Xbox: 'We can rule summer'

European Xbox boss Chris Lewis says he "wouldn't change places with any other platform holder" following the recently announced price drop on all three Xbox 360 SKUs, which Microsoft believes will give the console the boost it needs to rule the next-gen battle this summer.

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pwnsause3690d ago

nope sorry, MGS4 is around the corner, GG.

HighDefinition3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

Alot of people (like below) will talk about GTA D/L content, which is cool. But the truth is, 90 percent of people that play GTA (a hell of alot of casuals) have no idea what D/L content is.

hazeblaze3690d ago

I was going to say the same thing! Microsoft must have forgottent the biggest game of the summer was going to be on Sony's platform!

GTA4 is going to be on both platforms ppl, and I have friends that just purchased their PS3 for GTA IV, Haze, & MGS4.

NO_PUDding3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

People are overestimating a couple of things here:

DLC: To your average Joe Bloggs, this means nothing, and even if it was stamped on the front people have been waiting for GTA4 on the PS3. It's a Playstation Brand.

Failure Rates: People are totally overestimating these. The 33% bullshit is complete flame bait for PS3 supporters (like myself). Although I have got to say 33% is way more believable than what Microsoft says (16%). No one WON'T buy a 360 because they don't know about failure rates, and the retailers sure as hell won't tell them.

And things people are underestimating:

Market Saturation: Everyone who was going to get a 360 has one, because it was the cheaper options available earlier. People who have waited this long to enter the next generation, certainly won't be going to a 360, they'll have been saving up for a PS3.

Brand Loyalty: Those of you who say it's a myth are ridiculous. Many people are loyal to brands even when they aren't fanatics like us on this site.

Line-Up/Sequels: The PS3 has a much brighter future than the 360, something a new owner would want to invest in. And this is about the only thing that a consumer does know. Because they want to future proof their machine. And of course there is appeal of near future realises that are exclusive and everyone knows on the PS3.

PS3 is in a great position: Microsoft lowering their price is the beginning of the end. PS3 has way more legroom in terms of dropping it's price, whereas the 360 that has made the first move in a very unpopular year for it, will leave Sony to make revenue this year, and lower the price later on at their leisure, because the pressure is gone.

Extra Peripherals: Lets not forget all the things you get for standard/free with the PS3 that you have to pay for with 360. So firstly everyone knows that Blu-Ray has won the format war, a cheap Blu-Ray player is a good way to convince your girlfriend to allow you to buy it or for you mum to buy your Playstation for you. It has free online and hard drive already. The cheap 360 and the DLC don't even correlate because the cheap 360 doesnt have a hard drive and the DLC requires a hard drive. And it's hardly cheap when you sign up for Live.

Blankman3690d ago

No one game can sell a console. You might wait to buy a console for one game but you will still be looking further down the line to see the other games being offered. Especially if the game in question is multiplatform.
Let me name the 360 exclusives with a realistic chance of making it into 2008 i.e. games that have revealed content and are confirmed for 2008 too human, ninja gaiden 2, fable 2, gears of war 2, left for dead, lost planet colonies but. These are games that have shown content(trailers, screens) and have a REALISTIC chance of making it into 07(Might be missing some)I would include alan wake but i doubt that title will make it since it is listed as december 08.

PS3 starts off with GT5 prologye, Haze, MGS4, Socom confrontation, Resistance 2, LittleBigPlanet, Killzone 2, motorstorm 2, tekken 6, the agency, playstation home, white knight story, naruto ps3, yakuza, disagea 3,
NOTE: I did not mention any ? exclusives as in titles that have not been shown, are still rumored even if likely, or titles without doubt regarding 2008 releases like FF13, FF13 VS, Eight days, getaway 3, heavy rain, war devil enigma, afrika, socom 4, rockstar undisclosed exclusive, la noire, infamous, GT5,

As you can clearly see PS3 exclusives GREATLY ecclipse Xbox 360 exclusives. As a new gamer entering into the next gen arena which would be the realistic choice? Yes 360 has a great library of games it gathered with its one yr head start but when i am buying a new console i am looking at new games not old games. Games that still have active onlinve communities e.t.c.

Dareaver13690d ago

The funny thing i see is that this is a 360 post, yet is populated by the people who have hated (maybe to harsh of a word) the 360 since it's onset. Wow, talk about irony. A lot of sony fans continue to populate the pro 360 news posts.

What do you expect the guy to say, "oh the 360 is not going to do as well as last year." Please be more reasonable. And then you all come in here rushing to either bash or downplay the console.

