PS Plus: Is Okami HD Worth Downloading?

Okami HD is free on PS Plus Europe from today. But should you download Clover Studios’ upscaled action-adventure RPG? NowGamer has picked through its archives to tell you all you need to know about Okami HD.

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PeaSFor1845d ago

"is Okami HD Worth Downloading?"

what the hell is that kind of silly question?

do you want to be bitchslapped SON?

Snookies121845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

Yeah, I'm confused... Why the hell would a free game NOT be worth downloading. Not to mention one that is so highly praised...

I always find myself being jealous of EU's PS+ offerings though lol. Every month you guys get such great stuff.

MariaHelFutura1845d ago

Okami HD is worth buying for $19.99 (price on PSN). It, like the Team Ico Collection is better than 90% of the current generations games.

KwietStorm1845d ago

90% is a pretty high number. You must reeeeeally not like this generation.

MariaHelFutura1845d ago

This gen was a few complete gems and alot of trash. Imo.

grailly1845d ago

or the team ico collection is reeeeeally good.

3-4-51845d ago

Site title says it all.

He's a "NowGamer"

Meaning there is a chance this site has no credibility in terms of knowing anything about video games.

mrkeith1845d ago

this game is great. I had it on PS2.

insomnium21845d ago

I still have it for my PS2 and I just DLd it for my PS3. The game is pure gold. Great comedy, great gameplay and a somewhat unique story or the presentation or whatever. It's great to say the least!

mrkeith1845d ago

yeah the game is definately different thats what i liked about it

BrianC62341845d ago

It's worth paying for so of course it's worth downloading for free. That was a silly question. I hope nobody in Europe needed this advice to decide if they should download it.

ZeroChaos1845d ago

50+ agrees to 0 disagrees!

Bitchslap time.

Mounce1845d ago

Maybe if they properly ported Okami HD to PS Vita so the screen could become the paintbrush with your fingers :D BRILLIANT!

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Nitrowolf21845d ago

eh even the games I'm not interested in or already Own I download or at least purchase with PS+ so that t's in my download history. It's always worth doing that at least, but this game is f'n awesome.

Dark_Legend1845d ago

Its one of the best ps2 games and it looks great in HD. If you like japanese culture and action adventures it is worth downloading

Viper71845d ago

Seriously I love this months PS+ update.

It's shows the services potential to force feed great games that didn't get the attention they deserve to gamers who only buy shooters, sequels and other popular titles.

It could potentially help gamers find new games, genres they might not even considered before.

Both Okami and Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward are great titles which everyone should at least try.

SAE1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

I prefer trying ico. I'm not interested to try okami. I just don't see why you guys like it. But ICO in the other hand is something i would pay for it because it looks good in my eyes. I just don't have money and i wish if it come for ps+ instead of this..

Lately ps+ only bring psp and ps2 games. At least give us something interesting -.- . Well , That's just my opinion though

BrianC62341845d ago

Have you ever played Okami? If not you should try it if you can at least get it free. Since this deal is for Europe maybe you can't do that but if you can download it free at least try Okami.

Sketchy_Galore1845d ago

Hmmm, a game once chosen as IGN's game of the year, available to download for no extra cost. I dunno man, that's a tough one.

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