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Xbox 720 To Be Similar To PS4 Says Ubisoft

The Xbox 720 will be 'aligned with what Sony announced' according to a senior developer at Ubisoft. (PS4, Ubisoft, Xbox One)

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gtxgamer2  +   726d ago
If that's the case, then it's all gonna be about exclusive games, software, etc.
GraveLord  +   726d ago
He's not talking about specs. From what we know PS4 still has the spec advantage and its unlikely to change this close to release.

It's always been about exclusive games though. The next XBox could be weak as hell but people will still buy it because its the only place to play Halo.
supraking951  +   726d ago
lol only place to play Halo, Halo is dead. Not the big game that it once was. MS needs something new
Gildarts  +   726d ago | Well said
"From what we know PS4 still has the spec advantage and its unlikely to change this close to release. "

And you know this how? Because of some rumours?

They also said that the ps4 was going to block used games. Yet no such thing is on PS4.
dcbronco  +   726d ago | Well said

I would love to be the developer of a dead game that has sold 8 million copies in less than six months. What exactly is an alive game to you.
Godz Kastro  +   726d ago
@supraking951... Dead to who? you? If anything 343 has brought the franchise back to the forefront. Halo 4 is awesome on both MP and SP. You made a super subjective comment as is mine but I have numbers to back it up. As mentioned, 8 Mil units sold as an exclusive game is nothing to scoff at. Have any of the Sony franchises even reached that many sales?

Im not picking a fight here just want you to back up what you say.
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Gaming_Guru  +   726d ago
For the people responding to "halo is dead" I think the person means in terms of gameplay. Yes Halo is popular, but once you have played one you know how to play them all; same weapons, same guns, but with different skins. The same people jumping with one ton spartans while shooting still happens.

The last Halo, finally upgraded the graphics, but I find that one to be the buggiest game of them all. Halo is like the pretty girl in school, but knows nothing. The game is still good, I still play, it just doesn't change much.
mp1289  +   726d ago
Mandatory kinect won't help with the pricing
southernbanana  +   726d ago
What delusional world do you live in anyway??
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blackmagic  +   726d ago
The first comment was marked as trolling so I can't reply there.

In response to 'thechosenone' saying that Sony was first to market and MS and Nintendo copied Sony's Eyetoy (first conceived in 1999, launched in 2003)

NaturalPoint started development of head tracking technology 'TrackIR' in 1997.

TrackIR was released in 2001 and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 (October 2001 launch) was the first game to use it, almost two years before Sony's Eyetoy even launched.
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whoyouwit04  +   726d ago
"He's not talking about specs. From what we know PS4 still has the spec advantage and its unlikely to change this close to release."

That's what you think you know, know one has any idea what the specs for 720 are, so how can you say the PS4 has the advantage? And what makes you think he is not talking about specs.
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_-EDMIX-_  +   726d ago

"They also said that the ps4 was going to block used games. Yet no such thing is on PS4"

?? Whom? To my understanding, no leak from Edge or VGleaks etc said a word about PS4 blocking used games. The rumor with Sony and blocking used games is not LINKED to PS4, it was a rumor of Sony getting a patent for something that ID'ed the disk and tagged it to the system.

Though this patent did happen, it was never in the leaks with PS4.

MS and 720 blocking used games has EVERYTHING to do with the Edge and Vgleaks, So even before PS4 was announced most knew it wouldn't block used games because the leaks didn't say a thing about it.

Every 720 leak has confirmed this DRM and blocking of used games. Its very much NOT the same thing.

The same sources that leaked PS4 said nothing about it blocking used games in those leaks, those SAME sources are saying 720 will block used games and have always online DRM.

I'm sorry, but the more MS fans keep throwing in the whole "rumor" BS is actually really starting to show JUST haw terrirfied they are that this is actually true.

Look at it this way, none those sites where wrong about PS4, Wii U, PSV back when they leaked it as its code name NGP (mind you, a lot of people where calling BS on it having OLED touch, rear touch etc)....all 100% down to the last spec true.