Why so much hate. I just went into the PS3 post about the firmware update, and i did not see any PS3 bashing or downplaying done by the typical 360 fans. Yet i come into the pro 360 post to see if any 360 gamers are conversing on the possibilities of have some great gaming done on their console of choice, and all i see is a bunch of PS3 fans downplaying the system. And in the Gamerzone none the less.

It all sounds funny to me. Oh and i was in the PS3 post because i plan on getting a PS3, and wanted to see what the updates entail. But this is too funny.

Now i know why the 360 fans don't even come to the pro posts about the 360. After awhile it gets hard to digest all this bashing, when you only wanted to have discussions with people that had the same interests as you (as in console and it's games, for those that can't connect the dots).

Oh and i don't want to hear that whiny, oh they do it to us...... Grow up....!

Blankman3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

you are right man. But reality of the situation is i cannot have any form of compassion for any 360 fan complaining that ps3 owners are disturbing their news section. None whatsoever because it happens on both sides. The number of ps3 fans have increased but as you can see by the rate of agrees and disagrees they are still roughly the same. The reality of the situation is we PS3 fans DO NOT THINK MICROSOFT WILL RULE THE SUMMER BECAUSE THEY HAPPEN TO HAVE exclusive DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT ON A MULTIPLATFORM GAME. The price drop is nice and i doubt that will have any significant effect because 360 has always been cheaper. However if that is the case you can be sure sony will counter with price drop of their own. So regardless of how you look at it, 360 CANNOT RULE THE SUMMER. IF GTA4 WAS EXCLUSIVE YES BUT AS LONG AS IT IS MULTIPLATFORM, THEIR CURRENT PRICE POINT AND THEIR LIST OF EXCLUSIVE GAMES CANNOT MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Dareaver13690d ago

of course if you don't like the 360 or any of it's games, in your opinion, it's not going to rule anytime. It's just that simple.

Me as a gamer can like all games from every console. I think MGS4 is going to sell, and i think Gears 2 is going to sell. This is a pro 360 news post, and when the maturity level levels out, then maybe people on here can have discussions which interest them.

If you don't like nor believe the news post, then why would you want to come in and rain on someone elses parade. Let people who like the games and feel as though they are going to have a great summer playing on their console of choice do just that.

Your 2 cents are not needed as to why the other console is better. Obviously if they wanted to know that, they wouldn't be trying to read this article. And a lot of people stopped commenting on these threads with their honest opinions because they will loose bubbles, and loose them quick.

It's a shame, i like my 360 and plan on getting a PS3, but it doesn't sway me from liking or wanting to play 360 games.

Maybe 360 will rule the summer..... for 360 gamers, ever thought about that!?

JasonPC360PS3Wii3690d ago

I'm a hardcore Xbot and I don't even troll the PS3 news, the only time I ever go to any PS3 news is when it's hot and on the front page. It can be the smallest bit of news about anything Microsoft and they are here in packs. Sounds like anger and frustration of being the "once" market leader to me. They like to blame MS for the current state of the PS3, which they assumed would be as big as the PS2. I expected it, it's what happens when someones hero falls.

nitramn4g3690d ago

GT5 = 40$ demo (why aren't they releasing the real game?)
Haze = it has been delayed many times (a simple shooter)
mgs4 = agree
Socom confrontation = did they even showed videos?
Resistance2 = the first one was good not AAA
LBP = meaby (I don't get it)
Killzone2 = the first one was not good (again a simple shooter)
motorstorm2 = agree
tekken6 = did they even showed videos?
the agency = ? don't even know that one
Home = not a game
White knight = I'd be surprise to see it this year
naruto = come on, 360 already has a good naruto game
yakuza = great, but not a system seller
disagea 3 = I'd be surprise to see it this year

Conclusion ps3 = mgs4, motorstorm2 and resistance2. Looks like last year except for msg4

If people are smart, they will buy Wii and 360 (more games, more higher metacritic scores)
more Rpgs, more shooters(dha!), more racing, more of everything! And superior online experience.
And by the way, I use XBL all the time and I don't pay for it, it's called sylver membership.

Blankman3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

i can't man. As a gamer even if all i have is a ps3 all news pertains to me. If 360 rules summer that means ps3 is NOT ruling summer so i have to rain on their parade. lol

@nitram: too human: will more than likely suck but we will see
ninja gaiden 2: good but not great i would put it on the same level as resistance 1. Past sales were also quite unimpressive so not a system seller
fable 2: never played it so have no clue
gears of war 2: great
left for dead: good not great
lost planet colonies: more of an expansion so same level as GT5

EVERY SINGLE game i showed has video socom has had gameplay video since last yr. tekken 6 has gameplay vid as well. Haze maybe a shooter but i never claimed it to be a great exclusive but its exclusive none the less. Rumored to come to the 360 but so is left for dead.
Resistance 2 will be significantly better than the original but AAA status can't be confirmed till release, KZ2 is a question mark for me as well but still best graphics shown on any console to date. home is not a game but game is the most sufficient way to classify it. white knight was supposed to come out last yr, it has had gameplay for yrs. I would be suprised if its not out by fall. PS3 has naruto game 360 has naruto game. both completely different but 360 naruto is last yr and we are talking about 08. disagea 3 out in JP so there is every possibility it will be out this yr. Yakuza 3 not a system seller but still exclusive.

