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Submitted by AltairvsEzio 968d ago | news

Bethesda confirms work on a 'new version' of Doom 4, Rage 2 cancelled

LGN " Bethesda has confirmed development of a "new version" of Doom 4, apparently planned for the next-generation of consoles. (Bethesda Game Studios, Doom 4, PS4, Xbox One)

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KentBlake  +   968d ago
Too bad...I liked Rage much more than any Doom game.
Mounce  +   968d ago
Get off the internet.

Before you're eaten alive.
KentBlake  +   968d ago
Haha...well, it was just an opinion. I'm not saying Doom sucks, or anything like it.
hesido  +   968d ago
@Kent: We disagree with you, you DON'T like rage more than any Doom game. We know you better than you know yourself, hence the disagrees.
NukaCola  +   968d ago
They own idtech5, please utilize it into Fallout 4
aliengmr  +   968d ago

Please explain what idtech5 would do for Fallout.

As someone who played that glorified tech demo we call Rage, all I saw was a 25 gig install, static environment and crap textures.
Winter47th  +   968d ago
Bethesda made a huge mistake by acquiring id.
koehler83  +   968d ago
There's certainly a lot more interesting things going on in Rage than in any Doom game. That doesn't make it a success by any stretch.

Rage is id's only attempt at modern game development in their entire long history. It failed commercially and pretty much critically as well. I think it's indicative that id was never meant to be a large scale developer.

The people who hold id up as a Paragon of PC development are selectively ignoring the fact that everything id ever did that remains noteworthy can be run better today on an iPhone 4 than any PC that existed at the time of those games' launch.

id's core technological competency was doing a lot (A LOT!) with very little (VERY LITTLE!). Carmack made 486 DOS hardware sing.

Give the id of today a modern GPU and they can do anything... but they have no idea where to begin.
Kurylo3d  +   968d ago
I wouldn't say that.. I feel like they lead the charge in graphics every generation. I mean they were the first ones who brought stencil shadows to real-time professional gaming... first ones to actually use normal mapping in a production. They seem to be the first ones at doing a lot back in the day too.. 3d... doom... quake.. etc...

With rage they pioneered the whole mega texturing thing, but they just lack on other things that crytek and unreal seems to be doing these days. These days ID isn't being enough of a pioneer.

I think they, like crytek, just don't know how to make fun gameplay. Its all a carbon copy first person shooter for these tech people for some reason.

Makes sense for ID since they practically invented first person shooters... but doom3 was a let down for me.. doom 2 was more fun then doom3. The way an imp would spew blood out his mouth and fly backwards when u made your double barrel shotgun shoot in his face... and reload 2 shells by hand.. so cool

They kind of suck at story telling too to be honest.
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SAE  +   968d ago
For me it looked good. But people started to say it's sucks so i forgot about it. I hope ps+ get it so i can try it myself..
pangitkqb  +   968d ago

Averaging Rage's metacritic score across all three platforms (PC, PS3, 360) the title has an 80/100. Since when is 80% out of 100 a "failure" critically?

I think your comment overall has some decent arguments, but the fact that you make such a wrong blanket statement out of the box and fail to back it up makes me question your judgment as a whole.

Simply put, if your opening argument was better - as in, based on reality - your whole point would have been stronger. Because it was so bad, I have to assume bias. (That's the way this kind of stuff works. Either everything you say is credible, or everything you say is doubted. I wish that wasn't the case, but it is. I've been on the ugly side of that situation many times.)

