1UP/EGM's Bryan Intihar Joins Insomniac Games

onAXIS: "Bryan Intihar, the guy who said that Left 4 Dead was going to come the PlayStation 3, has left the 1UP Network on March 6, 2008. Instead, now he's joined up with Insomniac Games, developer of the Resistance & Ratchet series, as Community Manager. He mentions he's going to be a regular on their Full Moon Podcast as well. Congratulations Bryan!"

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sonarus3693d ago

i wonder if the music video swayed him

Darkiewonder3693d ago

that held the paper in the beginning of the video. ;D

mighty_douche3693d ago

Wow, he's got to be happy with that, this is a great step up from his previous job. I dont really have a clue who he is, but congrat's for him anyway!

destroyah3693d ago

Damn lucky bastard. I'd love to work with Insomniac some day. I'm sure the music vid convinced him lol.

socomnick3693d ago

I dont mean to sound fanboyish or nothing but I remember this guy always being pro sony on the podcast. I always knew he was a sony fanboy but anyway best of luck to him and his family.

Sevir043693d ago

why is it that a person has to be a fanboi when they have a choice of entertainment thats different that yours. goodness arent people allowed to have choices about anything they deem entertaining...

I cant even count the numerous employed from 1up that quit 1up to go work for MS and some how they aren't fanboi, people are double standard. i swear. does he have to be a sony fanboi to work for insomniac. last i checked insomniac employees all of play different games besides PS3 software or sony software.


Any way enough with you, on to this. This is a big step up from Game Journalism, thats not a very good Job. reporting on game Journalism ends up making the fankids hate you... the fact that he's steppe dup from this to work with one of the most high tier developers in the industry just makes it all the more reason to congratulate him.

i also heard this on the Full moon podcast that they were gonna be having a new addition to the insomniac crew. They also said that he'd start working on the first of april. so i was wondering who it was.

sonyfanonly3693d ago

thats the best decision he's made in all of his life nobody is better than insomniac games studio

iAmPS33693d ago

You got that right!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.