So you use silvermembership so in other words you can't play online. What kind of next gen system is that. Even lil ol wii lets you play online.

If you are smart you will buy ps3. I truly believe X360 has peaked, all the best games from last gen are going to be returning on the ps3. You get a blu ray player the true successor to dvd. And just take a look at the games i listed out and tell me are you looking for old outdated games or new ones

basically fable and gears 2.

season0073690d ago

xbox can rule summer, in the second hand market

tordavis3690d ago

@no pudding - "DLC: To your average Joe Bloggs, this means nothing, and even if it was stamped on the front people have been waiting for GTA4 on the PS3. It's a Playstation Brand."

You are a tool. GTA is NOT a playstation brand. It started on the PC. You are probably too young to know that. Nice excuse for buying the PS3 version. How about, "I own a PS3 so I'll buy that version."

@dareaver1 - I tried to give you bubbles but couldn't. You are the only reason to come to this site anymore because your 1 or 2 posts add balance to the tons of PS3 FUD I see here. I thank you once again!

wow4u3690d ago


Bubbles for you. I've found the exact same behaviour. Clearly the demographics on this website are a bit out of whack.

Personally, I think the reflexive anti-MSFT bias gives more people, more liberty.

Everything MSFT does -- for some small and vocal minority -- is just routinely savaged. We see that here with Xbox 360.

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Snufkin3690d ago

GTA4 is far more popular than Metal Gear 4.

Having the best version of GTA4 and the least expensive machine. Microsoft could easily dominate April-August in Europe.

rev203690d ago

That could of been the case, but ppl are still alot more wary of the 360 in europe due to the reliability issues.

sonarus3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

nope they won't. GTA4 may be more popular but some people seem to forget that GTA4 is MULTIPLATFORM. Msoft clings onto GTA4 like is an exclusive property just because they had to pay 50 million to secure 2 downloadable episodes than less than half the people who purchase GTA4 will end up buying. Some games can sell a console but not just one game. To the extreme hardcore fan one game can make them buy a console but even to the average hardcore gamer, not one game is enough to make you buy a console, you are constantly looking at other games for the system.

The big sellers this yr in the UK have been predicted to be GTA4, MGS4 and little big planet guess which console has all 3 of those games? The X360 has ALWAYS been cheaper than the ps3 in all markets. I think it was a 50 pound difference now they further cut the price down. So they were cheaper before and were outsold by over 100,000 each month, they are cheaper still and now you expect them to rule summer lol. Not even april but the whole summer. get your head out of the clouds

I want to be optimistic for msoft so yea i guess they could attract little kids with that 159 price point. Considering the 159 price is the weak model, most ppl won't be looking to buy. but nothing is certain. On a software side, mgs4 will rule june, maybe july but not the entire summer plus gta4 will have better long term sales

Lucreto3690d ago

Considering that most sites I checked the PS3 version of GTA are more preorders and most of my friends that have 360 are buying a PS3 when this game is coming out. The reason they are not getting the 360 version is Playstation is the home of GTA and they are used to the controller and that the extra content will not be worth it as they would have forgotten about the game when it is released.

Shadow Flare3690d ago

Who are the past GTA fans? PS2 gamers are the vast majority

So if they want GTA IV, they have the choice between:


-Cheaper console
-Having to be without ps2 hits like MGS, GT and FF
-A 33% failure rate


-Familiar controls
-Fantastic games they know and love coming 2008
-Backwards Compatibility

Also factor in that most people just think of PlayStation when they think of GTA so some may assume that would be the best platform for it and most people probably don't know about the episodic content...which is coming on 2009.

All in all, people will look at the other games coming out for the system they wish to buy and on that front (also considering GTA fans are ps2 fans) PS3 wins.

MiniMii3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

With the PS3 coming out on top on several technical points but with the 360 having slightly more DL content, which cost money.

Oh and the fanbase of GTA4 is not on the 360 but on PS3. its ridiculous for xbots to think that GTA4 360 is going to persuade these people to purchase a 360 over a PS3.

Rofl @ "superior version". A few missions of 10 minutes extra does not make a version "superior".

