5 Awesome Next Gen Games No One is Talking About

Next Gen Consoles will finally make their way in to our rooms this year and we all are excited, well I am. Many games have been already announced for next gen consoles and most of you would have already made your mind which games you'll get. Many will be jumping on the hype bandwagon getting all the major AAA titles but sometimes the hype machine just doesn't work. So we are here to help you out with 5 Awesome next gen Games no one is talking about.

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LostDjinn1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

Well here's the thing about the games you mentioned:

Details. We need 'em. It's hard to have a meaningful conversation about a subject otherwise.

Edit: Damn it! Chromes' auto-correction FTL!

Godmars2901844d ago

You're on a gaming site. You know that, right?

I mean, as many times as the internet has exploded because of an announcement of an announcement and you think something like lack of details is going to stop anyone from talking, much less staunchly defending, a title which doesn't even have a title?

For god sake man: they used a pic from tech demo which Square are repeatedly said was a tech demo and how many stories about it being an actually game are still being written?

I_am_Batman1843d ago

I disagree that no one is talking about these games. In the case of Deep Down I even think people are hyping it way too much. Don't get me wrong I'm exited to see more about that game but I've seen people saying they'll get a PS4 just for that and we have very few information about it.

abzdine1843d ago

i want a Maximo game with Deep Down engine! that would be the best BTA ever.

SE will show FF for PS4 at E3, FF director announced it on feb 20th. I cannot wait for it

iGAM3R-VIII1844d ago

Everyone is talking about them it is just that we know little about so we don't talk a lot about them. And Star Wars 1313 got cancelled anyway, the only game I have never heard is Rainbow : Six Patriots, also considering the fact it was shown at VDC 2011 which was loooooonnnnngggg time ago

Malice-Flare1844d ago

can't wait for Star Wars 1313...

Godmars2901844d ago

Lucasarts got cancelled...

iGAM3R-VIII1844d ago

@frjoethesecond WOAH BRO CHILL, are you okay?!?!

LKHGFDSA1843d ago

20 people here are idiots.

koston36471843d ago

If Godmars' face actually gets cancelled then you'll be responsible

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FreakdoutKid1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

that game is canned

Malice-Flare1843d ago

damn you Disney Upper Management!!!

Episode VII better blow my mind!!!

smh @ Lucasfilm showing off a game that needed 3-years more work...

MagneticDeath21844d ago

Deep Down looks sick. There is alot of talk about these games on forums.

xabmol1843d ago

I really want to know more about this game. Gave me a next gen Demon/Dark Souls vibe and I'm all exited!


Dragon's Dogma 2, anyone? Although I still prefer Dark Souls, Dragon's Dogma is great (still playing it!).

BattleReach1844d ago

I enjoyed Forza 4 and Horizon a lot so I will keep an eye on Driveclub.

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The story is too old to be commented.