'Godspeed Mewtwo' Form Leaked - Two New Mewtwo Pokemon X & Y Forms?

NowGamer: Two new forms of Mewtwo could be on their way to Pokemon gamers in future including a 'Godspeed Mewtwo' according to a reference hidden on the Nintendo Japan Pokemon Movie site.

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majiebeast1123d ago

People are saying it was a April fools joke.

Root1123d ago

LOL...that thing looks ridiculous

It looks nothing like Mewtwo...hope it was an April fools joke

Besides I thought Mewtwo was a clone of Mew, how could he have an evolution

TopDudeMan1122d ago

No, look at the image. There's a picture of mewtwo and under it, 2 blank boxes. The other pokemon isn't another form of mewtwo, the other forms are still to be revealed.

kirbyu1122d ago

The other Pokemon is Genesect, a Gen 5 Legendary.

anderssc1122d ago

Am I just retarded or isn't that genesect?

TripC501122d ago

I think the pictures are showing genesect on the left with its other forms and mewtwo on the right with its two unknown forms bellow it. Drawing comparison to maybe the two unreleased forms of mewtwo being similar to genesect's engineered cannon thing. I immediately thought Godspeed Mewtwo as the mewtwo in that bad ass metal suit thing from the first movie.

-Gespenst-1122d ago

Eh, I think I'm gonna avoid this. Seems like a massive spoiler.

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