GameSpy's Legendary preview

Nowadays it takes a lot for a game to distinguish itself from the rest of the titles in the all-too-crowded first-person shooter genre. A developer must strive to create something new and different, while still making it familiar enough to appease the masses. Sometimes one unique multiplayer mode or a compelling single-player storyline means the difference between a hit or a flop, something the folks from Spark Unlimited know all too well. After all, many of them worked on the Medal of Honor and Call of Duty franchises, both of which were considered groundbreaking when they were released. Now the developer is hard at work on Legendary, a game that blends fairly standard first-person combat with a veritable who's who (or, in this case, what's what) of fantastical creatures.

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MK_Red3748d ago

What the... they said "impressive visuals"!? Are they blind? Sure the game isn't as ugly is team's previous game Fall of Liberty but it's definitly not impressive. Not for 2008. Maybe 2004.