Kojima touches kids3690d ago

Remove Backwards Compatibility from that list.

Backwards Compatibility is dead in Europe. Any PS3 in Europe with BC is now a rare collectors edition PS3.

sonarus3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

Is 80gb gone from europe?
@lorenzo i don't know about owning a 360 then buying a ps3 for gta but gta is a playstation game. so regardless the bond exists. The real question is how much the price will factor in and if it can break this bond. sony def has things planned for gta launch and a price drop is probably in their agenda as well so msoft saying they COULD rule summer shows a lack of confidence i haven't seen in msoft for a long time

Kojima touches kids3690d ago

The 80GB PS3 was never and will never be released in Europe.

sonarus3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

sorry i meant 60gb? has this been removed. Important to note a new rumor, the new play station update apparently allows you to download ps2 titles to your hard drive. Though it is not as solid as full bckward compat, because it is limited to the games sony puts on the store but hey at least its an option for those with no bckward compat. realistically bckward compatibility, is just an excuse some gamers give to not buy ps3. i havn't played a ps2 game in over a yr. if you have that many ps2 titles you want to play, just hold on to your ps2

Kojima touches kids3690d ago

That story is fake. It is about backwards compatibility with FFXI, in which the HDD is mandatory.

The 60GB is gone from Europe. The 80GB never came to Europe. 40GB without BC is the only PS3 Europeans can buy.

NO_PUDding3690d ago

I have a collectors edition console!?


I am in UK, and have a 60gb console.... anyone want to buy? Rare console!! No? Good. It's mine.

sonarus3690d ago

lol no 60GB kind of sucks. However its not that bad next gen consoles are bought for nex games

Qbanboi3690d ago

You do know that the DLC for GTA4 360 doesn't come until the end of the year right? So... how is that the 360 could easily dominate april-August with just hype?

nitramn4g3690d ago

people keep saying gta4 is playstation brand, it will sell more, blabla... Look at devilMaycry 4, it sold enought on the 360 to justify Capcoms decision. gta4 will sell even more because it's part shooter.

wow4u3690d ago

Its a good thing that the heat-issues were resolved in the middle of last year.

The problems are behind them. New owners dont have problems.

But, it is clear that people (like you for instance) **WANT** them to believe otherwise.

Interesting isn't it.

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Truplaya3690d ago

niether will dominate, and if anything does it will be the Wii, as it has been.

Both the 360 and PS3 have some great games due out soon so we should all be grateful. MGS4, GTA4, Halo Wars, Vegas2, Just Cause, Saints Row2, Lef t4Dead, Haze. I'd say GTA4 will get the most sales out of those i mention.

We should all be happy

Shadow Flare3690d ago

pfffhaha ha ha ha

that was a good one. OK microsoft, HOW? With a price cut? Xbox 360 has always been cheaper then the ps3. Europe is not that interested in the xbox 360. And just a price cut won't be enough, you need some GAMES this year too.

To Europe (or any country) what is more attractive:

- An Xbox 360 with a slight price cut (and a 33% failure rate)


- A PS3 GT5/MGS4 bundle (with bluray)

mmmm, because it seems to me that games like Gran Turismo 5 Prologue and Metal Gear Solid 4 are the games that most people were waiting for to get a ps3. So the xbox 360 price cut will have very little effect sir.

lol, rule the summer

JasonPC360PS3Wii3690d ago

The 360 is already ruling 08, your "supposed" year (here we are halfway through March). For the past two years it's been "wait" for MGS4, well... still not here yet and in that time 360 is stomping the PS3 on games. With the ever expanding 2008 line up on the 360, 2008 wen't from the year of the PS3, back to another year of the 360.

Opps sorry, I left some truth in the floor, let me get that for you.

sleepyk3690d ago

this is still the year of the ps3 and ps3 has been outselling 360 worldwide for the past 3 months this year.

the 2008 s line-up isn't that amusing

Geow2, NG2, Alan Wake, Halo Wars? Still unproven, especially Alan Wake?

Plus, PS3 already outsold 360 in 2007 so what 360 exclusives in 2008 are gonia shine beside GeoW2? That's it. Nothing else. A price cut can not change that. the ps3 is still outselling the 360 when if it is cheaper. Games on ps3 are doing better worldwide like DMC4 ps3 is 970000 while the 360 is 930000.

That's real truth

Phil Harrison Mk43690d ago

PS3 has got these BIG games -
so i think SONY's PS3 will rule;)
If not, by xMas this year it will im sure

sonarus3690d ago

you forget LBP. the three predicted biggest sellers in the UK for the yr are LBP, MGS4, GTA4. Which platform has all 3?