How Sony is Turning the PS Vita Into the Ultimate Indie Device and What it Means for the PS4

Not long ago, the Xbox 360 was the platform for not only some of the biggest names in gaming, but also for smaller, independent developers that thrived by creating great games for Microsoft’s console.

At some point in the past couple of years though, Microsoft’s love for the indie scene stopped.

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TrendyGamers1751d ago

Can't wait to start playing almost every indie they have lined up this year.

dedicatedtogamers1751d ago

I'm going to be honest. I prefer handheld gaming. I have a high-end gaming PC, a PS3, and a Wii, but I do the most of my gaming between my DS, 3DS, and Vita. I'm a happy gamer when more and more games come to handhelds.

Cam9771751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

I've been on my Vita so much recently on GTA:VCS as I'm aiming for 100%.
Not only is handheld gaming more convenient (turn it off then play 5 hours later at the exact same point), but I can watch TV if I'm doing a monotonous sidemission for 100% completion to brighten it up. EG: GRAND THEFT AUTO sidemissions, especially VCS; there are 3 helicopter missions, loads of races and more. Most of which are repetitive.

I love my Vita so roll on Machinarium (SCEE are behind. Again.), Telltale's TWD, Terraria, LONE SURVIVOR, Stealth ******* which is set to be renamed and many more.

I haven't even touched the joy of playing PS1 games on the Vita...

Protagonist1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

I´ve been like that for years. Loved the arcades as a kid but I also grew up with the donkey kong game (

Def... need to get Machinarium for my PS Vita.

Sev1751d ago

So true. The plans they announced at GDC were genius. I can see it garnering a ton of support from the indies. Let's face it, that is where most of the creativity is these days.

alexcosborn1751d ago

Happy for Sony, but I still don't think it will save the device.

JetP06191751d ago

The guy above you just went full retard lol. Indeed the Psvita dont need saving.

Minato-Namikaze1750d ago


You never go full retard, lol

Veneno1751d ago

You concern yourself more with Xbox 720. That machine REALLY needs saving.

MultiConsoleGamer1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

The ultimate indie device runs Android. And that's where the majority of the indie devs are working. That and PC.

profgerbik1751d ago (Edited 1751d ago )

Not anymore. Developers have straight up said, PSN is a much better market since it isn't nearly as flooded daily with crap like Android or iOS.

Hicken1751d ago

What "ultimate indie device?" You never have any actual details, just something vague to say "Sony's X device is lacking."

Just stop talking.

dbjj120881751d ago

I know that I love dropping $250 on a handheld for a $10 downloadable that I'll be done with in 5 hours.

dedicatedtogamers1751d ago

Yeah I know, rite? Because all indie games are $10 or more, and they only last 5 hours, rite?


dbjj120881751d ago

You really think these indie games are going to move Vita units out the door? Especially when the SAME GAMES are available on the PS3s people already own?

TongkatAli1751d ago

Ignorance is bliss...... nah, ignorance is just plain retarded.

Paying $10 or $15 for an awesome game with mad reply value, paying $60 or $40 for an awesome game with mad replay value.

Who do you think won more in this messed up economy ?

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The story is too old to be commented.