Microsoft Giving Vista Ultimate to Windows Feedback Exhibitionists For Free

Via Engadget:

"Great news for those of you enrolled in Microsoft's Windows Feedback Program. In exchange for giving Microsoft access to your computing habits for the last 3 months, your free copy of Windows Vista Ultimate, Office Ultimate '07, Money Plus Premium, Encarta Premium or Streets and Trips (depending upon your enrollment selection) should be delivered in the next 4 to 6 weeks. Oh sure, the price for the most popular choice -- Vista Ultimate -- has dropped $80 since you flittered away your privacy. It's not like the MyFaceSpaceBook types have anything left to hide anyway. And free is free no matter the cost, right?"

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decapitator3727d ago

Vista ? Anyone have the latest service pack yet ? How well does it function and are there any improvements at all from the first version released ?

incogneato3727d ago

Vista is an awesome OS. XP was horrible for many years until SP2 came out. Vista is already a really really good OS and SP1 has not come out. SP1 updates are not as big as the improvements you get randomly from Windows Updates. Microsoft is always updating the OS to make it better with Windows Updates now instead of waiting for Service Packs. But yes, there are many improvements in SP1 with performance, security, and stability.

I'm tired of explaining how Vista works to noobs who just repeat what they see on the internet. I feel bad for people who let internet trends dictate what they do so badly.

UnblessedSoul3727d ago

No all service pack 1 does is fixs bugs minor improvements, still sucks

decapitator3727d ago

Thank you. Guess I will be going Mac then.

Massacre3727d ago

You guys, Vista is not 'THAT' bad. The very few things it does right are really WELL done.

Yi-Long3727d ago

I have no real 'problems' with Vista (just minor niggles), but to me it's an OK Operation System so far, even though it's too bloated and too demanding...

...but I would rather see Microsoft come up with a plan to make it free, or very cheap, for users who bought a new PC and received a 32 bit OS with that new PC, to update that 32-bit OS to a 64-bit OS!

Cause now I have this new, powerfull PC, and I can only use 3,25 GB of RAM... cause I'm stuck with a useless 32 bit OS. :(

Ubuntu 64-bit, here I come...

incogneato3727d ago

Umm... Microsoft gives you the 64 bit disc for free on their website. Or you can "download it" (from where? I duno :P) and use your legit license key and you will have a legit copy.

HAHAHA Ubuntu, you must be joking.

LinuxGuru3726d ago

No you can't. Microsoft only offers that free upgrade to 64-bit ONLY if you purchased a fully separate retail Windows Vista edition.

It does NOT, I repeat, NOT work with the key that you have from your pre-installed Vista that came with your PC.

xav09713727d ago

I want my Vista Ultimate. Finally getting something free from Microsoft.