Cheers and happy gaming.
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Controversy  +   968d ago
@koehler and pangit

Every once in a while somebody here on N4G says something really well-grounded. Pangit, today that person is you. Koehler, you were almost awesome, but as pangit said you blew it at the start.
joab777  +   968d ago
U probably liked it like me because u love rpg elements and bigger worlds. The only problem with rage is that it felt like it shoulda been more open and the end felt rushed. But the concept was brilliant...and it was gorgeous. As a console player I prefer textures that take a second to load over shitty textures. It came with an hd textures pack to install. I wonder why others don't do this. Anyway, in order for doom to be successful it needs to be revolutionary. Sinve resident evil and dead space r action titles its the perfect time to make a scary, brutal horror game.
himdeel  +   968d ago
I wish Skyrim had used the Rage Engine. Rage was a game with some slick presentation and very fluid gameplay but it got boring fast after the 30th fetch quest.
aliengmr  +   968d ago
Rage wasn't open world like Skyrim. If it had been used the install probably would have been 1 TB.
Vynzent  +   967d ago
The Rage version of Tech5 can't do openworld. It's simply too much texture data flowing in at real time.

I mean if Skyrim were a wasteland then they could do it, but that's not the case. There is too much rendered in Skyrim to attempt streaming its texturing in realtime.
showtimefolks  +   968d ago
Rage should have been a much much better game, it came after Borderlands so everyone expected some of thoise elements but in the end:

we got an open world which wasn't open
no in game map
story sucked
online modes for online car combat when ID introduced the death match
long development to make the game look good yet all the tech issues at launch

Rage had a lot of Hype, after every E3 it got bunch of awards but the game itself wasn't very good
MariaHelFutura  +   968d ago
Screw both of those games. I want some next-gen Fallout 4 info.
OpieWinston  +   968d ago
Bethesda is PUBLISHING Doom 4.
Bethesda is also PUBLISHING Prey 2(When it gets a release date)
Bethesda DEVELOPS Fallout and Elder Scrolls.

Jeez people these days...
MariaHelFutura  +   968d ago
I'm talking about info. Plus, Obsidian developed Fallout: New Vegas. So...
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OpieWinston  +   968d ago
Fallout: New Vegas was awful. Bethesda had to fix New Vegas with patches.

They also Published it.
ISNeko  +   968d ago
*cautiously raises hand* I wanted Rage 2 as well. Doom scares me.....
mrmancs  +   968d ago
hopefully doom 4 will be a return to its dark satanic origins, Secret walls etc..chainsaw , shotgun a must.
medziarz  +   968d ago
Kurylo3d  +   968d ago
doom3 was a total let down.. they need to make the monsters look like they did in doom2 lol Just better.
Vynzent  +   967d ago
Lol dark satanic origins? Not the Dooms I remember... you know, the ones with bright open outdoors and cartoony monsters. Now THAT was badass.
gazgriff2k12  +   968d ago
I want rage not doom
MuhammadJA  +   968d ago
I want both! I hope the reconsider Rage 2 in the future.
TheEnigma313  +   968d ago
Rage was pretty good. Well I bought it for 7 bucks, so I got my monies worth.
Rswings99  +   968d ago
But why is the monster pissing?
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Angainor7  +   968d ago
Good news for Doom!
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Root  +   968d ago
New mean that everything which they were working on was scrapped and redone ? If wonder it's taken so bloody long to come out

I hope it has some Easter egg in which is a throw back to the original
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Rhezin  +   968d ago
screw RAGE, DOOM is where its at. Far as I'm concerned that's the ONLY game they should be pouring all their energy in.
Hellsvacancy  +   968d ago
No, Bethesda should "be pouring all their energy in" to Fallout 4

Doom was AWESOME, when I was ten
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OpieWinston  +   968d ago
Bethesda Game Studios ARE probably pouring their energy into Fallout 4 as we speak.

Does anyone get that Bethesda is only publishing Doom 4? ID is making it.

So we'll probably get BOTH in the future, just got to wait.

