New Viking: Battle for Asgard trailer

Sega published a new Viking: Battle for Asgard trailer. Enjoy.

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Rama262853600d ago

I'm actually quite looking forward to this game. I'm waiting for some reviews before taking the plunge though. I like what I've seen so far though...

Anyone else looking for to this?

Tut3600d ago

I am! =D

Though it isn't anything I am really excited for. I will most likely pick it up when I see it on the shelves.

Bazookajoe_833600d ago

Looks really cool to me, the only cons is that i get a feeling of beowulf. I still believe this will be awsome game, but beowulf kinda ruined a little for this kinds of games =(

Excalibur3600d ago

when it's around the $20-25.00 range.