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Latest Media Create Japanese Sales Charts Paint a Gloomy Picture for the Wii U

Giuseppe Nelva of DualShockers analyzes the latest Media Create sales charts, evidencing how they paint a quite dreadful picture for the Wii U. (Dragon Quest X, Wii U)

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Neonridr  +   780d ago
Again, you have to look at the full picture. Sure the numbers aren't fantastic by any stretch of the mind, but the game was only available for one day during that week long sales chart. Give it a full week to see how many units it moves before we call it a disaster.
Abriael  +   780d ago
Of course that's true, but Japanese gamers are extremely keen on the "day one!" bandwagon. I seriously doubt we'll see much of an improvement next week.

I hope to be proven wrong, and if I am, I'll be sure to write about it, but honestly I doubt it.

Also, it's two days, not one, chart is up to the 31st, and shops aren't really closed in Japan on a sunday. As a matter of fact people shop a lot on Sundays, for obvious reasons.
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Neonridr  +   780d ago
look, I am not saying that there is going to be a huge jump, but had the numbers come back at say 100k over the whole week, it wouldn't have painted such a gloomy picture.

I will agree though, that Dragon's Quest games usually move systems in Japan, and this one didn't. But that could be partially due to the fact that it's not a completely original game since it borrows so much from the Wii version.

If it was an entirely new game in the series, I think we would have seen more units being moved.
insomnium2  +   780d ago

I think if 2 days worth of sales lands @ 33k there is no way for 5 days to sell 100k. Even if this was only counting the very first day of sales for a DQ game 33k seems a disaster.

If someone has a link to other DQ games' day one sales it would be enlightening to compare.

@neon below

about handheld domination of Nintendo

You have to realize that Nin is selling DS and 3DS to KIDS mostly. That's why they are successfull. My wife has all those devices for Pokemon and Zelda and I couldn't give a rats ass about those. We just got both of our older kids (7yo and a 9yo) 3DSs for christmas.

Games and handhelds for kids does nothing to benefit MY gaming so Nin is off my map untill they put some real effort into their hw. I think I'm in for a looong wait for that to happen though. They have too much success with the 10 yos to care about me.

2nd edit:

People keep saying "wait for Mario, Zelda, Metroid etc." FFS those are the same games Nin sold us almost 3 decades ago. Are people really not getting bored of getting the same games over and over. How about fresh new games?
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NewMonday  +   780d ago
the Vita is looking steady now, and games frequently in the top10, now they need to make the price cut global officially.
Fierce Musashi  +   780d ago

That's the thing, they aren't the same games. If you've actually know a thing or two about these franchises, you'd know how different they's gotten over the years. Research at the very least, why don't you. :/

As for the handhelds

Lol @ the that age garbage. Say what you will about the games and them appealing to kids. Adult core gamers also play and enjoy these games, not just children. And if you had known what their libraries had to offer, intermediate to experienced gamers (young and old) can find something for them in some of these so-called "kid games" aswell. It's understandable that you wouldn't know, for it seems all you are worried about is if they look "kiddy" or not. Enjoy what benefits YOUR gaming. :/

Adults still care for Mario, Zelda, etc. and are the ones who go the Pokemon tournaments (handheld and trading cards alike). Welcome to gaming, i guess.....?
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scissor_runner  +   780d ago
If you are looking for hardware wait on the next batch of smartphones then the vita will be crushed by them spec wise. You obviously buy games system for specs only as lots of kiddy games are on your vita.

You know gaming is a pretty kiddy hobby right? It's like your getting mad at disney world for having Mickey mouse. You maybe in the wrong past time buddy.
Donnieboi  +   780d ago
You boys never run out of excuses. Optimism will only get u so far. If Dragon Quest AND Monster Hunter can't save Wii U in japan, then what will?

Iwata managed to do the impossible...still not sell systems even with the TOP TWO japanese franchises coming exclusively to the console.


I think it's time for a real Nintendo Revolution...demand the resignation of Iwata and start anew. Scrap Wii U and get ready to make a new console 2 years from now...
Neonridr  +   780d ago
While Iwata may have not done what he should have in regards to making the Wii U more appealing, he still has managed to keep Nintendo's handheld market in firm control of number one. 2 straight generations with a vastly inferior device (tech wise) and yet the numbers speak for themselves.

One thing you should always remember is you can never write off Nintendo. Especially in Japan. Wait till the next 3D Mario, Mario Kart and Smash Brothers come along... you want to see units move?
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Theyellowflash30  +   780d ago
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate sold a lot of copies in Japan, plus it's a remake. Monster Hunter 4, a brand new game will sell like hotcakes.