So......720 is somehow not part of that? So everyone in the game industry are just lying about 720 and its a HUGE conspiracy? LOL! I've said it before and I'll say it again....no system has been announced under sire secrecy.

We will know everything about 720 before its announced and I'm sorry MS fans, it doesn't sound good.
pete007  +   726d ago
spec advantage only against wiiu at this moment,does xbox have a past known for its weaknesses or inferior hardware? even 360 is on par with the supercomputer, so, im forced to believe that well have a BOMB real soon.
we are Lucky to have halo to play even with a supposed weak hardware, as opposed to you who need a supercomputer to run killzone, jak Dexter, spyro,and on and on
fr0sty  +   726d ago
Assuming our spec leaks have been true (which held up for PS4, so we gotta give them some credit), it would be very difficult for Microsoft to make any real changes to the architecture this close to launch from a design and engineering point of view. You must consider that even changing the type of RAM from DDR3 to GDDR5 requires designing a completely different RAM controller for the system, then you've still got the EDRAM to worry about (do you keep it and rack up massive system costs, or do you ditch it in favor of the GDDR5, but have to redesign your APU to do without it?). IF they beefed up the GPU, it'd be the same thing to deal with. They then have to take this higher performing GPU that also emits more heat as a result and test it alongside all the other components in the system for overheating, among other things. This doesn't even touch on the developers who have been coding games for this machine for the past 2 years or so not having a clue what changes are being made, which could hurt the development process of a lot of key launch titles (especially if the change is a big one, and requires them to retool things on the software end). Even a tiny change can have big consequences, and every single one of them has to go through rigorous quality control tests before it will be ready for market (don't want a repeat of RROD).

This is why it's not as easy as Microsoft saying "Sony has this, so now we want that." this close to their supposed launch. Delays could happen anywhere in the pipeline from both hardware to software development as a result, and launching much later than PS4 would not be a wise move for Microsoft. They want to be out by the holiday season as well.
Kennytaur  +   726d ago
Remember the PS4 vs Titan chart? 720 was pegged as well, a bit below PS4. I'm fully expecting it to be slightly less powerful as there has been no rumours otherwise. The rumours were very much spot on for the PS4, so...
ichimaru  +   726d ago
why does it seem to bother you that the 720 will likely have specs similar to the ps4. do you have to"feel" confident that Sony's is more powerful. if anything this benefits all facets, no one is left feeling they have a weaker product.
Controversy  +   726d ago
If similarity in the overall architecture comes as a surprise to anyone reading this, you are drastically uninformed. Years of game-making have shown programmers what works, what is easy to use, and what isn't. Similar architecture shouldn't just be expected, it should be demanded by both game devs and gamers alike.

We want our games to be the best. Period.
hazardman  +   726d ago
@superfake... Halo 4 is a very good game. Also almost 8mil sold id say people still think highly of the franchise. Halo 4 looks great on Xbox 360. I could only imagine what its gonna be like on X720!
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BattleAxe  +   726d ago
Microsoft's E3 conference:

"Our console is very similar to the PS4"
MakiManPR  +   725d ago
The Wii U is the only place to play Mario, Zelda, etc and its not selling that well...
Syntax-Error  +   725d ago
NO PS EXCLUSIVE EVER EVER EVER has surpassed Halo's numbers. EVER! Even Halo 4 destroyed ANY PS3 exclusive. If you combine all the PS3 exclusives against Gears and Halo numbers you will see that you are bigger moron than what we all can already see. Gears and Halo alone have outsold all PS3 exclusives combined(50M)
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grimmweisse  +   725d ago
@Syntax-Error, seriously! You couldn't be more misinformed. Firstly Gears is hardly an exclusive if 1 and 2 were released on the pc.

