Confirmed: EA makes aggressive bid for Take-Two

VG247: "EA has made a tender offer of $26 per share for Take-Two, an offer valued at approximately $2 billion and a 64 percent premium over Take-Two's closing stock price on February 15, the date of the last bid to be rejected by Take-Two's board."

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pwnsause3661d ago

oh god, this is gonna be an end of an era for the GTA series at least. were going to see Sh2ty GTA games every year.

patlike3661d ago

I reckon we're about to see the rise of the "new EA". I believe them when they say they're targeting quality. I don't reckon they'll destroy GTA.

Ghoul3661d ago

I'm more affraid of EA actually making theyre own Console sooner or later and securing Exclusives right now.

EA Console is my worst nightmare to the gaming industry

RealityCheck3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

Looking at track history and EA's corporate culture, I would say PWNSAUSE might be right.

It would be nice to think like some that it may signal the change of EA for the better but history has a habit of repeating itself. It is also very hard to change an established culture and once T2 gets bought than the EA internal politics and vultures will set in.

I do not see this ending well.

The only good thing that could come out of it is for more people leaving and making excellent spin-off games like Crackdown at other studios. As for EA, they will be left with named franchises to squeeze the life out of.

PopEmUp3660d ago

you got all wrong it should work other way around and goes like this "EA they're targeting quantity over quality" so be sure to expect every GTA sequel in every 2 years if they're successfully acquired the company take over

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decapitator3661d ago

Can't say am not surprised. Saw this coming a mile away. And with T2 share holders suing them, is just a matter of time.

patlike3661d ago

I don't see why T2's shareholders would reject it.

lpking20053661d ago

This is bollocks!!

Ghoul3661d ago

"hostile take over"

you gotta think a minute to relaise what SICK system we have here.

EA: "We want to own you"
T2: "We dont want to be owned"
EA: "We make you want to be owned"

wtf is wrong with this crap

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The story is too old to be commented.