It wasn't Iwata's idea for Dragon Quest to be a MMO, that was Square Enix's idea, that's why Wada is gone, and Iwata still has his job.

And I think you need to look at the sales again. Monster Hunter and Dragon Quest has sold a shit load on Nintendo's consoles.
lilbroRx  +   780d ago
Considering that the Wii monster Hunter is the HIGHEST selling console version of Monster Hunter in existence, I think that Wii U version will be fine by the end.

Good games have long shelf lives on Nintendo consoles. Just look at Dragon Quest 9, Lego Batman 2 and Skylanders?

Or for more current examples, Animal Crossing 3DS.

The game will sale. People are just waiting for a steady stream to come out as ever. The fact that it is Dragon Quest means that people want it. They will by it sooner or later.
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jcnba28  +   780d ago
You fanboys are hilarious. Whenever there's good Nintendo news you try and turn it into something bad.
PopRocks359  +   780d ago

"You boys"

Setting the news aside for a second, do you always find it necessary to comment in such a condescending manner?
scissor_runner  +   780d ago
You mean like crazy ken lol and that $700 ps3 lol. The people who needed to step down did and they work for square enix. Japan plays RPGs not mmos. It still looks fun though.
Qrphe  +   779d ago
They had already come out on other systems before
3-4-5  +   780d ago
Once 3DS Mario, Mario Kart U, Legend of Zelda, Super Smash Brothers are released the sales will increase dramatically.

Throw in Mario Party + a Mario Sports game and there is another .5-2+ million game sales.

+ All the other games we don't know are currently being developed.

It's like people don't think things through or something.
Donnieboi  +   780d ago
Not everyone is as enthusiastic as you are about MORE sequels. Seriously, Sony (for example) has probably had more new IP's that were good, in the last 3 years, than Nintendo has probably had in 3 generations (on consoles, not including portables). Maybe a lot more new ip's to go with those sequels, would be nice. Can't go wrong with NEW, good IP's too.
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rainslacker  +   780d ago
Yep, all those games are worth looking out for. Let me know when they have a firm release date, and why people should pick up the system when there is nothing really coming out now. Stop telling me they're coming this year, because so far 3 of my most anticipated games for the system have been delayed from previously announced dates(not all Nintendo's fault here).

I'm a Wii U owner, and this huge acceptance by Nintendo fans of Nintendo's(or it's 3rd party partners) lack of releasing titles is rather infuriating. I gave them all the props I felt they deserved before and during it's launch, but they are currently letting me down. It's no different than Square Enix coming on stage telling me to be excited, without telling me one damn thing to be excited for. We all knew those games would come, but this waiting around is getting frustrating.
WiiUsauce  +   780d ago
lol at so many disagrees to your logical comment. so many annoying ass Sony fangirls on this site.
kenshiro100  +   779d ago
Grow up. Heaven forbid anyone critiques the WiiU. Somehow in your eyes that makes them a Sony fanboy.

Give me a break.
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from the beach  +   780d ago
Haha, I guess you can twist anything into a negative Wii U story!

3DS LL: 38,442
Vita: 31,795
3DS: 28,538
Wii U: 22,829
PS3: 19,069
PSP: 12,594
Wii: 1,858
Xbox 360: 598
Abriael  +   780d ago
I'm not sure how posting a list that is actually included and detailed in the article is going to change anything?

Or maybe you just read the headline and posted away?

moving only 11k units of the console more than the previous week with a Dragon Quest title is nothing short of a negative result. Hell, it has even sold way less than the PS Vita that only had Oboro Muramasa to bring to bear, and that's definitely not a killer app.

Honestly, it seems to me that you're grasping at straws.
Donnieboi  +   780d ago
Yes, straw grasping indeed. Bubbles for you good sir.
Pillsbury1  +   780d ago
Vita isn't dead! Long live zombie vita!
Theyellowflash30  +   780d ago
No I think you are grasping at straws, How does a sales increase paint a gloomy picture for the Wii U, when the Vita got a price cut and is still being outsold by the 3DS?

This is trolling the Wii U at it's finest. We all know Japanese gamers are not interested in the MMO Dragon Quest. They like the standard Dragon Quest with no monthly subscription model.

The PS3 has 5X the amount of games as the Wii U, and the Wii U is hanging in there. Wait till Smash Bros, Zelda, and Mario Kart come out. The sales will increase a lot.