And as for that 50 million mark, you really didn't count that much did you. All PS3 exclusives sold easily go over the 75 million mark.
steve30x  +   725d ago
Oh don't contradict GraveLord or he won't be long PM'ing you telling you how wrong you are. I had to block him because he wouldn't leave me alone.
_QQ_  +   726d ago
people with an xbox will probably buy a nextbox because their XBL friend list.
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Minato-Namikaze  +   726d ago
New generations dont follow that rule. Its always the best time for a company to steal away some consumers from a differnt company. I know at least 3 friends (in the real world) that are switching to PS next gen. They probably wont ever buy a PS3 but will switch because of a couple different factors, including free online, games, and some of my influence, lol.
MetalProxy  +   726d ago
probably true! and its the exact reason I will be sticking with my PSN friends and will get a PS4. Had maybe 5 friends on my xbox :/ and they where rarley on to play. Lots of cricket and frog sounds when I used my xbox :(.
_QQ_  +   726d ago
yeah most educated gamers won't do this, but i'm talking about the guys who only play madden and COD, they will probably stick with what their friends have.After all, they are a big part of the market too now.
rainslacker  +   726d ago
This is actually the first gen where we really have that issue to contend with. The original Xbox didn't have a large enough install base to really judge if people would care that much about maintaining their online identity into a new gen. Now with all systems having that infrastructure, we will see how much people really care about such things.

It can be hard to move onto a new social network, because you have to give up everything you built before, and it means possibly not being able to play with people you like to play with. In other forms of social media it means when one becomes dominant, newer better ones have problems getting a foothold because people just don't want to change. Even MMO's are hard to give up because of the networks that people create.

All that being said, I believe that being able to play the games you want is more important, but one should never discount the power of a social media in building brand loyalty. It directly ties the quality of the device to the quality of the service in many people's minds
Godz Kastro  +   726d ago
Totally agree. I have said in the past things have changed. Its not like it used to be where you would buy a console based on games alone. There is a lot to think of now.

Mr Lopez has brought my main reason to the forefront. I have 100 friends on my list. People who I have come to know over the years. I actually consider them good friends as we interact not only on games but our personal lives. I will buy the console solely on that alone.
dcbronco  +   726d ago
Many people that are talking about switching are basing it on rumors and the fact that MS hasn't announced anything. I would refer to them as making an educated choice. I understand many don't want to par for online gaming, but they need to realize Sony didn't make PSN+ for fun. It is a slow walk to a more reasonable business position. Three fifty a month is not a lot for what the companies spend to maintain and defend a network.

The perception that the PS4 is m,ore powerful is a terrible reason. If they waited for actual releases to decide that would make sense to a point. But even then, most games will be multi-platform. And the educated gamer knows that multi-platform games are designed to work on the weaker machine and will therefore hold back the other machine if there was a significant difference.

The funniest thing about all of the rumors is that all of the Xbox leaks have shown dual GPUs. Coupled with the rumors of which GPU will be used, the 720 actually sounds like the more powerful machine. But on multi-plats it won't matter as much. It's odd that none of the rumors that favor the 720 are given an weight. One of which we know came from within Microsoft. So you have to wonder about the people pushing the idea of the PS4 being more powerful and the agenda they are working.
hazardman  +   726d ago
@metalpreppy, you must be anti social, have your mic on mute or silver and have never gamed online on xbox live. Crickets..crickets....I wish I heard crickets on xbl once in awhile dude with all the shit talking that goes on. I'm talking almost any good multiplayer. What games are you playing btw?

I have about 18 friends mostly old school buddies and family and even when there not on. There's millions of other gamers to play with......

I went thru same thing on PS3 but then I figured people just didn't have the extra $$ for the bluetooth. As most Xbox sans arcade/4gb came with headset.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   726d ago
If that's the case, then it's all gonna be about exclusive games, software.

Like I've been saying ever since the next gen Xbox rumors started.

Hmm, disagrees huh. well, you have to be pretty dumb if you think MS won't have AAA core exclusive games, lined up and ready to be announced when MS announces their console.

