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Sales Drop for the Wii U: Is the Price Tag Too High?

GotGame: As the first of the three major gaming companies to release their next generation console, Nintendo doesn’t seem to be getting as big a pay off as they were expecting. While having a decent sales upon the initial release, sales for Nintendo’s new baby have dropped into the 50,000s over the past few months. (Wii U)

MultiConsoleGamer  +   965d ago
More doom and gloom hit grabbing from armchair analysts.
Moncole  +   965d ago
And when the PS4 releases it will get the same doom and gloom articles.
showtimefolks  +   965d ago
It need game, price is fine but it needs software support

My only thing is the money went to gamepad could have gone towards improving the actual specs of the console.

I don't see wiiu being able to sell neck to neck with ps4 or next Xbox but I also don't see it failing. Lifetime sales IMO will be about 50-60 million which is success. But if success means selling as much as wii than yes it's failure but than ps3 is failure too since it didn't sell as well as ps2

I feel like sometimes people put too much into sale numbers alone. With ms all kinect and smart glass along with apps I feel like this gen for me it will be ps4 and wiiu since I care about exclusive software. Days of 3rd party exclusives are over so most 3rd party games will be on all next gen systems so to differentiate we need exclusives
Starfox-17  +   965d ago
The WiiU is way too cheap its got expensive tech and that amazing gamepad that has basically been my gadget of choice in my house for browsing and Netflix super HD ect.
3-4-5  +   964d ago
price is perfect...just needs more games.

gotgame is a joke
PopRocks359  +   965d ago
Evidently the price is not an issue. The 360 initially launched at $400 (the best package for it anyway) and it sold well enough. I think only the PS3 has seen what it's like to launch at a price that's far too high.

Presently the Wii U's largest issues are marketing and its library. I really wish these "journalists" would stop trying to make it into something else.
LOL_WUT  +   965d ago
It is too high, quit lying to yourself. If only Nintendo would drop the price of the Wii U, only then would they see the benefits of it in no time. ;)
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deafdani  +   965d ago
Nope, the price is just fine. Neither expensive, nor cheap, just right.

Of course a price cut could help the console, but in the end it won't matter if it doesn't have the game library to back it up. So, games > cheap price.
truechainz  +   965d ago
He's not lying to himself. Retailers have made price drops and we have only seen sales go up in the weeks where games are being released. Most things would probably sell better if it were cheaper, but in the long run doing a price drop right now would be pretty foolish for Nintendo in other important areas of business. If they do it they need to time it so it won't hurt them and that time definitely isn't now.
PopRocks359  +   965d ago
Why did a retailer price drop do nothing to boost the sales then? Your theory is shot out of the water. No one will buy even a cheap console if they 1) have no awareness of it and/or 2) there are no games that interest them on the platform.
dirthurts  +   965d ago
Obviously the price is too high, as people aren't buying it. I want one, but not paying that.
400 bucks for a 360 was worth it, as it was the fastest machine out there, by a large margin.
The Wii U is about the same speed as the 360/PS3, and it has no games.
People aren't stupid. It's too much.
I'd pay 149, tops.
dungeonboss  +   965d ago
You're comparing the Nintendo console that is going to be sitting on shelves for the next 6 years to consoles that are in the bargain bin because they are no longer going to be supported as of this holiday.

When the PS4 and 720 launch, the Wii U will be positioned as the least expensive option and will also have had a year's worth of games.
Minato-Namikaze  +   965d ago
Ps3 seems to have plenty of support to me, or are you seeing something different than i am?
dungeonboss  +   965d ago

Who are more likely to buy a PS4 on launch day? The 55,000 who supported PS3 at launch, or the millions that just bought one within the past 12 months now that they are cheap?
jakmckratos  +   965d ago
It's not too high I think...of course a cheaper price would sweeten the deal but their lack of software is brutally crippling their early growth. Once they show off Zelda U, Mario 3D U(Please be an action RPG!) and Smash Bros people will absolutely start buying the system. HAND OVER FIST. And this is coming from a fervent Sony fanboy.

Look at their 3DS titles! THey were sucking for a year too! But then they had Starfox and OoT remakes, Mario Kart, Mario 3D land(which def wasnt the best game ever but) ,Kid Icarus, Paper Mario, New Super Mario Bros. , KH 3D, Fire EMblem and now Luigi's mansion. And before the end of this year 3DS is getting a brand new pokemon, Animal Crossing and Mario and Luigi dream team!

