Lewis: Xbox 360 is at 17.7 million units worldwide

VG247 is reporting that Chris Lewis - vice president of Microsoft's interactive entertainment business in Europe - has claimed that Xbox 360 has now sold 17.7 million units globally.

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celticlonewolf3660d ago

The web site has it wrong the quote from the interview actually says install base of 17.7 million(remember guys we have the interview posted here somewhere) not sold.

THWIP3660d ago

is that the PS3 sales are barely over half of that. :(

ruibing3660d ago

If you look compare their sales since launch, you see that the PS3 is actually doing much better than the 360 despite a rocky launch.

THWIP3660d ago

The 360 had an equally rocky launch...or do all Sony fanboys just choose to ignore that fact?

Let me lay it out for you:

- After 27 months, the 360 still sells on par with it's competitors.

- After 27 months, the 360 still holds a huge lead over the PS3...the dominate console from last gen.

- With all of the "RROD" negativity...for 2 YEARS now...the 360 STILL dominates in software sales, and competes equally on hardware, even with a year headstart.

Sony simply failed to live up to their own hype machine...again...and is being shown up by a Sophmore in the hardware industry. Factor in the hardware problems MS continues to have, and the fact that Sony had a 6-1 advantage in installed base last-gen...and it's really quite pathetic how the PS3 has performed.

The Killer3660d ago

well if they sold 7million in 2007 and probably the same or less in 2006 plus 1-2 million in 2005 fall i can predict the actual sales is around 16 millions including those who bought 2 or 3 360 because of RROD!!
if u exclude those people the actual sales will be around 15 million!

what a pity!!

MiniMii3660d ago

PS3 outsells the 360 if you compare the 360s st1 year with the PS3s 1st year.

But you can also compare PS3s 1st with 360s 2nd year. Doesnt matter which way you go since PS3 outsells the 360 in both cases.

360s software sales are the biggest but insignificant if compared with a console like the PS1 or PS2 even. In fact, its sales are comparable to XBOX sales and N64 game sales.

The only reason why it beats the PS3 is because the PS3 install base hasnt caught up yet.

And the PS3 has outsold the 360 last year and will continue to outsell the 360 this year.

360 is a sinking ship. You claim that 360 had lots of negativity. Boy, insignificant compared to the negativity the PS3 got thanks to MSs 2 billion spiral campaign, stupid bot.

PopEmUp3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

That just sad :(
Ps3 is now well over 10.5 mill in just 1 year and expecting to be over 11 millions in the end of march and that count as 1 year in Europe.

360 over 2 year and only make 17.7 millions but not to forget their are RROD since it reduce 16% percentage but with that rate including the people who own more than 1 or 2 360 in their home (just 1 owner not 2)

brothersimon3660d ago

You'll see 360 actually did better. Get off Sonys diyck.

PopEmUp3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

on Ballmer d1ck that great nice you see that maybe you could be give us a video something like this

The Killer3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

and they r so much in to hitting the disagree and taking bubbles aways from sony fans!!

they cant stand us any more so they dont want to see us comment any more!! what a losers!!
get used to it or u will suffer much more in the coming years including this year!

ur console have 70% RROD and its only increasing!!
10 million console have been designed with faulty architecture! what do u expect? u think it can last for more than 2 years?? now all those consoles that was bought 1-2 years ago r in the repairing factories!!
even the new ones have 16% of RROD(so far)!!
good luck bots!!

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Phil Harrison Mk43660d ago

xBox360 has been out much longer than PS3!!! ;-D

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