I can't believe N4G will be "Shocked" when MS reveals games. Well damn it is a gaming console smart ones...
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3-4-5  +   726d ago
More exclusives would be nice. I've never cared about them much but thinking back on it.

SNES/ Genesis has tons of exclusives...

PS1 / N64 tons of exclusives.

When you start putting games on every console, they have to conform and lose their uniqueness.
Jazz4108  +   726d ago
Sad day for gaming.
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brave27heart  +   725d ago
Erm...how so?

If both consoles are similar multiplatformgames should be just a good as each other. Thats a good point, no shoddy ports. And just because they're similar doesnt mean they wont have differences, like which market they're trying to appeal to, design philosophy and services provided.
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Saigon  +   725d ago
Its not a sad day for gaming. I think what is sad that most people seem to not read the article and take the verbiage from the title as what the article was referring to. Granted, rumors already released saying that each system will be similar in spec, with a slight advantage to the PS4 but this article was more in reference to the social features and aspect that will be presented in the Next Generation systems.
turgore  +   726d ago
Then whats the point of there being two almost identical consoles on the market ?
hazardman  +   726d ago
As identical as Arnold and Danny in Twins!!
joab777  +   726d ago
It will be similar to this gen with ps4 being more powerful. MS doesn't care b/c they know that most games will be nearly the same. PS has invested heavily in 1st party titles and that's great for us but MS knows they have a huge base of gamers and if the pricepoint is right, they know everyone will buy one eventually if they can offer a better entertainment experience. This is their focus just like this gen, to make the entertainment experience the best one out there.

Also, they hav no other choice. The PC is dying and they sell OS' s and Office software. They need to get out in front of tech evolution and they want to provide the PC experience on ur television. Lucky for them apple and google hav failed with their TV boxes so MS has a great opportunity. Now, they will not abandoned games but look for more f2p and mmo's coming...its all about revenue.
scissor_runner  +   726d ago
Look at all those console developers closing... Yep pc gaming is dead.
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first1NFANTRY   726d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
GiggMan  +   726d ago
Can't wait until the speculation is over with...
Why o why  +   726d ago
Totally agree. A lot of loose lips from every angle...lets just wait and see
Nucler100  +   726d ago
Man a lot of 720 news has been coming out recently. I hope we get a reveal soon
sak500  +   726d ago
LOL true but all from different mouths. We need to hear directly from horse's mouth ;)
Erudito87   726d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
MultiConsoleGamer  +   726d ago
Tons of bitter grapes here in the comment section.

The HD twins will be so similar the difference will be negligible.

It will all come down to brand power and exclusives. Xbox LIVE and PSN+ will also be a major factor.
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torchic  +   726d ago
I agree about the ridiculousness of the comments here. such bitter people.

but the nice man from Ubisoft wasn't talking about specs, but more about features, connectivity, wider appeal etc.
I think there will be a genuine difference in power this gen.
fei-hung  +   726d ago
Some of the comments are not about bitter grapes, it is about what has been said and what people have taken from it.

He told Eurogamer: "It's going to be connected. It's going to be social. It's going to be immersive. It's going to be interactive."

This is how they will be similar. This is the quote used to justify the headline. This has nothing to do with specs or type of gaming. All it says is that it will have similar features to what has been announced on the PS4.

Power may be negligible, but we wont know for sure until E3.
Sideras  +   726d ago
Doesn't really matter one way or another. If MS goes with blocking used games they are essentially fucked, but let's assume they aren't and the rumors about their slightly inferior specs are true. That won't matter when it comes to third party games, they will still look pretty much the same on both platforms.
So I'd agree, it comes down to exclusives and services.
clintagious650  +   726d ago
Im telling u its not going to be a big gap technology wise. I think it will be a ps3/360 like difference. What will set them apart is exclusives & we already see how thats turning out.

