myslef.

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