How Sony and Valve are Delivering to Hardcore Gamers writes: "Last console generation saw the dollar signs pile up for publishers and developers around the gaming market. Targeting casual gamers was a successful trend due to gimmicks such as Guitar Hero, Wii and party games composed of mini games. In the recent months big game publishers like EA Games, Square Enix and THQ have been hit hard. In fact, the entire gaming industry is feeling a bit used thanks to casual gamers. While they aren’t really to blame publishers are taking note after looking at their financial numbers and the steady decline in numbers since 2008."

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TheSuperior 1873d ago

I love to see some love for the hardcore gamers for a while now it seems like we've been left in the dust.

Ezz20131873d ago

"" it seems like we've been left in the dust. ""

not when you are a ps3 owner

TheSuperior 1873d ago

... I am a PS3 owner but that doesnt mean im not a nintendo fan. I think that everyone took the affects to some extent. I own every console of this generation, a fan of each for different reasons. Theres not a problem with that.

JoGam1873d ago

@ TheSuperior...Your first comment, you generalized Hardcore gamers. That could mean anyone. Ezz2013 was just stating PS3 owners.

insomnium21873d ago

What is there to disagree with in Ezzo's comment. This site.............

loulou1873d ago

im a ps3 owner, but i only use mine for its blu ray player sorry kids.

apart from a few gems (nowhere near as many as the n4g dwellers harp on about) i have not really bought that many games for my ps3.

i play all multiplats on my 360. plus halo and the few exclusives on that console

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dirthurts1873d ago

Both Consoles and PC have plenty of games for the hardcore gamer.
They're out there, you just have to find them.

Roper3161873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

I am definitely a core gamer and I haven't felt that way. Maybe you should reword it or something to like....

I am a 360 core gamer and feel we've been left in the dust or I am a Nintendo core Gamer and feel we've been left in the dust.

Sony may take a few months here & there to chase the casual but always come back to their core audience and deliver the games.

in 3 months alone they have released the following for the core crowd these are just what I can think of off the top of my head

Ni No Kuni
Sly Cooper
Hyperdimension Neptunia: Victory
GOW: Ascension

And there is still The last of US & Beyond coming. So who got left in the dust? Do you game on the PS3, 360 or WiiU?

j-blaze1873d ago

for Sony, hardcore games still coming, mostly from third/second party studios, don't care about Sony's first party games that much.. 90% of them are overrated and some that seriously sucked

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Minato-Namikaze1873d ago

valve and sony should have just made a patnership for the upcoming gen. Their goals seems to be somewhat on the same path.

koehler831873d ago

I can easily imagine a scenario where Steam ends up wholesale on PS4, Valve and Sony split PS4 based revenue 50/50 and everybody wins.

Valve gets an easy and broad entrance into the living room with little effort and investment.
Sony gets a huge library and broad market appeal with little effort and investment.

Steam remains Valve's domain. The PSN remains Sony's. Each bolstered by their own games. PSN games would unlock trophies. Steam games would unlock Steam achievements. (Maybe Valve games would unlock both with a linked account.) Sony's games wouldn't be sold on Steam. Valve's games wouldn't be sold on PSN but they'd all run on PS4.

I also see no reason why Microsoft couldn't do the same. I can think of many reasons why they won't.

Donnieboi1873d ago (Edited 1873d ago )

Yeah it would be cool, but it may also be beneficial for Sony and Valve to compete too. M$ and Nintendo just dont satisfy my hardcore needs. But just because Sony does, doesn't mean that it will satisfy EVERY hardcore gamer. We core gamers are a complex bunch, so the more hardcore competition, the better it is for REAL hardcore gamers. It could really push them both to do great things for core gaming. Enough to push casuals out of the console scene, and back onto their lame phones.

MultiConsoleGamer1873d ago

Steam will never be on PS4 as its the primary driving force of the Steambox console. I expect Steambox will also get a major Valve exclusive at launch.

drsnoopyseussdog1873d ago

Would be awesome if Sony and valve did something unique together as a team. Hey i can dream:)

iRocket1873d ago

The only new game I want from Valve is Half-Life 3. But we can only dream...

Ck1x1873d ago

Why does this opnion piece have xbox360 and WiiU tags, besides being written for hits?..