Edit: E3 should really tell us where ms is heading.
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paydayp  +   726d ago
i too think there isnt going to be much difference tech wise.
but your implying that the 360 isnt having much exclusives.
im not saying it not true but at the start at this generation microsoft did alot of securing lots of different kinds of exclusives and even special deals with japanese developers to try and break trough there.
and i think that makes alot of sense to do in the beginning years of a generation and to take less risk at the end and just make what sells for certain.
even the publishers like ea ubisoft ect. did start new IP´s at the start of this gen a did make it lesser and lesser frequent in the years after.
i think microsoft has somethings up there sleeve for somewhile now and i hope for a lot of new annoucements coming E3.
only when i know what they both have planned (sony and microsoft) only then will i make my decision to which next gen console i want to buy.
just dont put microsoft down yet just because the last 2 years they didn´t put out any notable exclusives.
i think they will comeback with a bang just because it is the smartess business decision.
Godz Kastro  +   726d ago
You know people always amp Sony up for exclusives but they really dont sell that well. What games are Sony owners buying? Multi plat? Xbox ate half of Sony's market this gen with way fewer exclusives.

Sony needs to put out less games with more quality and market the hell out of them like MS does.
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BlackTar187  +   726d ago
GODZ stay on xbox and keep you how many did they sell mindset in the xbox community please. Outside of halo and gears what set the world on fire sales wise anyways on xbox?

I am so sick of people calling them self gamers then going back to sales line. WHo in their right mind would want sony to make less games and add more marketing? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?
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loulou  +   726d ago

the trouble is, everyone on n4g goes on about exclusives are what people want and are what made the ps3 overtake the 360 with a year less on the market.

but in reality, these exclusive what apparently everyone wants dont really sell... strange really.

now i know sales dont equal quality, but they certainly equal popularity! and it would seem that these so called best of the best because they are sony exclusives are not that popular in the real world.

only in n4gs twisted warped reality are they without equal
BlackTar187  +   726d ago
Hi Loulou

Thanks for the response. http://ps3.mmgn.com/Article...

this site shows the avg is less then 1 million nits per game.

Now this list also shows the only real games that actually get great #'s are like 3 franchises on the 360. So i knwo those 3 sell well but outside of those the avg exclusive game is on par over both systems.

Why do only 3 franchises sell up to the standard you set to measure Ps3 sales at ? Are you saying that outside of the 3 franchises they put out every year every xbox game doesn't sell? Why is that?

Also shows that the uncharted series sells on par or more then the gears series,Fable series, and forza series( I know differnt genre) really only halo sells more for the xbox brand. So i think this fallacy that ps games don't sell is just that.

Also if you include GT prologue those 2 games sold more then all the forzas combined.

Takes these number with a grain of salt i did not fact check them completely just wanted to paint a very general picture to the ps3 don't sell nonsense people refuse to let go.
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Objective  +   726d ago
Yep Sony exclusives are the most overrated thing on N4G. In reality, these exclusives only matter to the handful of fanboys who want to boast about exclusives that they don't necessarily even play, whereas multiplatform games are by far the dominant movers of the market. Truth is, only a few exclusives for each console really mattered. The other exclusives were drowned out in the sea of multiplatform games.
BlackTar187  +   726d ago
Here ill fix it for you.

They only matter to people who call themselves gamers and want to play as many different VG experience as they can.

Anyone who downplays exclusive is pretty lacking in regards to calling them self a gamer IMO. I play as many games as i can on every platform PC included.

No movie enthusiast would say this no car enthusiast would say this basically most people who consider themselves a connoisseur of their hobbies would never say this.
Objective  +   726d ago
Doesn't sound to me like you are discerning as a a connoisseur would be, more like a glut who needs to feast upon as much as possible.

No one is saying exclusives are a bad thing. I am however saying that within the vast offerings of good multiplatform games, the value attached to exclusives by fanboys is overrated.
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dcbronco  +   725d ago

Get used to the sales line. Zipper was closed because it failed to move copies. Sony is starting to be run like a business again. That means sales matter. Not everyone likes every game or every kind of game. To say you have to like exclusives is plain crazy. Not all exclusives are worth your time. The sales often make that clear.