Fallout 4 will probably take 4-6 years to be made, Bethesda likes putting good time and energy in their games.
Gamer-40  +   968d ago
Sad, Rage was pretty good and nice game.
brianunfried  +   968d ago
Very sad about Rage 2, but not too surprised. Rage is one of my favorite games of all time. I have not interest in Doom, maybe Quake but not really. Oh well, I'll keep playing Rage.
Tyre  +   968d ago
Me too. RAGE was great. Doom is old and dark and boring. I hope it has just been put on hold. RAGE has so much potential to be a great franchise. Fu$k Bethesda for doing this if it's true! Why man give the IP a 2nd chance on Nextgen. I'm sure the guys at Id would love to make RAGE2, they love the game too.
FarCryLover182  +   968d ago
Doom 4 will be amazing, hopefully.
BigStef71  +   968d ago
The reason Ids games have been disappointing since the first quake is because their a creative genius John Romero left the company. He was the guy that came up with the game ideas. With him and Carmack as the technological genius they were an unstoppable force in the 90s. I know there were some other employees that were important that left the company like Adrian Carmack , Tom Hall, and American McGee. That was a huge blow for the company when those guys left
Ashunderfire86  +   968d ago
Uhhh sir Quake 1 was not bad!!! It was one of best shooters at the time. The thing I like to do in that game that is really funny, is to manipulate the monsters into fighting each other. It really great seeing how they fight, especially with the Ogre Vs Fiend, the gray knight, spider lady, and the Polar bear looking monster battle it out. That game had over 25 levels plus all the hidden areas you can find weapons and power-ups. Those days were fun.
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BigStef71  +   968d ago
Lol my bad I meant Quake 1 was there last great game and that happened to be Romeros last masterpiece for them
Cam977  +   968d ago
What about a new Fallout!?
joeorc  +   968d ago
Well sad they are doing this, i can understand why
Rage is a very good game, in my opinion, but what hurt it's reception was Fallout franchise in my opinion which right or wrong, people would view as its direct competition and i think that is what really hit this iP at its core is the reason why rage really did not do as well as, its like i said in my opinion a very good game.
clintagious650  +   968d ago
Fallout 4 please.
Npugz7  +   968d ago
Doom sucks! Rage is better!!
Rhezin  +   968d ago
there's BEEN a new fallout. There hasn't been a new DOOM. And yeah DOOM was fun back in the day. IT STILL F!CKING IS! it doesn't matter what I say we'll get a new DOOM before we EVER get a new fallout and new RAGE. so haha f!ckers..
SolidGear3  +   968d ago
I'm not bias.. I love everything id Software.. been a fan since 1993.. started with Wolfenstein 3D for me ^_^
Lolrus  +   968d ago
Instead of a Rage 2, they could take all the good aspects and mechanics and make a new fallout game with it. They had many similarities and augmenting them would be quite simple.
ado908  +   968d ago
To hell with DOOM and Rage bring Fallout 4 already jesus christ
Relientk77  +   968d ago
Oh you better be joking I loved Rage

I want Rage 2 on Next-Gen consoles
brich233  +   968d ago
Rage was boring and many will agree.
SilentNegotiator  +   968d ago
Rage was over-rated and over-hyped in every way. Good riddance.
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Stefanrules7  +   968d ago
Got to say im relieved rage2 got cancelled to hopefully free up tine for ither stuff
_FantasmA_  +   968d ago
Doom 3 is one of my top 10 all time favorite games. I seriously don't know how people didn't like that game. It had a nice atmosphere, great graphics, nice guns, it was long and replayable. Much better than the old Dooms.
FlyingFoxy  +   968d ago
What they need to do is make Doom 4 a little similar to Half Life, Doom 3 was good but i felt Half Life 2 was better in 2004 - lots more interaction going on with stuff and the physics, puzzles etc. Doom 3 was much a corridor scare fest, it just needed to have more open levels and be a bit faster paced like the originals.

I thought they were finishing up Doom 4 like 6 months ago, i wonder what happened.

They could be on the right track since they want to do Quake 5 in Quake 1 style though.
I guess they cancelled it since they somehow managed to makes Rage 2 functional. Expect Doom 4 to have tons of glitches.
PAYNEinc85  +   968d ago
Skyrim with the Rage engine would have been 12 discs on Xbox lol
Red_Devilz  +   968d ago
Since you mention Bethesda, any ideas / rumors about TES 6? (not TES online)
Smokingunz  +   968d ago
Cant believe they cancelled rage2! Really good game.another quake please
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