You're trolling and spinning numbers for hits on you're website.
Snookies12  +   780d ago
@Theyellowflash30 - The Vita is being outsold by only one iteration of the 3DS, and not by that much. Nintendo will ALWAYS control the handheld market, but to see the Vita THAT close in sales to the XL 3DS, it's nothing short of spectacular. Not to mention, as said above there really wasn't anything amazing coming out for the Vita during these sales numbers.
from the beach  +   780d ago
The figures, which I copied and pasted from the article after reading it, directly contradict the headline - being top selling console is a gloomy picture?!

Anyway, all we've been hearing is "hurf, it's selling less than last gen systems". Now what?
LOL_WUT  +   780d ago
"Even the PS Vita outsold the Wii U with 31,795 units moved, and it didn’t have any big hitting game this week besides Oboro Muramasa"

But you see even Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate which was hyped up by the fanboys didn't even sell well either. Then this pops up and somehow it's not worrisome because it pictures an outlook of what is happening? It's not hatred its facts! ;)
Theyellowflash30  +   780d ago
You know Japan likes handhelds more than consoles, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate was a port, how well did you expect it to sell?
dungeonboss  +   780d ago
Of course, a Sony fansite (DualShockers) would turn a negative spin on a sales boost for Nintendo.

Somehow, I get a feeling they'll spin poor PS4 launch sales into a positive this holiday as well.
TheEnigma313  +   780d ago
From what it sounds like, PS4 will be a hot item and in high demand.
Ck1x  +   780d ago
Because GameStop says it will right? Email interest and people that actually go out and spend $400-$500 for the console are two different things... Im sure people will go out and buy PS4 and it will have a great launch, but if people think that PS4 will garner the kind of mass appeal hysteria that iPhone and iPad generates. There's a lot of crack smoking going on here at N4G then.
dungeonboss  +   780d ago
If it helps, I prefer Nintendo consoles, and I told GameStop I'd subscribe to PS4 updates, simply because I'm interested as a gamer. I may even buy one when it falls below $200, just like I did my 360. But I won't be there at launch.

"Interest" is different than actual sales. Who are more likely to buy a PS4 on launch day? The 55,000 who supported PS3 at launch, or the millions that just bought one within the past 12 months now that they are cheap?
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mshope10  +   780d ago
its was on sale for one day!so if it sells that everyday for a week its should be fine so lets wait and see.

but even though the 3ds was the top selling system and handheld,and wii u was the top selling home console this week.they have to spin it in a bad way.

its only one good week so it just small victory it would be nice to just enjoy it.
OrionNoctis  +   780d ago
People want or think that the Wii U would jus sell millions in a finger snap what people forget is that the Wii was mostly bought by non gamers it had a casual appeal to it and the most people that bought the Wii wont be getting a Wii U , ironacly was the system i played the most due to Monster Hunter 3...lol
AWBrawler  +   780d ago
Did I not say Wii U is about to gain momentum in Japan? Pokemon scramble U is coming soon too.
PopRocks359  +   780d ago
Man oh man, only on N4G (and apparently dedicated Sony sites) will spin positive news as negative. I hate to say that I'm hardly surprised.

There's another article that said this past week that the Wii U outsold the PS3 and the 360 this week in Japan. Not to say that's anything massive, but it certainly is better for the platform than the past couple of months.

Of course people are quick to say how low Wii U sales are, but when the factors change for the system, the fanboys change the rules of the discussion. Surprise, surprise.
USMC_POLICE  +   780d ago
I love how there was all these Sony hate articles and doom and gloom. Now Nintendo but never a Xbox or Microsoft one.
scissor_runner   780d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
solidjun5  +   780d ago
@majiebeast that and scissor is a troll.
ozstar  +   780d ago

Shok  +   780d ago
I think we're all forgetting that Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate has been out for the 3DS since 2011, and handhelds are bigger than consoles in Japan, that's why MH3U didn't do much for the Wii U.

Also, Dragon Quest 10 has been out on the Wii for a while now, so most people picked it up on the Wii.

Call it excuses all you want, the truth is the truth.

I understand it's not the HUGE increase we want for the Wii U but doubling the sales to over 20k is still decent considering the circumstances I listed above.
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PopRocks359  +   780d ago
I think it's an issue of what would have been considered "decent" news now being considered "bad news." The sales doubled with the release of games that are not even considered must-haves that are even available on other, cheaper Nintendo hardware. Not huge, like you said, but certainly not even remotely bad.

It is what it is though, I guess.
oldjadedgamer   780d ago | Offensive
sitharrefus  +   780d ago
Still to early to predict the Wii u fate.....
kenshiro100  +   779d ago
I like Nintendo as much as the next person but the WiiU isn't doing very well.

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