So if people want to argue that they matter so much. Buy them. Most exclusives don't sell world shattering numbers. An exclusives that is popular among hardcore gamers is not a huge deal. When it penetrates the mainstream, it has become something. And those games that hit the mainstream are the ones that sell systems.

There are people that play Mario, Halo or Zelda. Or Gran Turismo or GTA. That don't play much else. Those would be exclusives that matter. No one is buying a $400 system to play inFamous or Perfect Dark. I'm sure Microsoft , Sony and Nintendo will tell you that is their goal. Not satisfying a few fanboys or even the core.

It's about business, not appeasing a handful of people.
showtimefolks  +   726d ago
let's see for me time is a huge issue so i am a one console gamer, and been a Playstation fan since day one. What sony showed in February has me interested, i could careless about smartglass,kinect2 or any other Apps to me what matters most are the games

days of 3rd party exclusives are over, so every 3rd party game will be on all next gen consoles and most likely PC too.

and improved and still free psn compared to a xblive wihch will be a paid service, this is what i don't understand if sony is offering the same and in some cases more features for psn for free why will people pay for a paid xblive service that offer same features?

at E3 i want both sony and MS to talk about casuals for n more than 15 minutes, resat of the time should be about PS4 and xbox720, we want to see games,games,games and when you think we couldn't want more games show us more games
edonus  +   726d ago
I'm in the same boat but on the opposite end of the spectrum.

I dont have lots of time to play as much as I would like. I have always liked MS, from the first xbox and through the 360. I love Kinect so I expect even greater things from kinect 2, I love functionality and technology so the apps and expanded uses for the nextbox (next gen consoles in general).

To your question of why people would stay with XBL when Ps3 offers something/better for free. Truth is its called positioning, MS positioned themselves to be able to do this. They came out first and had a superior and solid structure. At the time paying was the norm on a console, (Sony and Nintendo only went free because they were completely slaughtered but that neither here nor there). So we established our profiles and content early, and even though the others started coming out free XBL was/is good enough of a service to where paying what they ask isnt really and issue. I could see if it was $10-$20 a month. Its cheap enough to where I dont really care. For the first 4-5 years it was a no brainer XBL was leaps and bounds ahead of the Psn, Sony tightened up. But still it boils down to the price of a cup of good coffee a month, I would pay that to stay in my Halo and Gears community. This time around who knows we dont know the features the games or the services. $5 a month isnt that big of a deal.

Next gen lets see what they offer. The price of online srvice is a factor but not the biggest factor.
showtimefolks  +   726d ago
That's what makes us different you like apps and kinect and I like core titles so something for everyone. I think with ps4 ms will loose a lot of its xblive business, 1st of all if they show most of kinect and apps instead of games that will turn off many gamers

I think this time Sony showing their systems 1st has really put MS in a tough position, I think MS thought Sony wouldn't talk about next PS till E3. Now Sony has a lot of momentum

Also remember a full year ahead start couldn't stop ps3 from overtaking Xbox 360 so now coming at the same time will have major concerns for MS. This time competition will be a lot more stiff now with wiiu also a HD Nintendo home console

E3 should be a lot of fun can't wait

If its like last 3E3's where it's all kinect than I believe ms will be making a huge mistake, for as well as xbox360 did lets not forget the huge mistakes along the way with RROD and a year ahead start, so it's gonna be about quality product

With KAZ leafing I can see the old Sony during the times of ps1-2, they are more focused, they see the mistakes that made with PS3.