The point Im trying to make is Nintendo knows how to make excellent titles but for one reason or another it takes about a year and a half for them to start pouring them out. THey realize their core fans are how they're gonna make money this gen and they are catering to that. I don't think it'll be too long before we see metroid,kirby, DOnkey Kong and Star Fox all resurrected on the Wii U and everyone STFU and plays great games
jakmckratos  +   965d ago
why the disagrees? Not flaming just wondering..you DONT think the Wii U just needs better software?
PopRocks359  +   965d ago
Probably because your comment was far too logical. You're not the only Sony fan I know who actually really likes the Wii U and consistently compares it to other platforms like the 3DS when "doom and gloom" are part of the discussion. One of my best friends is a huge Sony fan and loves his Wii U very much.

Scroll up and you'll see some people vehemently believe a price drop is absolutely essential to this platform's success despite two weeks of retailer price drops which had no impact whatsoever, let alone a lasting one.

The Wii U's sales picked up in Japan post the release of both Dragon Quest and Monster Hunter and as far as I know, price drops did not play a factor in that.

EDIT: Should have mentioned that I agreed with your comment.

Also, it's not like I don't believe a price drop could be helpful. But a couple of the commenters here are so fixated on the matter they make it seem like it's as significant as a price drop will be the magic bullet for the system which has already proven itself completely untrue.
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Jek_Porkins  +   965d ago
It needs games, but I do think it'll get a price drop when the next Xbox and PlayStation release.

Wii U will probably have a $250 and $299 SKU.
Xbox 720 probably $299 and $399 SKU
PS4 probably one around $400, maybe $450
Minato-Namikaze  +   965d ago
IMO no way does sony launch at a higher price than MS this time. Whatever MS announces their price to be Sony will match that. Also i'd rather a console have one sku with all the same things. I hated the dual sku model they had this gen
Jek_Porkins  +   965d ago
I don't believe rumors, but Microsoft had official documents listing one SKU for $299, I doubt Sony would be able to match that with a SKU of their own.

I liked the different SKU's this generation because it allowed more people to jump into next gen gaming without having $600 to spend up front. I still think Microsoft will have one SKU at $400, pretty much what Sony will probably have one at, but Sony has already gone on record saying they are never cheapest.

I wouldn't count out Microsoft offing the next Xbox in a subsidized package like they did with the 360, say $150 down and just sign a contract for Xbox Live for two years. That would allow a lot of people to get into next gen gaming a lot sooner in my opinion.
Minato-Namikaze  +   965d ago
If they launch at 299 then i doubt the 360 will match the ps4's specs ( i'm assuming the ps4 will launch around 400/450).

I hate that subsidised package, i for one would rather pay up front full cost for a console rather than get hit with hidden fees while i have it (I'd rather have my phone subsidised for some reason though).
Jek_Porkins  +   965d ago
I think the PS4 and Xbox 720 will be pretty similar where power is concerned. Microsoft will probably launch an arcade version like they did with the 360, it will be cheaper.

You might hate a subsidized console, but a lot of people would eat it up. Not everyone has $500-$600 to drop on a new console, this allows them to pay as they go and even though it might end up costing a bit more, the fact that it's spaced out really makes it easier to handle, especially if you are already an Xbox Live Gold member or plan to be.

Nobody forces you personally to do that, but as an option it's pure genius.
Captain Qwark 9  +   965d ago
i dont think marketing, price, or a lack of games is the issue. im almost certain its because the wii soured people on nintendo. most people i know who bought one, including myself, never used it and regretted their purchase. then the wii u drops with a name that is virtually the same so now everyone is like "why would i buy an updated wii? i never used mine"

the wii had some really great titles but the system itself is trash. outdated the day it released and lacking in many features compared to the 360/ps3. you bring bad hardware to a market you tarnish your name. you tarnish your name, its going to take a lot of time and effort to fix that, if you can.
Xer0_SiN  +   965d ago
you could make it buy one get one free and it would still be high. the price is always gonna be high if there are no games. and dont even start preaching of that shit sandwich you called launch titles.
ylwzx3  +   965d ago
I like how everyone feels so confident the xbox and ps4 will sell zillions immediately
Dark5tar1  +   965d ago
The Wii U just needs a better software library, although there are some games that are already tempting me to pony up for a console. Nintendo needs to bring their A game at E3.
Magnus  +   965d ago
The price of the Wii-U might drop when the PS4 and Xbox 720 hit the market and are both sitting on store shelves. Right now what the console needs is a decent library of games. Some big titles and a little bit of shovelware to hit the console. I mean two big titles like BioShock Infinite and Tomb Raider have skipped the console. I enjoy my Wii-U I played the hell out of Zombie-U just need more games.
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