3 features that make Bioshock Infinite awesome

Bioshock Infinite is an amazing game for a variety of reasons. Elizabeth is a compelling character, the game's setting is unique and its combat breathes new life into the stale FPS genre.

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pat_11_51387d ago

I haven't been blown away by a game like this in quite some time.

Jockamo1387d ago

glad they're taking storytelling to new heights. so well integrated

duckieoro1387d ago Show
CaulkSlap1387d ago

I don't know about his #1 reason there. Still quite good but combat felt like the weakest aspect of the game to me. Pretty limited in powers, weapons, and enemies from what I was expecting. Honestly I enjoyed the world immersion of the brief opener far more than the constant FPS combat the rest of the game.

r211387d ago

Combat woulda haven been better if Booker could carry tons of weapons like past Bioshock but i guess Irrational wanted the game's combat to be abit realistic, so the 2 weapons limit makes sense. I'd still rather have the ability to carry all kinds of weapons though.

ziggurcat1387d ago

"Tape deck audio files strewn throughout the world"

they're not tape decks :/

tweet751387d ago

i miss the minigames in the original bioshocks

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