E3 should be all about games and that's gonna be fun

Fallout 4 on next gen systems
What ND are working on
A new proper ratchet and clank game for PS4
343 studios next game
Will epic continue gears of war and as exclusive?
New crackdown game done properly
Maybe a new Alan wake game
RockStar games are working on few new IPs will we see them anytime soon
EA has many New IPs in development

At this e3 I think there will be just as many new IPs as sequels or prequels
loulou  +   726d ago
alot of wishful thinking there showtime.

perhaps you could explain why you now think m$ are in a tight spot because sony showed their system first? nearly every major dev has most probably been working hard on games for the ps4 and nextbox since last year.

this full year head start is nothing but fanboy chest thumping. by the time the 360 launched, sony had sold 100m more ps2s than xboxes. NO ONE expected sony to take 6 yrs to catch up, everyone thought that 18 months to 2 yrs would be ample time for sony to stomp the 360.

reading your post it's like a silent prayer to all the gods that m$ crashes and burns... lol

personally, i think m$ are going to sony an even rougher generation this time. time will tell, but alot of the fanboys that dwell on n4g are going to be diappointed from e3 until the end of the ps4 bextbox generation.

keep praying though
cyclindk  +   726d ago
Ultra generalized response...

Here's one:

Microsoft's console will be made in a factory, have an operating system, be made of plastic, play video games and cost monies...
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Reborn  +   726d ago
How does he say they'll be similar? He just basically said what everyone should expect. Social, Connection, interactive etc. Hasn't MS been hinting at that direction even with 360?

Well, interests is still on for MS announcement. Hopefully, they end all rumours soon.
DeadlyFire  +   725d ago
I believe. Social(Facebook integration), connected(Share X720 videos!), Interactive(Act like a bird and angry birds will pop up. Thanks to Kinect 2.0)

Hardware wise PS4 will be superior. Sony still hasn't spilled all of their beans just yet. I expect April/May/June all out war of words between the two while Nintendo just shows up at E3 with a big third party title coming to the WiiU.

X720 could still be a great system. It will have more power than WiiU. That is a given. All three consoles can utilize PC assets in many cases.

Games will look impressive on both systems when they do show up. Way beyond PS3/X360. The typical upgrade for specs was 2.5 times the GPU power. X720 and PS4 are getting at least 3.4-4.5 times the GPU power from last gen to this one. That's just the GPU. CPU has millions of advantages on x86 as well since 95% of software is compatible with x86 its the home of everything.
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MariaHelFutura  +   726d ago
Not surprising. Having a massive gap between two consoles is bad for everyone anyway. More arguing and less games, no thanks.
KentBlake  +   726d ago
Oops. Double post.
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KentBlake  +   726d ago
I hope they are similar. It's good for everyone.

If your console is the weakest, you get poor ports, or no ports at all.
If your console is the strongest, it gets held back by the weaker console, and all multiplat games suffer.
mrmancs   726d ago | Trolling | show
sengoku  +   726d ago
they will have about the same cpu/gpu power..
it wont make to much difference so i'm happy with that.
for me it's still going to be the PS4 i'll let you guy's guess why..
mochachino  +   726d ago
If MS charges for basic online MP again and PS4 doesn't, it a no brainier for me, PS4 all the way.

If they both charge for basic online MP I'm not sure which one although PS4s likely added power would probably win me over.
Godz Kastro  +   726d ago
If Sony doesnt charge they have less capitol to invest in their online infrastructure and services. THere are a lot of missing components in Sonys free model. Id prefer to pay my 11 cents per day for xbox, hell I find that on the ground most days.

In case you are judging my math. I have paid $40 for xbox the last three years. 40 / 12 / 30 + .11
mochachino  +   726d ago
I see it differently, It's $5-$60 more per game depending on how many games a year you buy.

Just one = 60 plus the price of the game.
6 games = 10 added on to each game.

Maybe it's different in Canada but it's rare that Live goes on sale and finding it through Craigslist/Kijjiji and meeting up with some stranger is a total hassle and often a matter of luck.

For me, it comes down to whether I should buy this brand new AAA game or pay to access the MP on games I already have, choosing the latter always seems foolish.

To quote the joker though, "It's not about the money..." For me it's the principle. I don't want to support those gouging business practices.
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thebudgetgamer  +   726d ago
Ubisoft says a lot of things that turn out to be bs.

I'm sure they will be close in terms of power, I just never believe what they say anymore.
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Belking  +   726d ago
I'm sure this will upset some people dead set on PS4 being better. These consoles will be about the same, get over it people.
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specialguest  +   726d ago
There will be no "da CELL" to claim magical hidden powers not possible on the rival console this time. Like you stated, both consoles will be the same.
sourav93  +   726d ago
You're forgetting " da 8GB GDDR5 RAM" ... Lol
ichimaru  +   726d ago
uggh. I hated hearing that. thw worst was that most people couldn't even explain what the cell did, or how it operated
in house cpu, always dicey. Sony's got a knockout powerhouse now thouh
Jek_Porkins  +   726d ago
Not sure if anyone really expected a huge difference in the first place, but I'm glad we are starting to hear a bit more from developers about the next Xbox. It's weird because they literally aren't legally allowed to say much at all, but it is nice to hear it exists.

One of the bigger stories to me, was when the Gamestop executive says they are working with Microsoft and the next Xbox will be compelling and things like that, which means to me that Microsoft isn't blocking used games at all, and it was something I kind of already figured, especially since Microsoft doesn't even release digital copies of games the same day as they release at retail, I think Microsoft understands the need for retail and has built great partnerships with them.

Man, it's been tough waiting out legit news on the next Xbox, but the time is almost upon us.
BLow  +   726d ago
So since some of you claim that Sony copies everything, when MS reveals the Xbox and it does some of the same things as PS4 will that be considered copying. I just want to know to gauge what's considered copying and what's not. I really don't care either way but a lot of people claim that's all that Sony does. Competitors always copy each other because that's how business works. Go to any grocery store and go to the household cleaning section. Different companies offering products that are pretty much all the same. It's business 101 and common sense...oh wait..this is N4g.

If that's the case and it bothers some of you so much, you may have to get rid of all the products in your house because it not completely original and borrows something from its competitor. Man, why does this even need to be said...it's sad. Endless bitching and complaining. I sometimes say that I should take a break from commenting on this site but sometimes stuff needs to be said. I may give up because it's hopeless because some of you enjoy this CONSTANT back and forth nonsense everyday. AHHHHHH!!!!
edonus  +   726d ago
Fanboys will say it is, the truth is if they come out around the same time then I wouldnt consider it true copying.

It also depends on the integration. If the system comes out with features you can tell were just shoehorned then yes its copying but say MS has a share function that is spot on and built around the nextbox that means they were just working on it at the same time.
ichimaru  +   726d ago
why care about if strangers think a company is copying. ignore them, but don't edge them on with this bait comment
fsfsxii   726d ago | Trolling | show
BabyTownFrolics   726d ago | Bad language | show
Dlacy13g  +   726d ago
Honestly do all of these threads have to turn in to fanboy wars? Ubisoft says MS's box will be similar... I for one see that as a really good thing for developers as it should help keep costs down. I mean you no longer have to create a game for a completely different architecture. I see this as a good thing anyway you look at it.
SatanSki  +   726d ago
What a surprise...
ziggurcat  +   726d ago
well, if the rumoured specs are even true, we already knew that it would be similar...
DigitalSmoke   726d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
EffectO  +   726d ago
"It's going to be connected. It's going to be social. It's going to be immersive. It's going to be interactive."


LOL_WUT  +   726d ago
Hopefully no more limitations on the hardware or the gimping of ports etc. Heres hoping Microsoft spends enough time to finalize the hardware so they won't rush it and run into problems later on. ;)
FAT MAN GO BOOM  +   726d ago
Sounds to me someone is helping out on damage control...

sure of course they will be similar.. what a ridiculous statement...

Does that em the specs are the same of course not..

MS wants to build hype and ubisoft is helping them... when people are to the point of just release the spec already MS will. Do that and more... I am sure we will see the system, the name of the system, and see it running, Ia m also sure we will see the UI to it... almost everything that sony did not show we will see...

That is why they are waiting I think closer to E3 to let that hype carry over and into E3...
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